Grannie Takes Another Break

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I promised another video when that transcript was finished.  This is it!  It’s a companion piece to the first video.  With a few minor changes, the footage is the same, but the music is radically changed It’s a demonstration of free will.  Which music does your heart choose?  ~LTG       

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8 responses to “Grannie Takes Another Break

  1. Hmm, Grannie, can I have a 3rd option instead? How about this?

    I’m happy you’ve finished transcribing for Alex Jones, and are back with the Fellowship! 😀

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Beautiful! Love Mozart. I’d like to change the pictures though. I just might fiddle around with that next time I take a break. LOL!

  3. My heart chooses the first one.

  4. The first one weaves a sense of peace and calm.

    The second one, I kept expecting someone to jump out, which is great if that’s the mood you’re endeavoring to create.

    I don’t like scary movies, so I choose the first.

  5. That’s most beautiful, sagebrush….

  6. I agree. Grannie, you really are HiTechGranne, not LowTechGrannie. You’re certainly higher tech than I am. Heck, I haven’t even taken a video of anything!

  7. Like the first one better.


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