Grocery worker fed semen to female shoppers

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You know those food samples that grocery stores hand out to shoppers? Think twice the next time you’re offered free samples, especially if they’re not packaged.
Some female shoppers in a grocery store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, found out why.

Several customers at the supermarket where Garcia worked were targeted by the 32-year-old

The Daily Mail reports, March 2, 2012, that Anthony Garcia, 32, a former worker at a supermarket in Albuquerque, is sentenced to two years imprisonment for handing out samples of semen-contaminated yogurt to female shoppers.

Anthony Garcia has been jailed for two years for contaminating yoghurt with his semen and giving it to an unsuspecting customer to taste

The face of malice: Anthony Garcia

Garcia admitted adding the bodily fluid to yogurt while working at the grocery store. He then approached a female customer and offered her a sample of the yogurt. The customer accepted the sample, tasted it, immediately spat it out, and asked to speak to the store’s manager. Garcia threw the yogurt sample into the store’s trash compactor but was apprehended by police.
In court, Garcia admitted to charges of adulterating food and making false statements during a criminal investigation. He admitted lying to investigators by telling them he didn’t know that the spoon he put into the yogurt contained semen.
The incident happened in January last year. Police investigation revealed that Garcia had targeted at least four other women in a similar way.
Along with the jail term, Garcia will be on supervised release for three years after completing his sentence. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the victim of his criminal conduct.
In imposing sentence, the judge described Garcia’s conduct as “heinous”. US Attorney Gonzales said: “This conduct at issue in this case is not a joke, and it is not funny. It is criminal, and the sentence imposed on Garcia should serve as a warning to those who deliberately adulterate food for the purpose of causing harm to innocent consumers, or as malicious pranks, or for deviant sexual gratification. My Office will continue to work with the FDA to vigorously investigate and prosecute this type of criminal conduct.”
What kind of a sick mind gets his jollies by feeding his semen to unsuspecting women?

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0 responses to “Grocery worker fed semen to female shoppers

  1. Call me “Howard Hughes” if you like BUT I NEVER sample food anywhere in public. You never know! My first word after Dada and Mum was ‘dirty’ so I came this way, VERY CAREFUL! This criminal is sick and the story is so disgusting! He will spend the next few years thinking up what he can do next. Believe me! We have not heard the last of this guy!

  2. really some sick twisted people on this rock

  3. This is so unspeakably sick. Two, three weeks ago I blogged about two teachers at one school, one was molesting, the second was making his very young students taste his semen, blindfolded. It was a game. These people should have a special place they can feed each other anything they want to. YUCK!
    I agree with Sam. I never see men giving out food samples, but who knows who prepares those salads, unless we see the employee open packages before us.
    I hate to think what is really happening in all our schools. I have grandkids who attend public school. The oldest is just 8 and told me she’s “voting for Obama”. Off subject, I know. But what else is happening that we don’t know about.
    As individuals, as families, as community members, what has happened to looking out for each other; for doing what is morally and ethically right, for protecting ourselves and our neighbors?

  4. There is no indication whether he is legal or illegal. If illegal, why wasn’t he deported immediately. I lived in China, and I can assure you, if this had happened there, he would have had a bullet to the back of the head. We are just too damn lenient here.

  5. This is beyond sick. I wonder why I am getting so cynical? I don’t go out to eat, I never take samples unless I open the package and I never buy processed foods. I do all my own cooking…unless it is my sister, daughter, close friend etc!

  6. worms ,bugs and slugs…and that’s just French cuisine…
    i was once given a slice of cheese (yellow hand soap) on a
    cracker by a girl I had a crush on…ate the whole thing and smiled.
    (I might have developed a taste for it from having my mouth
    washed out as a child…I preferred Barbasol as did my mother)
    Fortunately we’re well designed and the only thing that these
    things will hurt are our feelings…if we let them

  7. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for confirming to me through this post that I still have not heard of everything yet! Yes, what kind of a sick mind would enjoy putting semen into a yogurt sample? God, please help us!

  8. I have friends and family in the restaurant business and I will only eat in the establishments where we are known well and we are regulars! Yes, there are horror stories of food that is sent back but if you know the owners it is pretty safe! My Dad would not eat any bought baking or meals at friends homes. He always felt safe with me. Guess I learned from him!
    There are many restaurnats these days where the kitchen is visible from the dining area. That would be a good choice. Don’t sample foods ANYWHERE!

  9. Dang, there goes another 17 votes ACORN could register…


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