Goose returns to visit man who rescued her years ago

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Unlike humans, animals and birds never forget a kindness.

Mike Jivanjee of Lake Oswego, Oregon, rescued a Canadian gosling who had been abandoned by her parents because of a lame foot.

Jivanjee named the gosling Kyle, and fostered her.

Though released into the wild, Kyle returns to visit Jivanjee. year and year.

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19 responses to “Goose returns to visit man who rescued her years ago

  1. my God, goose bumps!! Awesome!

  2. One of the best stories I have seen in a long time. Nice way to start a Monday.

  3. So rewarding for the fellow rescuer and the geese, don’t you wish humans were this grateful?

  4. So many animals exhibit human responses. So many liberals act like animals and resist any human responses.

  5. That was nothing short of fabulous. What a wonderful relationship this guy has with these birds.

  6. Thanks, that put a smile on my face! Kyle is pretty smart to draft off the boat and minimize effort… 😉

  7. Animal lovers will love this series. My personal favorite was the Rhino in Rhodesia before the liberal/Bolsheviks destroyed that beautiful country.

    • Rhinoceros are Unicorns spoken of in the Scriptures.
      My friend shared an amazingly well done video with me, done by TruthUnveilled777 whose name is Chris, the fellow who is a bible historian. It is a 2 hour video, but the Scriptures will all make greater sense. I’ve been all over the old maps he shared links to and studying them.

      TRUE Locations Of Israel AND Jerusalem FOUND!! It’s Not Where You Think!!

      After watching it, I understand way more about the Scriptures, and those thieving Bolsheviks and their original thefts from South African history. The ancient paintings shown in Irene Caesar’s Russian museum also backs Chris’ video history. WAY Too much to try to explain, but it is well worth your time. Enjoy!

  8. 🙂

  9. I saw this already, and to do it not once but twice had to be awesome – I loved the part where the gosling was going up his hoodie to snuggle!

  10. What a cool ducky video and story! Lucky Ducks! He is very lucky man to be a “creature of the wild’s” parent. They are a lot of work but so rewarding. I enjoy animal videos in my down time.
    One of my favorite channels is “A Chick Called Albert” where he hatches eggs. TINY eggs.
    His videos are amazing with many millions of views. He earns over $225K annually, on only 34 videos. I share those with my grandkids.

    In 1985, I bought a Mexican Double Yellowhead male parrot. He was in a cage in dark corner of pet store. He could not fly, wings clipped badly and he was short of breath. Vet had to clean out the base of flight feather quills, all plugged up. I gave Pokey physical training. It took a year for his primary flight feathers to grow back in, about the same time his breathing was back to normal. He lost excess cage life weight with exercise, flying from perch in yard and into my front door. He was a very fun creature, he would sit on my shoulder and play bite my face and neck, ears. Pokey was a gamer!

    One spring day, I put his noisy self on my garage roof because I had a headache. From then on, he lived outside. Pokey would go bike riding, starting out on my handlebars. As I picked up speed he’d get lift and take off. Then take off flying. Pokey flew above my head, and he would be laughing. Yes, he laughed like a human. Very fun times with my colorful friend!

    The last time I saw Pokey, about 5 years after buying him, was on my daily bike ride. He didn’t come home that morning as he usually did when he heard my car drive up. So I left on bike, I did not know he was following along. Got to a busy intersection at 9am, when I realized he was following. He was afraid to fly down like usual. I stayed there all day, and did the same for nearly 2 weeks in hopes of finding him.

    The good ending to the story, he knew how to live outdoors. In the San Pedro CA area, there are huge flocks of those birds. I hope he met a Polly girl parrot, and lived another 50 years. My exotic animal vet had said he was around 40 years old when I first got him. They can live ~100 years.

    I still get wistful when I think of that ornery bird, Pokey, I miss him but I feel honored to have been his friend and able to help him be healthy and then live free. I can really relate to the duck daddy’s thoughts.

    • Bless you, Andy, for your kindness, rescuing Pokey from a dark miserable life in the pet shop and enabling him to fly. ❤️

      • Thank you Dr. E.
        Somewhere there is a Pokey, who sings opera very well. He could really belt out with tunes on the radio. One was, Smokey Robinson’s “Cruisin” song. He sure could sing good, and laugh at punchlines of jokes with the best of us.

        I have so many funny (& sad) Pokey stories written down, many more to write. Drives me wacky that people underestimate creatures, their need to give and show love, their intelligence is astounding in the wild, moreso once domesticated & you have to give them care. I believe they do have souls. Reincarnation is a deep topic.

    • Love your story Andy! Pokey could have been one of a colony of various parrots I watched every AM upon dropping my kids off at a (then)rural school (30-40 mi. inland, as the bird flies)) inland from San Pedro, 30 yrs ago as I drove them to school .. The birds amassed on the fencing of a local, rural thoroughbred farm A fond memory for me.. I always wondered abt them and where they all came from…..

  11. Great movie (The Snow Goose) with Richard Harris as a lighthouse keeper in the UK who loves birds, and who rescues and rehabilitates a Snow Goose from North America. For some Liberal/Cultural Marxist reason, this movie is never shown on TV anymore. There is a WWII theme, perhaps the movie does not fit their Orwellian lying version of WWII? It’s well worth the watch.

  12. cute vide. i love animals and was raised on a farm, but geese do not have souls and they do not have feelings. don’t try and anthropomorphize animals, they are what they are.


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