Google living up to its motto

This is just excerpts from a great article, which can be read at:



Google Refuses To Profit from Explicit Material

By Jared Lafitte
Search engine giant Google recently made a groundbreaking decision to eliminate pornography from their advertising…
…Google profits tremendously (literally, billions of dollars each month) from advertising sales in general, and restricting pornography from their advertisements could mean a tremendous loss of income…
…Although this is only a tiny step toward moral transformation in America and beyond, it’s significant because it shows that one of the most powerful companies in the world is putting people above profits and families above advertisers’ wishes…
…Let’s pray that other companies who willfully perpetuate sexually explicit advertising may start to do the same.

This is just excerpts from a great article, which can be read at:
Google is huge and mysterious (and scary). When I saw this story I was startled. What I wanted to do was reinforce their right behavior by giving them credit.
It is true that, for all its supposed benefit to society, the internet has also brought the scourge of pornography. If we saw a prostitute doing business in front of our homes, we would call the police . But now, thanks to the internet, prostitutes are soliciting us day and night on computers inside every home and office. And the amount of money Google just gave up in advertising revenues is almost unimaginable.
So, kudos to you, Google, for being a good neighbor, at least on this one issue! 

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Well, this gives some hope, but don’t they work with government on our usage or something or other?

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

It is my understanding that they do work with our government to turn over records of our searches/interests, etc. That puts them really, really high on my S _ _ t list. I just don’t understand when vendors that you use, turn on you and collaborate with the government in instances when you are not a criminal. I have an extreme issue in feeling that this is utterly inappropriate–kind of like the goings on in Nazi Germany.


Thank you Auntie, I was thinking that’s what I remember reading several months ago.


I think this is is a 60/40 issue. Maybe Google’s doing some worthwhile moral good [but by whose standards?] and maybe not. It will never give up sexist advertising, as it sells, and they know that. Now I’m not against witty adverts, such as are done all the time in Europe, but the ones concocted in the US & Kanada are sexist, w/o a doubt. I change channels when it gets too weird, and I did turn off the TV for my kids, who are all healthy, responsible, conviction-free members of their society. I guess that’s not saying much, but… Read more »


I can appreciate the good Google intends..& the good Google does in delivering much-appreciated info…THAT SAID, let me relate my experience w/Google personnel: 2 summers ago, I was on the grounds of Jefferson’s Monticello w/academic group to study our founding documents. We had only one tourist day at Monticello b/f moving on to a seminar at Madison’s Montpelier…we were .duly paid for, & much-anticipating studying the Declaration, The Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, etc…& walking the ground of Jefferson’s home….but when we arrived, there was a Google crew filming for their internet post of “bird’s-eye-view” of Monticello. To post these… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

Good for you, Cal Girl!
“and a TON of people behind me clapped and cheered b/c that’s exactly what they, too, had been thinking/ feeling”
That is so typical. Most people, too many people, lack the virtue of COURAGE, including the courage to speak up for themselves, much less the courage to speak up and act for others. 🙁