GOP operatives coordinate anti-Trump movement via ad blitz

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Fox News reports, Nov. 24, 2015, that as Donald Trump continues to dominate the polls (the latest Fox News poll has Trump with a record 28% support from primary voters), a “prominent GOP operative” and Republican donors with links to several other presidential candidates are pooling their resources in a new effort to go after Trump to keep him from winning the nomination.
The “guerrilla campaign” is led by a group called Trump Card LLC and run by Liz Mair, former communications official for the Republican National Committee. Mair was also, briefly (one day), the online communications strategist for Scott Walker’s failed presidential campaign.
Liz Mair
Trump Card LLC’s goal, according to The Wall Street Journal, is to collect money from donors to “defeat and destroy” Trump. The donors will be anonymous because Trump Card would not have to disclose donors.
The super PAC supporting the candidacy of Ohio Gov. John Kasich is planning to air attack ads against Trump in New Hampshire. Trump Card LLC is also getting funding from donors backing candidates other than Kasich, including Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Trump Card wants $250,000 from the other GOP presidential campaigns to run anti-Trump TV, radio and web ads and to pitch opposition research to local stations in early-voting states.
In addition to the pro-Kasich and Trump Card groups, the super PAC associated with the fiscal conservative Club for Growth is trying to raise money to resume anti-Trump ads, after running a reported $1 million worth earlier this year in Iowa.
Some in the Republican establishment and GOP “donor class” fear the party will lose the general election if Trump wins the nomination, arguing his comments and views are alienating Hispanic and black voters. Liz Mair wrote in a memo obtained by The Journal:

“In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race. “he stark reality is that unless something dramatic and unconventional is done, Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will become president.”

The relationship between old guard Republicans and Trump has been rocky from the start. Trump had complained about being treated unfairly by the Republican National Committee and threatened to mount an independent candidacy. But he eventually signed a pledge stating he wouldn’t run as an independent and would support the nominee if he lost.
But after news broke about the concerted effort to undermine him, Trump is hinting he might consider breaking away. He said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”: “We’ll see what happens. I have to be treated fairly.… If I’m treated fairly, I’m fine.”

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0 responses to “GOP operatives coordinate anti-Trump movement via ad blitz

  1. IMO Hillary has been preselected and the rest is theater. The only thing hampering this outcome (again, IMO) is the fact that her declining health because too big an issue to paper over. However, in that regard, who will be the preselected VP will be important.

  2. There is little wonder that the other Republicans want to knock Trump out of the ring . . . they want to continue playing the game as it has always been played–screwing the American taxpayer. Interesting that a recent poll stated that only 19% of those interviewed trust our government–evidently the other 81% knows something is wrong! The thought of just continuing to go down this same road makes me ill.

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that the GOP would rather have Hillary than Trump. There are three GOP candidates that I would vote for. If one of those three is not the candidate, I go third party. Period! They can do and will do whatever they so desire. If Trump is not the candidate I can assure them that there are a whole lot of people going to his campaign rallies that simply will not vote. They will do this because they know it does not make any difference. I on the other hand will vote independent.

    • I have voted Libertarian in every presidential election since 1972 with the exception of the Reagan years. Can and will do so again if establishment RINOs continue to represent what used to be the right wing of political thought in this country. Am I wasting my vote? Not on your life. Voting is the privilege to choose the candidate that best represents one’s interests. If you vote the “lesser of two evils,” then you probably shouldn’t vote.
      ‘America’s troubles didn’t just happen. We elected them, one politician at a time. The solution is up to us. We’ll get the America we want when we show the courage to elect different leaders.’ -Gary Johnson, who amassed over 1 million votes in the 2012 presidential election as the Libertarian candidate

  4. Though the unwilling masses just don’t see it,NOT voting really is EXACTLY like voting for KILLARY. I’m with MA-if Trump,Cruz or Rand aren’t the Republican Nominee,I’ll take that as a sign of FRAUD by the RNC and Vote 3rd Party.

