Gov. Newsom wants $25M in taxpayer funds to help migrants at border

I wouldn’t expect anything less from sanctuary California.

From SF Gate: California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to use $20 million of state funds to create an “Immigration Rapid Response Program” that provides aid to migrants who arrive at California’s border.

In his recently-released 2019-2020 budget, Newsom proposed giving $20 million to humanitarian organizations and non-profit entities that currently provide aid to migrants.

“These funds will be available over a three-year period to assist qualified community-based organizations and nonprofit entities in providing services during immigration or human trafficking emergency situations when federal funding is not available,” the budget reads. “These funds will also be available to support the redirection of state-level staff who directly assist in response efforts.”

In addition, Newsom calls for $5 million to be made available immediately for any “immigration-related emergencies” that arise in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The three-year period in which the $20 million becomes available would begin in July 2019, if approved.

The Los Angeles Times reported that most of the funds would likely go to the San Diego Rapid Response Network, a coalition of human rights organizations, attorneys and community leaders that provides humanitarian aid to migrants near the border.

A recent surge in migrants attempting to seek asylum at the southern border has led many to declare the existence of a “humanitarian crisis.” In December 2018, two migrant children died in the custody of Customs and Border Protection shortly after making the dangerous trek to the US southern border.

Newsom toured an immigration detention facility in San Diego this past November, and said the state of California should do more in providing aid to migrants. “My job is to be constructive … to try to find ways to bring people to the table and to address what legitimately can be described as a humanitarian crisis,” he said at the time. “We’re all in this together … I think we need to humanize this issue, not politicize the issue.”

Newsom’s budget proposal calls only for assisting non-profit organizations in “providing services” to migrants. It is unclear what exactly those services might be or which organizations it will be funding.


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And what percentage of that $25M would actually go into the hands of the “migrants” at the gate? And what percentage would fatten the bank accounts of bureaucrats hired to distribute the money? I’m picturing it as about one dollar per a thousand actually reaching those in need, while the rest pays people now employed in a new self-perpetuating government institution. (And lets not forget the fact that the governor will use it to brag about all the new jobs he just created.)


Praise the humble governor, next he’ll order Californians to,open their homes to accommodate the cockroaches, then accross will move the scourge, next move Californians out of their homes and deed their properties to the huddle masses waiting for everything free. Houses of prostitution, pot growing properties, filth, stench. Let’s not forget the resident/property owners Nasty Nancy, Latrine Waters, fickle Feinstein and last but not least Moonhead Brown, all for the refuse from from Central America.


He sounds like Justin Trudeau of Canada….open arms to all illegals…damned the people who live here legally in the U.S. Newsom is following the Agenda 21/Globalist/U.N./NWO Order Agenda…the same one that is aunt, Nancy Pelosi is trying to push. Wake up California!!! Pelosi, Waters and Feinstein are all part and parcel of the Swamp!!!! They will do everything conceivable to limit your freedom, and create chaos. They do not care about California and concerned only with following orders from their puppet masters.


Here’s a CHEAPER way to help those illegals. Use something like a Cat 988 loader,scoop up about 500 of ’em at a time and dump their illegal asses back over the Wall. Any of ’em try to climb back over,shoot ’em. When they enter the US via illegal means,they become Criminals,and as such,we should do as Canada’s law says and deny them Citizenship AND re-entry into our Country. (A friend wanted to go to Canada on vacation,but when she tried to get in,they discovered she had a DUI,NINE YEARS AGO,so they turned her around ans sent her away. Sorry if… Read more »

Mad Celt
Mad Celt

Better idea: cut off all funds. Immediately, down to zero. They won’t come if there’s no crumbs. Don’t even give out sack lunches. Instead, hand them a ream of government forms to be filled out, set an appointment for 2 weeks in advance then tell then you can’t accept the forms because it needs supervisor approval and the supervisor is in a staff meeting. In other words, run it like a true government agency. Give them a taste of bureaucratic hell. They’ll go back.

Atlas Farted
Atlas Farted

When the glorious people’s republik of Kalifornia achieves the sanctuary utopia then who will pay for all the free stuff?
The other 49 states will just have to chip in for the good of the collective.


Gavin “any twosome” Newsome would be better off using that money to clean up the human waste piling up in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles and getting those people into mental hospitals and drug treatment while there is still time.

– Or he could just wait for a strain of the Plague to break out and take out all of the homeless people – along with half the populations of those cities.