Government workers do good!

Happy little girl, Justice!

We hear so many bad stories about government workers – this time it is a good one!

WSDOT rescues little girl’s teddy bear lost on I-90

From King5: A symbol of freedom marks the homes of military families across Washington. Inside one of them, a six-year-old little girl wasn’t just missing one family member.

Justice Wadsworth was given a teddy bear when she was little. A gift from her father who is in the military and currently serving overseas. She calls it “Daddy Bear” and says “it makes her feel like she’s cuddling with her daddy.

Two days ago, the family was driving back to Sedro-Woolley along I-90. Justice got sick and alongside the road, in the chaos, the bear got left behind.

Daddy Bear home safe and sound

When the family got home, Justice’s mother realized “Daddy Bear” was nowhere to be found. Christa Wadsworth tells us, “We searched the bedrooms, we called the friend we were staying with. We cried and cried.” The next day Justice’s grandma posted about the lost bear of Facebook. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) then put out a tweet saying a bear had been lost near Elk Heights along I-90. Two workers decided to go looking.

Harry Nelson and Terry Kukes found the bear on the shoulder. On their own time, they drove hours Thursday night to surprise Justice. Christa asked Justice if she was excited someone found him. “I was hoping!”  Christa says and calls the men amazing. “I can’t thank them enough!”
With the real daddy still gone, the one who offers her comfort can continue to fill in. Christa tells us, “I’m so grateful.”
Ah, happy ending!  Good for these WSDOT workers for bringing Daddy Bear home to little Justice!

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You don’t see this every day.


Awesome! Considering they took the time, and gas, and a kindly notion to make a little girl feel ‘close’ to her daddy… good job guys! 🙂