  5. I will not vote if Trump runs as an Independent.

  6. I am so sick and tired of all this GOP crap. They call themselves Republicans, but are fighting people on the same side instead of going after the real opposition, the Democrats.
    Of course they are in competition with each other until the nomination, but such wasted energy. They would do well to start listening to the people, instead of their own self serving agendas. They have proven once again, the survival of this country is not their objective.
    They had better start circling the wagons and start putting this country and her people first. They need to listen to the people.
    These PACS should be illegal and banned. We all know their motives and it has nothing to do with what is best for the country. Shame on them for doing so much damage. Just more division. They will rue the day.
    So far these PACS have not proven themselves of having good track records. Where do they come off thinking they know best?
    If the people like what Trump has to say, then maybe they should sit up and pay more attention. Same for Cruz or any other candidate.
    So far, Trump has said what is on the people’s mind. They feel they are being listened to. He doesn’t need the job or the money or the status. Maybe he does just want to make this country better.

  7. I see Liz Mair is doing her best Terminator impersonation.
    Politics is a dirty business—always was, always will be. This fight is about neo-con/Bush Cabal control of the GOP to see there are no further impediments to bringing down this Republic (if, indeed, it is not already lost).
    If the Republicans nominate ANYONE other than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, Hillary will win. If the Republicans nominate Marco Rubio Hillary will win. If the Republican draft Mitt Romney (it seems to me they are that desperate AND stupid), Hillary will win.
    And if Donald Trump himself dares to consider dropping out, given his comment of “I have to be treated fairly,” not only will Hillary win, but I will consider him to be a traitor to the working man and America: For him to so betray the American public at this point is something beyond egotism and narcissism.
    Let’s be candid: Turkey shot down a Russian fighter today. (Which means that NATO shot down a Russian fighter today.) Putin is no dummy, but he can only withhold retaliation for so long. WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF A SCRIPTED GLOBAL CONFLAGRATION, AND WE CANNOT RELY ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AT THIS POINT!
    Imagine, if you will, Joe Frazier refusing to go into that ring to fight Muhammed Ali. Frazier broke Ali’s jaw in the first round. Many including myself believe—to this day—that, in all fairness, Frazier won that fight. Yet he was judged to have lost. NO MATTER: Smokin’ Joe Frazier went in there and he did his DUTY.
    Donald Trump ought to have the HUMILITY to accept that if America ever needed its Joe Frazier, THAT TIME IS NOW. America is about to descend into the MALESTROM, and America’s fate deserves more attention and more justice than Donald Trump’s feelings. America deserves better than Hillary, who, if elected, may not even live to complete one term if reports about her health are true.
    I don’t give a DAMN about ANYONE’S FEELINGS. I give a damn about the future of America—which is about the future of the entire human race, whether we like it or not. America and the World deserve BETTER than whatever treason the neo-con Establishment and the Bush Family can throw at it.
    MY HUMBLE OPINION: America is about to descend into the MALESTROM of its existence. The coming War will be seen—by all sides—as utterly hopeless. I believe that from this War, the Anti-Christ, predicted by the Book of Revelation, shall emerge on the World Stage. Mr. Trump may not be able to comprehend this—fair enough. But if he chickens out now, he will be remembered—in a footnote—as the biggest coward in history since Pontius Pilate. So much for his being “treated fairly”!

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  10. The people behind the get Trump movement (the globalists, big media, the Chamber of Commerce, and the RNC) publicly state they are afraid that if Trump gets the nomination that Hillary will win. Actually, they know that Trump will win and that is what they are afraid of.

    • Yes: If Trump gets the GOP nod, and if he picks Ted Cruz as his VEEP, They will take Hillary APART!
      (Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen—but neither is Obama. But at this point, we are in such straights, I could live with that. The real danger is this: Trump is out for Trump, so he will defend America for Trump. Not perfect, but doable. Ted Cruz’s wife is on the Board of Goldman-Sachs, and THAT is a danger. But what other choices do we have at this point?)

  11. The Stupid Party is at it again! Trump will just run as an Independent and the Bitch of Bengazi will end up as President.

    • It depends on how Trump can out-maneuver the GOP/Bush-Rove cabal. Not impossible, but doable—if Trump is serious. Otherwise, your scenario, it seems, will unfold.
      This whole Wagnerian opera is LOONEY AS HELL! But every Wagnerian opera has an ending!

  12. The RINOs attack Trump at their own peril.

    • I don’t know, Dave. It seems to me the RINOs attack Trump at OUR own peril! And people JUST DON’T GET who is behind the RINOs: The Bush Cabal. They just can’t think that far behind the scenes!

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