Great cooking tip: peeling boiled potatoes

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0 responses to “Great cooking tip: peeling boiled potatoes

  1. yay Mary-anne ! Always my favorite and now I know how
    to get those skins that I love…just add butter and salt.mmmm
    Thanks ,Joan….do you have a favorite tater salad recipe ?

  2. fantastic!!! Thank you….& the skins can be put in a toaster oven w/ butter & broiled until crisp!!
    please may I pass on another great place for the joys of FOOD!,…Praise God!! we post regularly from here.

  3. Cool, thanks for posting Joan…

  4. She’s holding up pretty well considering that show went off the air like 43 years ago!

  5. Thanks for bringing this tip from Mary Ann, Joan! This will come in handy!


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