Ground Zero Imam Threatens Terrorism If Mosque Thwarted

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So much for the “religion of peace.”
Feisel Abdul Rauf, the iman behind the Ground Zero mosque, has issued an effective “Fatwah” on a 9-11 firefighter, Vincent Forras, who is suing to prevent the mosque’s construction. Rauf threatens that more terrorist violence will result if building of the mosque is thwarted. 
Forras is a retired New York City firefighter who directed first responders into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Forras called the plans of Rauf’s Cordoba House to erect an Islamic “cultural center” that includes a mosque in a building where the landing gear of one of the planes that struck the twin towers impacted, as nothing less than “psychological terrorism” and “an additional attack” on America.
Forras and other firefighters and first responders are suing Rauf and Cordoba House and its related commercial entities with the aim of halting construction on the mosque and uncovering the sources of funding for the project. Rauf had said they would buy the building at 247 Church Street in lower Manhattan for $4.5 million, even though it has been appraised at close to $32 million.Forras said:

“I’m not one of these guys who watches my country go down the tubes. I have a son who’s a serving U.S. Marine. I can’t let down my fellow firefighters and first responders who died that day by not saying anything. I am certainly not going quietly into the night and watch this victory mosque go up on holy ground. We are hoping through the discovery process to see where the money is coming from. If we find that the money is coming from people with ties to terrorism, or from foreign countries with ties to terrorism, that should be enough to shut it down right there.”

Forras is being represented by Larry Klayman, president of Freedom Watch. Forras rejected charges by supporters of the ground zero mosque that he or his fellow first responders were “Islamophobic.” He said, “I would have been okay with a multi-denominational center in the heart of ground zero. I would have been absolutely fine with that.” But he pointed out that constructing the mosque at ground zero had little to do with Islam or freedom of religion. “There are more than 100 mosques in New York City, including one just six blocks away from ground zero.” [Source: NewsMax]

Feisal Abdul Rauf

In an e-mail alert, 2008 presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes reminds us that Rauf “has consistently made his anti-American views known. Shortly after the deadly and traumatic events of 9/11, [the imam] made a statement suggesting the attacks were caused by American actions toward his fellow Muslims. Fox News and other news outlets have reported that donors to his mosque were also funders of the Holy Land Foundation, a terrorist organization that was indicted and convicted of support for jihadists in the federal court in Dallas, Texas. American tax dollars from the State Department are paying for [Rauf’s] Mosque fundraising trip to Muslim countries in the Middle East.”
Rauf has moved to dismiss the complaint Vincent Forras had filed against him and his Ground Zero Mosque, on First Amendment grounds, calling the suit “blind bigotry.” The imam has counter-sued Forras reportedly for $50,000.
Dr. Keyes points out that Forras’ suit is not an attack on Islam, but rather a simple nuisance and infliction of emotional distress case under common law. While nearly 80% of the American people oppose the Ground Zero Mosque, even over 58% of Muslims worldwide also oppose it. It is universally seen as a clear act of aggression and provocation. It is evident that the Ground Zero Mosque is intended to drive a wedge between Christians and Jews, and Muslims. It is a ploy to ignite and intensify hatred by Muslims against America and the West.
The class action complaint against Feisal and his Ground Zero Mosque are publicly available for review at Dr. Keyes’ Declaration Alliance is participating in the suit for the plaintiffs as a civic advocacy and social welfare organization.
H/t beloved fellows FS and Steve.

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0 responses to “Ground Zero Imam Threatens Terrorism If Mosque Thwarted

  1. There he goes again. Ex barman produces 100 Million dollars to build a victory mosque. Funds probably coming from the same source which sponsored the 9/11 suicide pilots. If he loses his case, watch him bring out his platinum “victim card”. How can a mosque on this site be anything but a signal of victory. Remember also that at the Flight 93 Memorial, the Desert Death Cult have nearly completed a victory mosque which is half a mile in diameter. Beware of the islamization of the USA

  2. Don’t even GO THERE ROLF-AKMED what ever the hell your name is!

  3. This guy is provoking a confrontation. What’s wrong here, he wants to build this mosque no matter what. Go ahead, if there will be terrorism if the mosque is not built, I can guarantee it won’t stand long if it is built. He is making this “cultural center” a target, does he want it on that spot so bad that he is willing to divide the public, create animosity and resentment among the public, further degrading muslim relations, not to mention putting all attendees of the mosque at risk for retaliation. any normal business man, right or wrong, would have moved the mosque faced with so much resistance. He is obviously doing it for other reasons.

  4. If I said anything as threatening for building this mosque, I’d probably end up jail for hate speech or something. This Imam hides behind his Islam to make threats against us & bully us. Stop this mosque!!

  5. By the way, the Koran asks muslims to build a mosque on the sites of their warring victories over infidels. This mosque is ordained by God apparently, the muslim God anyways,( who hates judeao/christians).

