Government School Locked Down Over Thermometer

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Boca Ciega, Florida — A chemistry project caused a big problem at Pinellas’ Seminole High School Tuesday morning.
The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says students were given an assignment to bring in a substance from the Periodic Table of Elements.
One student brought in mercury — contained within a thermometer — and the school went into lockdown.
Deputies say the thermometer was discovered as the substances were checked before going through the school.
No one was put in harm’s way, but a hazmat crew was there as a precaution.
Pinellas County Schools tell 10 News the students were told not to bring certain toxic elements from the periodic table, mercury included.

And these are the sort of people that are “educating” America’s children.
God help us.
(h/t: My buddy Earl)

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0 responses to “Government School Locked Down Over Thermometer

  1. These people are teaching kids to be cowards.

    • Heck, we’d play with mercury and have uranium ore in school.

    • This country has been wussified beyond all recognition.

    • My DAD taught me and my brother to play w/ mercury balls on the *kitchen counter*!! And my Dad was no slouch in the IQ dept. – he made top level stuff for the Fed Gov’t, back when that was a reputable job.
      I remember when my brother ATE a GLASS thermometer, mercury and all. I remember hollering down at Mom in the basement doing laundry – “MOM, Bobby is eating the thermometer!” Chaos ensued. All I could remember thinking was “why didn’t the glass cut his mouth?”
      This is pathetic…
      PS I read another story wussifying all school mascots w/ even the remotest connection to Native Americans. In this case, they’re not only going to have to change the name of the school (much less its mascot) but the name of the county, too! Tsk, tsk, tsk, how correct we’ve all learned to be. *snerk*

  2. Yet, they still put mercury in some vaccines and millions of us still have a mouth full of mercury laden fillings. Maybe we should ask Obamacare to pay for our fillings to be replaced with non-toxic substances in order to save the environment, much less our lives. Distorted priorities…..

  3. I just bought a new thermometer for my barn because it is pretty. Hope the neighbors don’t find out and call out a hazmat team and the police.

    • If it’s new, unless the filling is silver, it’s alcohol. Can’t have lawsuits from all those genuinely curious kids, can we? They might *actually* grow up into rational adults!

  4. This is royally stupid ’cause they’ll got all those mercury-laden CFLs to be evironmentally “safer”… they’ll really have a fit when they realize that.

  5. “One student brought in mercury — contained within a thermometer — and the school went into lockdown…. No one was put in harm’s way, but a hazmat crew was there as a precaution.”
    The school principal, Walter Weller, obviously is an idiot. He became principal in 2007. At the time of his promotion (from assistant principal), Tampa Bay Times had this to say: “The district did not have biographical information prepared. Weller could not be reached for comment, so little is officially known about him other than his age, 44, and the day he started work with the district: Nov. 15, 1985…. Principals earn between $77,529 and $112,727 per year.”
    Here’s Weller’s contact info:
    Walter Weller, Principal
    Seminole High School
    8401 131st. St. N.
    Seminole, Florida 33776
    Ph: (727) 547-7536
    Or leave a comment online:

    This is the message I left Mr. Weller on the contact form (feel free to copy & use as yours):
    Mr. Walter Weller, Principal:
    Why did you waste precious government resources by calling in a Hazmat crew to your school when a student brought to school a thermometer? The thermometer was NOT broken, which means the mercury inside was NOT spilled, which means no student or teacher or staff or principal was EVER in danger.
    You set a poor example for the entire school with your totally unfounded hysteria.
    Dr. Eowyn

  6. What a joke…

  7. When i was a kid we used to play with Mercury. I’ll have to admit the idea of that makes me shudder now. We used to roll it around on the floor loose and play “liquid metal guy” like in “Terminator II” twenty years before that movie came out. Looking back, I’m sure it wasn’t a great idea, but jeez-louise, a haz-mat team?

  8. maybe all the mercury you’ve been playing with as a child has damaged the brain cells in your frontal cortex, altering your ability to reason, causing all of you to be republicans.

    • Maybe your totally gratuitous insult and unwarranted rudeness is evidence that you, rexerxes, like all Democrats Leftists, are foul works.

    • Yep, because the ability to understand that spending $6 trillion is not the way to save our economy. But hey, free birth control! Now that makes sense. /s

    • Little wonder a former community pisser-offer got elected POtuS twice.
      Over half the electorate is as stoopid as you are.

  9. We played with mercury back in 1964. We called it Quicksilver and we’re all doing fine.

  10. They push the flu shot and other vaccines that are filled with mercury, even threaten people with the loss of their jobs if they don’t get their flu shots. What I find interesting is that this High school is across the street from the Middle school that I went to in the early 70’s. That brought back memories.. not necessarily good.. LOL

    • Good point, dixon! If mercury is so bad for us that a school had to be evacuated because a student brought an UNBROKEN UNSPILLED thermometer, why are they pushing the mercury-containing flu shot and other vaccines?

  11. I understand that breathing heated mercury vapors is harmful. That’s where the expression “Mad as a Hatter” came from. But if the trace amounts of mercury in vaccines, which kills bacteria, fungi and molds, were truly harmful I would be in sad shape, having received almost every vaccine known to man. I couldn’t count the vaccinations I got in the army, especially before my service in Vietnam. I get a flu shot every year, and tetanus and pneumonia periodically. I am in excellent health for a 65 year old slightly overweight man.

    • I’ve read ALL the comments, and now I’m going to consult w/Dr Tom OBrien, who is an internationally renown naturopath w/an excellent background in the sciences as they relate to humans. I’ve often wondered why Silver wasn’t used instead of Mercury….


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