Ground Zero Mosque Is Not About Religious Freedom

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The Sociopath in the White House, Barack XIV, openly endorsed the construction of Cordoba House, a stone’s throw from Ground Zero where the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood. The Cordoba House is an Islamic “cultural center” containing a big mosque. Despite the opposition of a majority of Americans to the Ground Zero mosque, Obama suddenly had a newfound respect for the US Constitution and justified his endorsement by framing it as a First Amendment freedom-of-religion issue.
No, it’s not. The Ground Zero Mosque has nothing to do with freedom of religion.
How do we know this?
Because New York Governor David Patterson had offered to provide state property to the Cordoba House builders if they were willing to move the site farther away from its currently intended location of a mere two blocks from Ground Zero. Patterson was turned down.
When he framed Cordoba House as a freedom of religion issue, Obama was being disingenuous and deceptive. Cordoba House is all about location. Simply put, Ground Zero mosque is a Conquest Mosque:


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0 responses to “Ground Zero Mosque Is Not About Religious Freedom

  1. Gutfeld is now calling his gay bar next to the mosque “dialog” and insists he’s “building dialog.” One possible marquee?

  2. This has nothing to do with religious freedom. It’s all about terrorism in the U.S. That’s why Obama supports it. You saw what he did in AZ. Now it’s NY’s turn.

  3. Does any politician seriously think that allowing the Muslims to build this Victory Mosque will pacify them or prevent further attacks? In fact, it will only encourage them, in the same way that allowing the Nazis to occupy the Rhineland led to their occupation of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and then the whole of Europe.
    The politicians should read the links under ‘Appeasement’ at EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM

    • Yes, left/liberals actually think this will make ’em like us better. It stopped Hitler in his tracks at Munich in ’38, you know.

      • And, speaking of Neville Chamberlain’s most boneheaded play… did you know that Adolf’s book (auf Arabisch) is still a big seller in the jihadist world? (The title actually means Mein Jihad literally, BTW.) Interesting parallel, no?

  4. All the mosque means: Kneel before Zod, infidels!

  5. Should this trophy Mosque be built by the jihadists, it will be proof positive that we are losing the GWOT, and will probably ultimately capitulate as a nation.
    This insanity has me so bitter and depressed I decline to comment further, as the attacks of 9/11 affected me far beyond what 99.98% of the population went through.

  6. Indeed, this would be a mosque of victory for this belief system. We are supposed to learn from history, but we have so many people who lack backbones and courage that it is sickening! I truly believe parties are also lining the pockets of those who will make the mosque possible to be built on this precious site. I stood on this site and felt so sad that I could not speak or move. God help us!


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