Government Tentacles Reaching Into Home Schools

As usual,  the Government finds a way to get at our kids, one way or another. . .

By Lori Higgins
Detroit Free Press Education Writer

The Troy School District will launch a program in September targeted at homeschooled students that will allow them to take high school courses — taught mostly by district teachers — online.
Though it’s not unusual for homeschooled students to take classes in their local public schools, it’s not as common for a district to create a program exclusively for them.
District officials say they were spurred by a belief that there’s a need for such programs among parents who homeschool, and by a need to ensure those parents have access to quality courses.
“We’re concerned about the virtual explosion out there,” said Holly Toggweiler, homeschool liaison for the district.
That explosion, she said, means there’s a “buyer beware” atmosphere in which “you don’t know how good a program is going to be until you’re halfway through it.”
She said the district can ensure the quality of its programs because it will hire highly qualified teachers to teach the courses and has vetted the software providers for courses not taught by Troy teachers.
The program, called INTERSECT, will be free to homeschooled students because the district will receive state funding based on the amount of time they spend in the program.
The classes will be offered in several formats. Homeschooled students can sign up for hybrid courses in which much of the work is done online at home, but they’re required to spend several hours a week in a classroom, working one-on-one with their teachers. They can enroll in online-only courses through popular programs such as E20/20 and Novanet. And they can take art and drama courses — taught to homeschooled students only — in a school building.
The program would be offered to students in Oakland and bordering counties, Toggweiler said.
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I’ve got to hand it to them.  This is shrewd, no doubt.  Dangling free classes and perks like drama class will seduce some parents that are feeling even just a little inadequate at home schooling their teenagers.  The district will profit financially from kids that were not on the school rolls, and the government will get a solid chance at indoctrinating the kids before it’s too late for them to turn  them into good global citizens. 



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the little brother (@TheLightningNuz)

ahhhhhhhhhh, but here’s the beauty of it all. WE ARE HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS BECAUSE WE WANT NOTHING TO DO w/ the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM. abso-freaking-lutely nothing.


Of course everyone is wetting their pants to partake of the “quality” Detroit school system, LMAO! Just check out this hilarious video about the head of school board in Detroit who can’t even read and write properly!
P.S. This is the same guy who wore the stupid wig and tie dye shirt to do the video, “A Marxist’s Guide to Picking Up Chicks”!


Oh crap, I had just skimmed the article before posting.

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

Follow the money…. it’s all about the state funding.


Evil and slick.


tell them to BACK OFF,go p– up a rope.