Green Hypocrite: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez travels in planes & gas-guzzling cars instead of mass transit

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Like so many Democrats, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a hypocrite.

AOC is a leading advocate of the Green New Deal that, in the name of climate change and saving the environment, aims to end America’s reliance on fossil fuels in 10 years, at a cost estimated by the American Action Forum to be $93 trillion.

Speaking of herself and her fellow millennials, AOC said: “We’re like, ‘The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.’ And, like, this is the war; this is our World War II.”

She even questioned whether young people should have children, because “Our planet is going to face disaster if we don’t turn this ship around” and “the lives of children are going to be very difficult.”

AOC herself, however, does not practice what she preaches.

The New York Post reports that AOC was treated as a liberal savior at yesterday’s “inclusive” St. Pat’s for All parade:

  • Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Queens) introduced her as “somebody who has been shaking up Washington, DC, the political world, and has been talking truth to power.”
  • City Comptroller Scott Stringer likened Ocasio-Cortez to his cousin, the late US Rep. Bella Abzug, saying that “when she [Abzug] got elected they said the same things about her and they tried to slow her down.”

Despite getting a hero’s welcome, AOC ducked out of the parade before the end and hopped into a chauffered white minivan at 48th Street and Skillman Avenue, a mere 5-minute walk from a subway station (at 46th and Bliss).

The 2016 white Chrysler Town & Country minivan gets an average of just 17 mpg in the city, according to the US Department of Energy.

A day ago, the New York Post reported on the reliance of AOC’s political campaign on gas-guzzling cars and planes, instead of public transit, even though a subway station was just a one-minute walk (138 feet) from her Elmhurst campaign office in Queens:

  • In all, AOC’s campaign spent $25,174.54 on 66 airline transactions, and $29,365.70 on emissions-spewing vehicles, including 1,049 transactions for Uber, Lyft, Juno and other car services, federal filings show. The campaign had 505 Uber expenses alone.
  • AOC’s campaign shelled out only $8,335.41 on 52 MetroCard (public transit) transactions.
  • AOC or her staff took Amtrak only 18 times, despite high-speed rail being the cornerstone of her Green New Deal.
  • In contrast, fellow freshman Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) — whose 11th district is more than twice the size of AOC’s, but has limited public transit options — listed only 329 transactions for car services, totaling $6,091.29.

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15 responses to “Green Hypocrite: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez travels in planes & gas-guzzling cars instead of mass transit

  1. Okay, well, no one here will be surprised, because as per the usual, it’s always:”Do as I say, not do as I do.”

    I think I’m out of things to say about people like this unless I descend into vulgarities that are far beyond my daily discourse.

  2. She and her girlfriend got caught eating hamburgers, oh dear, “do as I say and not as I do”. hahaha, the “devil’s disciple, ahem, I was taught to say that by dear ole Papa Bernie, wow!

    • And there are people that believe her, well they are just as retarded-puppets as she is.

    • Jackie Puppet

      The undisclosed reason she’s chowing down on burgers, is that by killing cows, it will also cut down on cow farts causing gloBULL warming! 🍔🐄

  3. We have far too many folks who do not wish to think for themselves–so they depend on someone else to tell them what to think. I think this aptly applies to AOC. Young people cling to the message, but fail to see the actual activities that these folks are involved in. So much for critical thinking!

  4. The face of socialism. YOU ride the train. YOU take the bus. YOU take the subway. YOU pay all the bills. Me? I’ll sit up here in MY ivory tower and run everything and live in the lap of luxury. Let the rest eat cake.

  5. Of course. If it’s good enough for her and Bernie, it definitely is out of your league. Get used to it……, Peasant.

  6. It’s the VND, or Venezuelan New Deal, coming to North America as early as 2020. Only socialism could reduce a country like Venezuela, which has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, to mass starvation while the socialistas lavish feasts at the Caracas Country Club on guests like AOC and the Bern. Nothing is learned when enemies of the human race control the formation of men’s minds through control of the msm and entertainment. It was socialists from America just like the Bern, and maybe him too, who empowered Forbes Burnham right next door to Venezuela in Guiana, praising the Potemkin Villages and feasting at banquets in Georgetown, the capital, while the people were dying like flies in the gutter outside.

    • Isn’t that the truth? All those resources and look at ’em. Even Argentina is manufacturing guns and such. They have to work especially hard to be poor, but they do it. Just give it up for The Bern and “Evita” AOC. Did you hear they have money trees in Brooklyn? And magic sugar cane mountains too.

      • When South and Central American business enterprises aren’t run by North American corporations but by North American leftist academics and local socialistas, you get phone companies with more employees than working phones, mining operations where the equipment stops running because maintenance is diverted into socialistas’ bank accounts, inoperable hydroelectric plants overgrown in the jungle like Mayan ruins, etc. And no surprise, it turns out AOC’s campaign manager from India was running two fake mirror PACs funneling a few hundred thousand into undisclosed activity, such as his family’s bank accounts no doubt.

        Maybe there’s a Spenglerian organic process going on here where parasites like AOC and her Indian handler, or others amounting to the same thing, move in to consume a dying social organism like the US, whose end is guaranteed when its only defenses are Republicans empowering the disease and suppressing the cure. Or maybe it’ll be a moral chastisement when the millennials’ electronic toys are taken away and they’re put to work under their professors making recycled hand tools for farmers to replace existing farming methods, which was actually done by socialists in India and millions died from starvation.

        I can’t think of a morally more reprehensible stance than Republican cowardice parading around as compromise with a left whose only interest is power.

  7. They do not even act like they believe their own bs. If one does some research into Watermelon corporations like Generation Investment Management, one will find the very people the lying Bolshevik/Democrats claim to hate from Wall St, behind the Carbon Tax scam as well as political prostitutes from both parties, like Hank Paulson, as well as Al Fraud Gore.

  8. ManBearPig approved…

    • I expect her to use a rowboat on her “Freshman” trip to HQ in Tel Aviv (or is it Jerusalem now (cough!). She can take along some of that chili with the sweet potato sauce.

      • Speaking of flying in and out of Israel with food stuffs, about 10 years ago a Chasid in costume was intercepted at Sydney airport by customs, bringing in large, clear plastic bags of rust-infected tree leaves, all captured on video for one of their popular TV shows, Border Security. Anyway, this Israeli Chasid at first claimed the stuff was for cooking, which was obviously a lie, being completely spotted, leaving introduction of disease vectors as a possible explanation. In the US as well, it’ll more likely be a false flag attack on our livestock or crops than a few dirty nukes, and much more devastating, too, as our food pipeline is only a few days deep. As Steven Lendman has reported, Israel has been working on biological warfare since its beginning and still is. But it’s OK since Congress will make sure such weapons are only used for good.

        • Wow perhaps that explains devastation’s like the Emerald Ash Borer, Wooley Adelgid, Dutch Elm Disease etc which has caused enormous economic & environmental destruction to US industries & our environment.


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