Gov Cuomo wants taxpayers to foot the bill for state political campaigns

Guess who just announced he’s most likely going to run for a fourth term?

And don’t kid yourself that this will eliminate corporate and large donations. Those will never be eliminated as every politician (just ask those demorats who fly to Hollyweird to fundraise) needs every dollar they can get.

From NY Post: Taxpayers will be on the hook to fund state political campaigns if Gov. Andrew Cuomo gets his way as the budget battle in Albany continues.

The plan will cost more than $500 million over the next four years, a dubious Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) estimated.

“We just finished putting together a budget where we were scrimping and saving trying to find pennies in the couch to pay for things and programs that matter to people,” he told reporters Friday night.

But Cuomo is insisting on the measure, which he says will boost the influence of ordinary voters and reduce the sway of corporate interests. “I believe public financing has to be in the budget,” he said.

Cuomo’s plan would give qualified candidates $6 of taxpayer money for every dollar they raise from small donations up to $175.

It would cap individual donations to $25,000 for statewide races — a steep drop from the $70,000 currently allowed — and would lower the limits that can be given to state senate and assembly candidates as well.

But with an expected $2.3 billion dollar drop in state revenues this year, some lawmakers say it’s a luxury the state can’t afford.

Instead, the budget might include some incremental steps toward Cuomo’s campaign finance goal, such as contribution limits, but hold off a full-fledged program until 2024.

“This is about getting corrosive influences of money, large donations, out,” said Assemblyman Bobby Carroll (D-Brooklyn).


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I suppose that state elections should mimic federal ones. Having said that, I don’t think ANYTHING should mimic how we do elections. If I were king, we would provide a certain amount to each eligible contender. TV stations would be required to provide an equal amount to each candidate and no more could be purchased. There would be no corporate or individual contributions. The Framers saw public service as a volunteer action. It was not supposed to become a “career” for parasitic slime balls. Anything more than I just described is essentially a bribe. I don’t want anyone seeking office… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

I’m beginning to think that, like California, many New York voters must be really stupid

Steven Broiles

The only thing missing from the photograph of Cuomo the Monster are the FANGS. Yes, the Mafia uses other people’s money to live. That makes them parasites. But the government proves that the Mafia are mere pikers, mere greenhorns: Government, You See, HAS THE GUNS!!! Yes, Cuomo the Monster—Son of Cuomo!—wants me to pay for some politician’s campaign that I philosophically oppose. THIS IS SLAVERY, plain and simple! But that’s ideology and the Hegelian Dialectic for you. Just as politicians are people who have not resolved their Oedipus Complexes and impose their Munchausen’s by Proxy disease upon us, they wish… Read more »