GOP Congressmen urge U.S. military generals to resign en masse

As the Obama administration shows every sign of falling apart at the seams, talks are going on behind the scenes between Congressional Republicans and military leaders.

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Oh please please please please PLEASE let it happen!! :: sigh :: I’m sure nothing will come of this but more balloon fuel, but day after day after day I yearn for someone with some real clout to do SOMETHING to stand strong and resolute against the imposter and his corrupt regime….. And night after night after night I go to bed yet again with keyboard imprints in my forehead after another day of frustration and anguish from seeing what these people are doing, and being permitted to do, to our once great nation. If just half of our commanding… Read more »

Steven Broiles

Here’s the problem: If Lamborn says what he really thinks, he could fall on the wrong side of the law (if DOJ wanted to push it), or, he could risk Ebola’s wrath. (That’s right—from now on, it’s President Ebola. STEAL IT!) So, like the Queen of England, he recommends the circular firing squad! WHAT GOOD COULD COME from all the military’s top brass quitting en masse? What—we can’t fight a war? If Ebola were desperate enough, he’d appoint college professors or ACLU lawyers! It boils down to this: “When in the course of human events…” We know how the paragraph… Read more »