Grad student asked to move out because of her legally owned guns

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No laws or rules were broken. Yet feeeeeeeeelings were hurt.

Pirnie’s roommates must the type who believe urination will somehow deter a would-be rapist. Good luck with that, girls…

From Fox News: A Harvard graduate student who was asked to move out of her apartment after her legally owned firearms made her roommates “uncomfortable” said Sunday on “Fox & Friends” that she has been lied to while seeking reasons for the request.

Leyla Pirnie, 24, said that she doesn’t know why her roommates searched through her room for the firearms and violated her privacy. Pirnie said on Sunday that she has “been given so many lies” as to why her roommates were searching through her room in the first place. “Every time I want an answer, it’s a different lie,” she said.

Pirnie said a roommate’s comment that struck her in particular was that she was from the South and her “Make America Great Again” hat was not liked.

After searching through Pirnie’s room, one roommate reportedly emailed the apartment’s landlord, saying the presence of the firearms “causes anxiety and deprives us of the quiet enjoyment of the premise to which we are entitled.”

The roommate wrote that if the guns were to remain in the apartment, they should be locked in a gun safe. It is unclear if the apartment is connected to the university.

Pirnie added on Sunday that she contacted Somerville Police Capt. James Donovan, asking him to assure her landlord that her guns were safe and legal.

“Despite all that, my landlord still said … ‘it seems that peoples’ feelings are hurt, so you should leave,'” she said.

Landlord Dave Lewis reportedly said in an email that because it was “clear” Pirnie wanted to keep her firearms, “it would be best for all parties if she finds another place to live.”

Pirnie also said Sunday that nowhere in her lease did it state she wasn’t permitted to keep guns in her apartment.

“I have had a bunch of attorneys reach out and say they’d like to help out, so we’ll see where it ends up,” she said.


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14 responses to “Grad student asked to move out because of her legally owned guns

  1. I hope she sues the landlord.

  2. She should also have the apartment mates arrested for illegally searching her room. Those wimpy girls are going to have a real tough time in the real world after they graduate. The parents of these apartment mates have failed in their upbringing.

  3. Her roommates are sadly typical. The definition of a new Conservative is a Liberal that just got robbed…. I have dealt with the indignant self righteous little twizzles before and they are nothing but a pain right in the ass….

  4. The roommates don’t deserve the protection this woman could provide them. As to the landlord, I’m actually on the landlord’s side. Private property is private and the landlord may choose to whom he/she will rent. The only responsibility owed the renter (given the limited info of the article) would be to allow her lease to run out and not renew it. It doesn’t sound as if the location is on university grounds. If the roommates don’t think they can live by the lease provisions, they can choose to break their lease and move out and pay whatever penalties they may incur for breaking the lease. I think this is how this will all wash out. Pirnie has her knickers in a twist because her roommates violated her privacy. To my mind, this is more about privacy rights than guns. Will she have a cause of action with regard to her roommates rummaging through her part of the apartment, if that is indeed how they found out about the gun(s)?

    • “Private property is private and the landlord may choose to whom he/she will rent.”

      That is not always the case with the rules/laws mandated by bureaucrats. You cannot “choose” your tenant without following local/state/federal laws & rules that mandate how you choose your tenant. These cover a variety of issues including race, religion, credit, criminal history, etc.

      By design, progressives will find a way to intrude on your Second Amendment right via a back door role in protecting others’ civil rights.

    • I’m afraid I don’t agree. The landlord has certain rights, total control of the tenants isn’t among them. Further, if he put something in the lease about guns, and the tenant agreed, he’d have a better case. I’m not sure even that would allow him to deprive his tenants of their rights.

      • From what I’ve read, a landlord can ask in a lease that no guns be allowed on premises. The landlord is not denying the tenant the right to have a gun, just not on his private property. The Constitution protects an individual from a government agency denying a citizen the right to bear arms, not a private citizen making a request as to what is allowed on his property.

        It’s messed up because the government can tell a landlord who they should rent to (i.e., cannot deny one based on their credit score or criminal history – see Seattle) yet won’t backup a tenant’s Constitutional right.

        • The whole thing is messed up. I have a “carry license”. I don’t think I should “need” one, because I already have a Constitutionally protected right to “bear” arms. I understand that to mean I can carry them. If that means in my house I assume that’s what it means.

          I don’t believe in any infringement. I don’t believe in any of the laws they’ve put in place over the years regarding this. I keep saying that the answer is “no”, period.

          In this instance, how is a landlord “empowered” to take away a right? I believe you, by the way, it just burns me up. So many people have been conned into this idea that the cops are responsible for defending us that its laughable. I’m sure the cops like it when they don’t have to worry about encountering people able to defend themselves, but that’s beside the point.

          I’ve never seen so many idiots fight so hard to be defenseless. Aren’t they gonna feel stupid as they’re led to the chutes?

  5. Pirnie should invest in a few mousetraps, then discreetly hide them in her room to catch some “rats”.


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