GOP Bosses Revert to True Nature; Boehner Calls Laura Ingraham

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For the record, your humble blogger tried to advise her conservative friends last year that John Boehner and Eric Cantor would be disasters as Republican leaders in the House.

It didn’t take long for them to revert to their true beltway character. Fellow Tom reported earlier on the recent CBO deconstructing the budget cut bill and realizing the American people had essentially been lied to.
Meanwhile, the National Journal reported on a leaked email from a Kevin McCarthy (R – CA) office staffer  that revealed a grisly fight among the ranks of House Republicans. Those who did not want to pass the budget deal were literally compared to traitors… by the leadership in their own party.
Sensing outrage on the horizon, Speaker Boehner personally called Laura Ingraham’s radio show to defend himself. Sadly, however, it didn’t go very well for him, and Ingraham exposed him as a phony politician:

2012 is make or break, folks. Tea party enthusiasm is the only reason Boehner became Speaker last year, and this is the thanks we get for it. And if this debacle shows us Boehner’s version of leadership, the debt ceiling will get raised with ease any day now.
Maybe more Republicans will start to realize that voting for the least of two evils gets us here.

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0 responses to “GOP Bosses Revert to True Nature; Boehner Calls Laura Ingraham

  1. Don’t vote for Republicans or Democrats.
    Vote for conservatives.
    If you can find one.

  2. Donald Trump may be that conservative we vote for.

  3. I just hope there is something left of America to save by November of 2012.
    At the rate this country is being dismantled (which is far faster than most realize), I’m not so sure there will be.


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