Grand Jury to Indict John Edwards

Edwards, the preening narcissist

Don’t snicker, but National Enquirer says the Grand Jury is ready to indict the Breck Girl — former Senator and Democratic VP candidate John Edwards.
On Edwards, National Enquirer has proven itself better at investigative journalism than the New York Times, Washington Post, and all the other bozos of the MSM who had turned a willing blind eye to Edwards’ extramarital shenanigans during the 2008 presidential primaries. In fact, National Enquirer is now a candidate for the Pulitizer Prize.
According to the National Enquirer,

“The ultimate fall from grace, a Federal grand jury is about to indict John Edwards, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.
In another shocker, close sources say Edwards’ estranged wife Elizabeth could help send the former presidential candidate to jail!
Edwards, the disgraced two-time Presidential loser, is being investigated by the feds, including the FBI and IRS, for possible campaign violations related to paying his mistress Rielle Hunter.
The grand jury has been meeting since April 2009, and insiders say an indictment is imminent. ‘John is terrified that he’s going to be indicted,’ a friend told The ENQUIRER.”

Maybe that’s why Edwards reportedly is planning to marry Hunter, not to make an honest woman out of her, but as a ploy to prevent her from testifying against him? That would be entirely in character for a pathological narcissist like Edwards, who loves no one but himself.

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Doc's Wife

This will not be a quickie divorce like Sanford’s in South Carolina. North Carolina requires a full year of separation before divorce can be granted. JohnEdwards is gettinghis due. He has done horrible things to doctors in our state in lawsuits while he got rich from patients who sued.