Grannie's Lilac Tree

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I have to post this photo I just took from my porch.  It’s due to rain tomorrow and that will ruin  the lilac blooms for this year.

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  1. Last time I had lilacs was when I lived in CA in the 80s. Not much can compare to the fragrance. I have gardenias, mimosa, jasmine, ginger lilies,
    and the queen of my garden, in beauty and in fragrance, a swamp honeysuckle or swamp azalea, a delicate tree that blooms on the creek banks here. Pretty much incomparable as to scent.
    But I love lilacs. They grew in our garden and were always brought in and placed in a cut crystal vase of my grandmother’s on the sideboard in the dining room.
    Thanks for the memory.

    • lowtechgrannie

      It sounds like we’re a “fellowship of gardeners” here!

      • lowtechgrannie

        Thanks for the hymn, Sage! We used to sing In the Garden when I was in a childrens ‘choir aeons ago and it was always one of my favorites.

    • Thank you for that hymn! It was one of my Dad’s favorite and God granted me the grace of singing to him as he lay dying. A gift I treasure above all others besides my salvation. The last words my father heard were the Lord’s Prayer and then he left us. But to have the grace of God to have it work out that I was at his bedside as he died will be a forever memory. That really IS a beautiful recording, thanks!

  2. Beautiful !!!
    It must smell heavenly….

  3. Beautiful lilacs!
    I am a gardener without a garden right now so I REALLY appreciate seeing beautiful gardens right now.
    Are those beautiful deep pink paeonies blooming by the arbor?
    I am WILD for paeonies, it all looks gorgeous!

    • lowtechgrannie

      It’s a rhododendron by the arbor. My neighbor has gorgeous peonies but my place is too shady for them. My backyard is small and very “ferny” with everything under the dominion of the shade of the lilac tree.

  4. that is so pretty grannie!! the priceless joys in life.

  5. Gorgeous!! And I can imagine the lovely perfume in the air. Wish I were there! Thanks for sharing it, LTG!

  6. Love lilacs…so beautiful!


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