Gosnell verdict: Guilty of 3 counts of 1st degree murder!

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The jury just delivered a verdict in a murder case virtually suppressed by the State Run Media.

Vince Lattanzio reports for NBC10 Philadelphia that after 10 days of deliberations and an announcement that they were deadlocked on two charges, the jury in the murder trial of former Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell just reached a verdict.

Guilty! – on 3 of 4 counts of first-degree murder.

Guilty! – of involuntary manslaughter in the death of former patient Karnamaya Mongar.

GosnellThe jury of seven women and five men weighed more than 250 counts against Gosnell with the most serious being four counts of first-degree murder.

Gosnell, a resident of West Philadelphia, was charged on January 14, 2011 with 263 crimes, including first-degree murder in the deaths of four babies. Prosecutors allege Gosnell delivered the babies alive during abortion procedures and then killed them by snipping their spinal cords with scissors.

The 72-year-old is also charged with third-degree murder in the of former patient Karnamaya Mongar, 41, who died after she was given a lethal dose of pain killers and anesthesia during a 2009 abortion procedure at Gosnell’s West Philadelphia clinic, the Women’s Medical Society.

The majority of the 268 charges levied against Gosnell are related to Pennsylvania abortion-law violations. Whereas his defense attorney argued Gosnell would inject a drug into his patients’ uterus to stop the fetuses’ hearts before they were delivered, prosecutors Joanne Pescatore and Ed Cameron say Gosnell regularly performed late-term abortions on babies older than 24 weeks — the cutoff age in Pennsylvania.

At 24 weeks, a baby can hiccup and begins trial breathing with his own lungs. The baby can now survive outside of the mother’s womb with medical help.
This is what a 24-week-old baby looks like. His name is Toby and he was born premature. Toby is now a healthy 4-year-old boy:

Kermit Gosnell’s crimes came to light on February 10, 2010 after investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Agency raided the inner-city clinic at 3801 Lancaster Avenue following a tip that a prescription pill mill was operating inside.

Agents were met, not with an illegal narcotics drug operation, but rather, unsanitary conditions. Investigators testified they found blood-stained rooms, filthy and old equipment and untrained staff. Aborted fetuses were stored in a basement freezer in plastic food containers and bags next to employee lunches. Severed feet from aborted babies were found preserved in jars around the clinic.

Warning! Pictures below!


The conditions found inside the clinic led Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams to call the clinic a “house of horrors” in a 2011 grand jury report.

Over the course of the trial which started on March 18 and lasted two months, former clinic employees testified against Gosnell.

Adrienne Moton, 35, was the first to testify that several abortion procedures in court including one where the mother delivered the baby into a toilet. The baby struggled in the bowl before she snipped its neck with scissors. Moton admitted to cutting 10 babies’ necks, calling the snipping  “common practice” at the clinic. One baby boy was nearly 30 weeks old when he was aborted. Gosnell even joked about the baby’s size saying he was so big the baby could have walked to the bus stop.

Lynda Williams, 44, with no formal training and only an 8th grade education, testified how she would administer pain killers and anesthesia acting as the clinic’s anesthesiologist. Williams was the person who delivered four doses of drugs to Mongar during her procedure. She described how the woman’s skin turned gray and her breathing slowed following the last dose. She also admitted to snipping the neck of one of the babies Gosnell is charged with murdering.

Both women pled guilty to third-degree murder in exchange for their testimony against Gosnell. They face 60-120 years in prison.

Other workers described babies being born alive, watching them breathe and seeing their limbs move before being “snipped.” Some described the babies as “aliens” who squealed and made odd noises, others said it would “rain fetuses” in the clinic.

During her opening arguments on March 18, prosecutor Pescatore told jurors that for Gosnell, his abortion practice was all about the money. “He had high volume and maximum profit,” she said. Police found $250,000 in cash during a 2010 search of his home.

Prosecutors claimed Gosnell would upcharge for pain killers and let the patients choose the amount of anesthesia they wanted. They were broken down into four categories — local, heavy, twilight and custom.

Pescatore also said Gosnell, who is black, would treat patients differently based on their race. White women would be taken to cleaner exam rooms and be treated directly by Gosnell. Black women would get dirty rooms and unlicensed workers.

This is for all the babies murdered by Kermit Gosnell, and for the hundreds of millions of babies aborted in America and across the world:

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0 responses to “Gosnell verdict: Guilty of 3 counts of 1st degree murder!

  1. Perhaps now that he is guilty someone should just snip his spine. Justice has been served by the jury and what will his punishment be? I struggle with the death penalty but in this case, I do not struggle with it at all.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. It is my hope that complete justice has been rendered in this case, and I am grateful that this murderer was found guilty on the counts above-listed. The pictures of these poor little children should be exposed everywhere so that pro-abortionists will see that they advocate for absolute evil and heinous crimes against all of humanity, and most especially, against the Triune God.
    Thank you for the beautiful picture of Jesus holding an infant.

  3. One battle won in the war between good and evil.
    Everybody……….keep fighting wherever you come upon evil. They are not invincible.
    Don’t wait for other people to do the fighting. Get up, go out and do it yourself.

    • Thank you, Mark. Well said!

    • Yes! All of us individually and collectively can make a difference! The power of prayer is invincible! Offer your suffering to Our Lord Jesus Christ for the end to abortion. Contact your state representatives and senators! Don’t be lukewarm!

  4. Good. May he rot!

  5. When is abortion ok? At 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 16 weeks………..24 weeks? When the baby is aborted and still alive? If that is the case, why not kill your child when he is 6 hours old? Or 6 days old? Why not murder the little bastard when he hits 19 years old and you have to pay for his college? Why should you be charged with a crime when you “abort” your 25 year old dope addict, because he’s taking up too much space in the basement and eats your food? Why not ask your mother-in-law to abort her husband because he’s never home?
    Once you set a limit, the evil ones will push that limit for a new one, again and again.,,,,until you have state mandated and citizen accepted euthanasia for whoever the state says doesn’t have the quality of life they think is proper.
    Texas is passing a bill for just that purpose.
    (This message brought to you by the campaign to protect ObamaCare)

  6. Nice to see there is still at least some justice left in America.

  7. Dressage Rider

    I don’t struggle with the death penalty. If a rabid fox is going to attack me, I have no problems dealing with it, or any other dangerous animal. This “man” is a cold blooded killer and needs the exact punishment that he dished out to all of his victims. But unfortunately, that punishment will be something less satisfying such as lethal injection. I don’t think PA has “old Sparky, ” but maybe they can borrow it from Starke Florida prison? I may even favor the William Wallace treatment for this creature.

  8. I’m sitting here weeping! Gosnell – talk about a spawn straight out of the bowels of hell!!

  9. What a beautiful picture! The artist is Jean Keaton and there are many more on this website:

  10. And he gets life in prison. Let’s hope his fellow inmates give him a real good “welcome”.

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