GOP maintains control of Senate; great news for the “conservative judicial train”

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Last night the GOP likely extended (at the time I scheduled this blog post) its majority in the Senate.

Key republican wins included:

  • Mike Braun in Indiana
  • Kevin Cramer defeated Heidi Heitkamp (who voted against Kavanaugh) in North Dakota
  • Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee
  • Josh Hawley defeated Claire McCaskill in Missouri
  • Rick Scott in Florida

This win is very important to keep control of the appointment of judicial nominees since the Senate confirms federal judges and – most importantly – SCOTUS nominees.

The SCOTUS is leaning more conservative with the appointments of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

Considering the health condition and age of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there is a very good chance that President Trump could have the chance to nominate another conservative to the SCOTUS.

Lindsey Graham tweeted the following last night:

  • “One of the reasons we are winning big in the Senate tonight is because of the way Democrats treated Brett Kavanaugh.”
  • The conservative judicial train will keep running. President Trump has a lot to be proud of … without him I don’t think we would have had the night that we had.” response on Fox News”

Good news last night, very good news indeed.


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15 responses to “GOP maintains control of Senate; great news for the “conservative judicial train”

  1. The Republicans still have an outlier in Martha McSally who is so liberal she makes John McCain seem to the right of Barry Goldwater.
    Just saw where a 72 year old dead brothel owner of the Bunny Land ranch won his election.

    This should serve as a new dictum. Only elect them if they are dead, that way they can’t vote to raise taxes and strip us of more of our freedoms

  2. Lucid commentary at this site regarding the upcoming obstruction to all of Pres. Trump’s agenda and who is behind it and an article from the “horse’s mouth”:

  3. Some of the longest lasting benefits of this President will be well chosen judges.

    • The SCOTUS appointments, for me, are one of the most important reasons I’m so glad that Trump won. I too believe that the judicial appointments will have a very long-lasting effect on laws in this nation.

  4. I’m watching the press conf by POTUS. Know what I like about DONALD J. TRUMP? He’s a winner in all the extent of the word, his pants are not big enough to carry the “courage” to tell the press corps what they need to be told. I LOVE YOU DONALD J. TRUMP, YOU ARE MY HERO.

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Still, have to wonder, seems all to suspicious that republicans could not ‘gain’ even more seats in congress, rather than lose ground, when President Trump attracts standing room only crowds, while liberals can not fill a doctors office.

    But then, neither side of congress has proven them selves true freedom friendly, and allies of the true citizens. I expect much voter fraud will be revealed, any how.

  6. Well, America still fired up the old crack pipe and gave control of the House to the party of open borders, gay marriage, identity politics, abortion, civil violence, pathological lying, sexual child abuse and two years of gridlock. Some disgusting old skanks are back in prominence aided and abedded by brain dead male familars, castrated and simpering, as if the last 2 years taught the voters absolutely nothing at all about the Democrat party.

  7. AG SESSION told to resign, it has not been 24 hours since midterms. What a POTUS WE HAVE?! Hip hip hooray

  8. I am glad that The Senate is in Republican control and that we may well get another Supreme Court Justice from President Trump. When I showed Mrs Watertender that lovely video of the twizzle in the green coat letting out those agonizing screams she wondered if the witch had not taken her ExLax and had one caught crosswise..

  9. Oprah came up short in Georgia but…you get a free hammer and sickle!
    Comrade Gillum lost! Did that freak in Arizona Sinema (?) lose, interweb tubes say she did lose but it was very close. It isn’t all bad and it could always be worse.
    I did laugh at Trump’s snarky tone about Commssarina Pelosi and what a great honor it was for her.
    Maybe Trump is one of those right guys at the right time people that can save a nation.

  10. Folks, don’t forget that Justice Steven Breyer turned 80 in August, so POTUS may have a FOURTH SCOTUS pick! I don’t know HOW RBG hangs on…

    • She/RBG fell & broke 3 ribs, per current tweets; & another said one MSM source was reporting she plans to retire in January.


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