  6. Left/libtard “free speech” at its finest. The firefighter is “wrong,” I take it, and Imam Rauf’s crap is “part of his culture,” right? Isn’t this extortion or a “protection racket” when it comes to organized crime? When will the Feds get involved in RICO Act action on Rauf’s ass? He’s just crossed the line from First Amendment to organized thuggery.

  7. But….. I thought they liked us! sniff…. (sarcasm intended)

  8. If anything happens to Vincent Forras, , they know exactly who to go to and where to go to arrest the perpetrators for conspiracy to commit a crime, hate speech, premeditated murder, and accessory to a crime. There will be no doubt since this Muslim declared a “Fatwah”, and who he ordered it against.
    If anything happens to this firefighter, because of his exercising his rights as a US citizen, then God help those who have done him harm.
    I really didn’t want to live to see all of this. I don’t recognize the country I grew up in. I feel like I don’t belong anywhere anymore.

  9. No we can’t get along. so let’s just send this clown on a rocket and send him and his thugs to mars already!
    By the way I will be more then happy to support their departure with a lifetime supply of pork rinds, goat illustrated and the entire season of the “View” on DVD!

  10. OH! YES WE WILL******

  11. We were pleased to have Vinny Forras speak at our Morristown Tea Party Org ( meeting tonight. I agree with the previously expressed sentiments, Vinny and his family are dear friends and, In America, we don’t issue “fatwahs”. I pray to God for the safety of this true American Hero who is also my friend .
    And what about all the peaceful Muslims? This is the time to stand up. EVERYbody must be counted. No more PC (Political Correctness) and no more anonymity. Silence is complicity. You’re either with us, or not!

    • The article on which we are commenting states that over 58% of muslims world wide are opposed to this mosque’s location, agreed they’re not being too loud about it, probably out of fear of reprisals. Like previously said, if close to 90% of Americans are against it and over 58% of Muslims are against it, what is the purpose and goal of building this mosque? I used to be more or less blase about it, but now it appears as though there is an ulterior motive,it appears as a blatant provocative act of aggression. Where is the limit of free speech, now that this guy has called for a public murder? Surely there is a law against death threats, or have we become so politically correct that we don’t want to upset the future murderer and his community.

      • micro,
        I fear you answered your own question: “or have we become so politically correct that we don’t want to upset the future murderer and his community.”
        Unless Americans make a concerted effort to decisively reject what the Left have been fomenting FOR DECADES, “transforming” and plunging America into the abyss, that’s where we’re headed. Western civilization is committing suicide.
        The only ray of hope is that Western Europe, which is further down the path of multiculturalism and immigration (by Muslims) than America, is beginning to wake up. France said no to the wearing of Muslim women’s face-concealing head-dress. Germany’s Merkel admits multiculturalism is a failure. The UK is enacting drastic welfare reform and reduction of govt employees.
        While here in America, Obama & the Left would have us go down the very same path that W. Europe had traversed. Insanity.

  12. Sounds like this punk Rauf wants a fight, well speaking from the perspective of a Patriotic American, bring it punk. Personally I would love to send you to paradise where all the virgins look like Helen Thomas in thongs.

    • That’s funny Steve. This scenario of virgins in heaven gives you an idea of their view on women. I don’t think being in heaven with suicide bombers to serve them sexually is the women’s idea of heaven. This is a real belief of theirs. we are training many doctors (residents) from Saudi Arabia and they honestly believe this. I’ve been told by them that the women actually improve in appearence for them as well. their breasts are bigger and firmer for them in heaven as well as them being a virgin. These are future surgeons believing this crap. Even after 5 years training in the west, they hold fast to their silly beliefs. Once while operating, religion came up, the surgical fellow (one year above 5th year resident), mentioned Mohammed. I couldn’t keep quiet and said something to the effect of “Mohammed being a prophet, not a messiah, anyone can claim to be a prophet, but there is only one Messiah.” After the case he took me aside and was almost in tears while telling me “You can insult my family, my wife, my daughters, but not Mohammed”. he left to go home to Saudi Arabia a few weeks later. All this to show you where their allegiances and beliefs lie. Don’t think you can change their beliefs nor reason with them because you can’t. Unfortunately this limits their world view because a religion only becomes a mature religion when you are able to question it.

      • God help us!
        I can assure you that servicing hairy misogynistic jihadists is definitely NOT a woman’s idea of paradise.
        Since there are FEMALE suicide bombers, though rare, what is their reward in paradise? Well-endowed male Muslims with iron testicles?
        Wait. I think that’s more a gay man’s fantasy than a straight woman’s. LOL

  13. Eowyn,
    Are you describing Obama’s heaven or the Jihadist’s?

  14. Islam,needs to be declared A RADICAL POLITICAL PARTY,NOT A RELIGION,immediately. I just sent my congressman this very e-mail. I do not want them in the USA.


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