Granddad confronts teacher who put his grandson in a dress

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I’ve got nothing to add to this.

~ TD

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22 responses to “Granddad confronts teacher who put his grandson in a dress

  1. I would have been a lot more angry than that Granddaddy. He was very retrained I thought. Can you believe how arrogant these educators are?!!! I have yet to see a one of these people that has any humility or treats the parents with any respect.

    • Well they don’t treat them with respect because they DON’T respect them. THEY believe that they are “experts” and the parents are unwashed peasants.

  2. Leeann Springer

    Oh, I would have had a major meltdown with that so called “teacher”. I hope this fiasco ends in a major court case and the teacher is fired! This is at administration level, so they need to get the boot also. Imposters, who dare call themselves “teachers” are evil beings who want to pervert our children. It wouldn’t happen on my watch without the raising of Hell. Leeann

  3. The school, principal and teacher need to be identified — and sued.

    • Dr Eowyn . . .Absolutely! When talking to them seems to get you dismissed–then it is time to take them to court.

      Did you notice, she countered with telling him, “Lower your voice.” In my opinion, I thought he was rather controlled, and was not yelling at her. I guess she needs to hear me when I yell–then she would understand.

      This is beyond outrageous!

  4. Sue the pants off of the teacher, director, board and anybody else involved. It may not go far but I bet it would sting.
    This is what indoctrination has done to our education system.
    You can bet any kid of mine wouldn’t step foot in that school any more.
    And to what ever extent I could I’d notify as many of the other parents as possible.
    And is that a cross/crucifix on the wall !?!?!?

  5. I also liked the small child wandering around the classroom with a juicy cough.

    Why are two year olds in a classroom, anyway?

    Horrible. All of it (except granddad).

  6. You go grand dad!

    • DCG . . . Amen to that! Good for Grand dad, thank goodness he is not among the black population where men have refused to step up to the plate.

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  8. For what purpose did this teacher do this? We need her name and the schools name and the leadership all exposed. She gave no justification for her actions.
    Go grandpa, you did well.

  9. The arrogance of these people is astounding! These are not even teachers, they are left-wing activists. They take pride in warping the minds of innocent children. Thank heavens for parents and grandparents that love their little ones enough to stand up to these azzclowns.

    I was just looking for a jacket for my wiener dog. I saw lots of pink sweaters and doggie dresses, but I wouldn’t even do that to him.🐶

  10. How do these obnoxious fools get away with such garbage? Someday someone is going to snap. the grandfather DID have a lot of restraint.

  11. My first interest would be; Who the hell is undressing and redressing MY child??
    Followed by my indignant opinion of the public school system and their inherent liberal desire to indoctrinate children regardless of parental permission or acknowledgement.

    And it would be profusely peppered with easy-to-understand profanities.

  12. We seem to have many of the same types of (((influences))) inside America as there are within Germany. That is why both countries have now become so screwed up. Communism has regional aspects, but international jewry is what makes communism monolithic.

    More Kalergi instruction from the communist jewess, Kahane.

    Germany: Jewish institute published handbook to help teachers identify children from “Nazi” households –

    “The Amadeu Antonio Institute in Germany has published a brochure for teachers, offering tips on how they can identify the children of “Nazi” parents.

    The tell-tale signs are apparently pigtails and dresses among girls, and a strong interest in sports among boys.

    The brochure is called “Ene, mene, muh – und raus bist du!” [Eenie, meenie, miney, moh – out you go!] Inequality and infant pedagogy”.

    Children cannot themselves be Nazis, the brochure warns. But their parents might be.
    The Amadeu Antonio Institute was founded by Anetta Kahane [her name a variant of Cohen, designating the ancient Jewish priestly caste]. It receives lavish funding from the German state. Kahane has admitted acting as an informant for the Stasi in the former East Germany.”
    [More at the link]

  13. There are no boundaries any more. The left is crossing lines that should never be crossed. The school system has become as corrupt as Washington DC and they dont feel the need to hide thier sick agendas. When they need a patsy, the person is fired, slapped on the wrist and lands a better paying job else where or a huge go fund me payoff. People need to be held accountable to our laws. The left thinks they are above the law and law abiding people should stand there and take it.

    God help them the day they pushed too far. Some wont step over a cliff without fighting for thier lives first. Life is worth fighting for.

    Huge reason I love the FOTM community!

  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Can’t imagine any one having the audacity to do such a thing with out expecting real serious repercussions.

  15. The usual “I can’t talk to you because you’re not on my list; you need to talk to my supervisor” bull. It seems to be how they get away with this sort of psychological child abuse – by passing the buck and making the parent chase down the elusive decision maker. The “teacher” looked more like a tramp. Hope Grandpa keeps the pressure on.

  16. All she said was he is two. What does that have to do with it? Why dress him? Maybe he got dirty or soiled himself and they had no other clothes? Notice the cross in the background? At least they had a cross up. This was a daycare not an actual school it seems. Just my observations.

  17. My big question is regarding the lack of accountability. the Teacher can’t talk to the Child’s grandpa? WHY? What are they afraid of her saying? Didn’t it sound like she was “handing him off” to her Supervisor,who is better at spinning the story to make it sound more acceptable? Why else would the Teacher NOT be allowed to speak to the child’s grandpa?

    • They would have listened to me because I would have returned with the child’s mother in tow to get him out of there permanently. Then I would have filed charges of child abuse.

      We are in an era where the schools and the Government have decided that THEY should raise our children (cattle). They are just tolerating our “intrusions” until they can lock us out entirely.

      You may have noticed that one of the elements of all the fake shooting drills is the “lockdown”. This is to condition parents that they have no authority over their kids, only the State does.

  18. This is great!…”We don’t do dat, da da transgender and all, we don’t do dat!”…hahaha! love it.


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