GOP's WakeUp Call: 52% of Republicans Want a 3rd Party

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They shoot RINOs, don't they?Photo credit:

Listen up, elites of the GOP. If you keep shoving RINOs down our throats as presidential candidates, Republican voters will bolt for a third party.

Andra Varin reports for NewsMax, May 10, 2011, that for the first time in Gallup’s polling history, more Republicans than Democrats favor a third party.

A new Gallup Poll released yesterday, May 9, finds that:

  • More than half of Republicans – 52% – say there should be a third political party.
  • 33% of Democrats want a third party.
  • Overall, 52% of all Americans want a third party, down slightly from 58% in August.
  • 60% of Americans who identify themselves as TEA Party members want a new party.

Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones said it would not be surprising if a third-party candidate emerged as a factor in the 2012 presidential race.

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0 responses to “GOP's WakeUp Call: 52% of Republicans Want a 3rd Party

  1. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He will cream the usurper, crypto-Muslim, anti-Christ.

    • Yeah, when he isn’t in bed with him.
      There are some things I like about The Donald, but his “conservatism” isn’t one of them.

  2. While I fully understand the sentiment behind the wish for a third party, I also understand that at this point in our history, the formation of same would be ultimately fatal to our republic.
    There just isn’t time.

    • Concur…and if the GOP don’t put forth a viable candidatre (Cain) instead a loser (Gingrich) we are screwed…

      • DCG,
        Sadly, we are going to have to work within the current framework, as by the time a third party becomes viable, we as a nation are going to be doing a fair imitation of the Titanic.
        We’d better hope the sheeple wake up very quickly, as the time remaining to avert utter disaster is growing decidedly short.
        We have not years, but mere months.

        • lowtechgrannie

          I agree. Ross Perot tried the 3rd Party Movement with United We Stand back in the early 1990s. Where did that go? Nowhere…. the Democrat won.

  3. unfortunately a third party might take away votes from the rep. candidate
    and allow the usurper another 4 years to destroy america. but in the future once obama is defeated i believe a third party would eventually be a great way to keep the best interests of americans in mind.

  4. Hello, you are using my photo in this article without permission. Please remove it or keep it but add a link under the photo to my new web address:

    • Graham,
      Sorry for using your photo without your permission. I found the pic on the net and your website was not identified. I just added your web address underneath the photo. Thank you for allowing us to use it.


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