GOP elites tell Conservatives and Tea Party to shut up

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The bastards have already forgotten that we elected and reelected them to office.
Citing Politico as her source, Melanie Batley reports for NewsMax, Nov. 6, 2014, that just two days after their historic midterm victories, the Republican congressional leadership is “sending out signals” to the Republican rank-and-file, especially the so-called “hard right,” that infighting and gridlock will not be tolerated.

In other words, they are telling Conservatives and the Tea Party to shut up.

The way Politico put it was: “Emboldened by sweeping midterm election victories, Republican leaders are vowing not to repeat the errors of past years, when messy fiscal fights eroded public confidence in Washington and became the hallmark of the GOP-controlled House.” That’s because the GOP leadership feel justified in demanding loyalty from the conservative wing of the party, given that the victories from this election cycle were mainly the result of the party’s early backing of establishment candidates, some of whom are from moderate districts.
Mitch McConnell
1. Incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he will not go along with conservative calls to use the debt ceiling as leverage for spending cuts, an insistence by Tea Party members which triggered the government shutdown last year. McConnell has already vowed that there will not be a government shutdown on his watch. And in his victory speech Tuesday night, McConnell made it clear he would also be extending the olive branch to Barack Obama, saying the GOP has a “duty” to work with the White House on issues they agree on. “I’m pretty familiar with our conference including the new members who are coming in,” McConnell said. “The vast majority of them don’t feel they were sent to Washington to fight all the time.”
2. House Speaker John Boehner is telling colleagues he plans to be a “responsible leader.” By that, he means the party needs to be unified to take advantage of its political dominance.

Rep. Steve StiversIn June 2014, Rep. Stiver’s chief of staff Adam Kuhn was forced for resign after his ex-lover, former porn star Jennifer Allbaugh posted a photo of Kuhn’s penis on Twitter. (Source)

3. Ohio GOP Rep. Steve Stivers, a close ally of Boehner, told Politico, “What this election did is give us a working majority where we have at least 218 votes to pass a Republican agenda, and what I think will be a responsible Republican agenda. We’re not veering hard right, we’re playing it straight down the fairway, to use a Boehner-ism.”
Boehner and McConnell have already set out their legislative agenda, saying in a joint editorial that their top priority is to help the struggling middle class, and a first step will be passing many of the bills the House has already approved. “Enacting such measures early in the new session will signal that the logjam in Washington has been broken, and help to establish a foundation of certainty and stability that both parties can build upon,” they wrote.
The GOP elites maintain that unity could be paramount to maintaining the Senate majority in 2016, when a number of senators from blue and purple states are up for re-election.
Meanwhile, to make your Saturday even better [sarc], now that Republicans are in control of the Senate, John McCain is set to be chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The same warmonger McCain who has never met a war he doesn’t want to drag the United States into.
Recall that McCain was a big proponent of a U.S. war in Syria. On September 4, 2013, he was one of three Republicans who joined 7 Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in approving a Senate resolution granting Obama authority to conduct military strikes on Syria’s government.


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0 responses to “GOP elites tell Conservatives and Tea Party to shut up

  1. And so it begins and how quickly they forget, they work for us, not just at election time but ALL the time. I think the message was clearly sent but perhaps some in the GOP leadership are too old to hear it right, we do not want RINOS we could have just elected Democrats if we wanted that.

  2. This is why an “R” in front of one’s name does not automatically gain my respect. These folks (Tea Party, conservatives) are the reason they won the recent election, yet the newly elected hang their collective foot up their rear ends. Sad.

    • I agree, I only voted for the R because in most cases it’s the lesser of the two evils. I like the Tea Party better too.

  3. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I just hoped that the Republicans had more common sense that this. We really need term limits, so we can get rid of the likes of McCain. Yes, he served his time,but the old man needs to go home and sit in a rocking chair, and let younger men and women shape the course of our nation. Dr Eowyn, this is an excellent post, although, it would seem that the truth saddens me greatly. I just hate to think of being stuck getting more of the same ‘ol thing! It really isn’t in the interest of our country. What’s wrong with a “veer to the right???”

    • I’ve noticed McLame has recently been really getting involved in the political arena again;I’m even getting emails about things he’s supporting and rallying for. He’d been conspicuously silent since he ruined Palin’s shot at the White House. I’ll bet he’s trying to get his ducks in a row for another Presidential Run in ’16.

  4. Unfortunately, it’s not a RINO constituency… folk don’t like “fundamental transformation of America” out there.

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  6. There needs to be a provision to replace those in congress in real time,not at the next election. I suspect they’d be MUCH more attentive to the people’s wants if they knew they could be handed their severance check without warning,any day,if they started going against what the people chose them to do. No more of the “Oh,don’t worry about that little back-stab,they’ll forget all about it before my re-election comes up.” kinda attitude. It’s time for some SERIOUS accountability here.

  7. The Republicans can’t win without the social conservatives. If they keep pulling RINO stunts like this they will lose is 2016. The social conservatives will stay home on election day!

  8. Almost all these politicians are leveraged or BLACKMAILED. Honest people won’t be allowed into politics—or be allowed to stay there. They’ve already signed onto the New World Order agenda of global government. Again, I will be fascinated to see the REAL history of George H.W. Bush come out. His influence still has the country channeled in the wrong direction.
    What a bunch of LOSERS & POSEURS!

  9. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for your excellent and badly needed post. The future awaiting our children and their children and on should trouble all. Hopefully, there are enough people concerned for their country in the Republican party to keep us from disaster. Through this all, Democrats of similar loyalties to our country and its principles should be sought out. Among the principles should be promotion of free market (not monopoly/crony) capitalism. The state should be the political infrastructure to support investors, business owners, labor, and consumers; success of our economy should not be declared with the announcement of a rise in stock prices, whether that rise is based on fact or not. Term limits can be a part of needed correction, but replacement of elected officials suitable for interests that do not favor our nation will be very easy. All that is just part of the needed foundation.

    • Thank you, marble, and a big ditto to “Hopefully, there are enough people concerned for their country in the Republican party to keep us from disaster” and “Democrats of similar loyalties to our country and its principles should be sought out.”

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  11. Just to add another factor-the need for more government inaction with increased activity on the part of those seeking honest reward, whether through enterprise, labor, inventiveness, etc. It all must be in balance, one element recognizing the necessity for the others and acting accordingly. The saying of Lord Acton, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Most of our problems is because those seeking destruction of the United States so that it can be replaced with a new world order have so much power today. Think of what they will do if one or a few of them attain their goal and rule the earth.

  12. Great post, Doc! Politicians are famous for saying one thing and doing the opposite. Let’s see what their actions say over the next few months.

  13. I’m hoping a conservative insurrection in both houses of congress will start five minutes after the new members are sworn in come January.
    Bonehead and McDumbass have to be removed from their leadership positions if the gains made last week are going to have any chance at all of stopping this country’s swiftly approaching demise.
    We are very rapidly running out of time.

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