Gorby Loves OWS

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Mikhail Gorbachev, February 2011

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last head of state of the former Soviet Union before it dissolved in 1991 — who has never renounced communism — just loves the Occupy Wall Street movement.
The Associated Press reports that on October 19, 2011, the 80-year-old Gorbachev told 3,600 people at Lafayette College​ in eastern Pennsylvania that he believes protests occurring now in many places signal the emergence of a “new world order” movement, and that global governments need to work toward a “more humane and more just” world.
The (Easton) Express-Times reports that Gorbachev said opportunities that existed at the end of the Cold War were “not used properly.” He said with the breakup of the Soviet Union, some U.S. leaders and scholars became “arrogant” and advocated for a new American empire, and that contributed to continued poverty, environmental and development problems around the world.
Gorbachev then hailed the OWS “protests that we are now witnessing everywhere actually are a sign that, in a very difficult situation under different circumstances, the new world order movement is emerging.”
To which an Express-Times reader had this very apt reaction in his letter to the editor:

Let me get this straight. Mikhail Gorbachev, a communist leader who presided over a failed economic system, comes to Lafayette College to lecture us on our need to support a new world order.

Beam me up, Scottie. There is no intelligent life here.

Bethlehem Township, Pa.


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0 responses to “Gorby Loves OWS

  1. Just another Gorbasim. He is thrilled.
    He probably has visions of being premier of the USA.
    Maybe since illegal Obama; he is right.

  2. If Gorbachev had his way, the USSR would still exist, and he would still be running it.
    Once a commie, always a commie.

  3. Figures.

  4. If you support them then grab a tent and put your arse where your mouth is. Yeah didn’t think so…

  5. Gorby can suck an egg! Guess he’s into crapping publicly on vehicles, and having the rest of the ‘fellow’ protesters steal whatever he brings to the party, eh? Pffft… pathetic.


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