Grooming children for pedophiles

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This makes me want to throw up.

The description under this video on YouTube says: “Piękna członkociuchcia dostarcza dzieciom niezapomnianych wrażeń i doznań estetyczno-naukowo-członkowych. Obejrzyj już dziś!”
I ran the passage through Google Translate. It’s Polish, and is translated into English as: “Pretty cock cock train make all kids in the world happy ! TRY NOW !”

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0 responses to “Grooming children for pedophiles

  1. Over one million views. 1400 likes only 90 dislikes.
    Forget Houston, God we have a problem…

  2. Purely and unequivocally, demonic!

  3. Wow…..just wow. People let their children go through that thing. Truly disgusting, and I am not even remotely prudish. Sexualizing children is beneath contempt. (And Queen should sue for that kazoo travesty and for being associated with this video.)

  4. lowtechgrannie

    I only watched the first 19 secs. Think I’ll go back to yesterday’s “Soul Cleaning” post.

  5. I would post what I am thinking, but my “F” key is all used up.

  6. I am totally disgusted seeing this PORN on this site!!! Have you seen what appears after this video? We don’t need to spread PORN just so we can wag our self righteous fingers at it. SHAME on you for desecrating this usually wholesome site. An apology is in order!

    • Not a thing wholesome about their agenda. Truth/evil needs to be exposed. Deal.

    • Suggest you SHAME those who created this vid and YouTube for posting it. Self righteous bast*rds they are…

    • Hugo,
      The people with whom you should give your objection is YouTube for hosting that disgusting video (and the other disgusting videos you see — which, unlike, you, I didn’t click on).

  7. pedophiles are zombies and will be treated as such when TSHTF!!!

  8. Eowyn,
    We don’t need to promulgate this sort of smut, we need to bury it.


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