Google Employees Discussed Manipulation of Search Results After Trump Travel Ban

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Shocker, not.


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3 responses to “Google Employees Discussed Manipulation of Search Results After Trump Travel Ban

  1. If there’s truth in advertising, Google’s corporate motto of “Don’t be evil” should be changed to “We are evil!”.

  2. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Tucker says, “When you search for a term, the most POPULAR result shows up on top.” That’s part of the problem. I don’t want the most popular result! I want (as do most sentient beings) the BEST, most relevant results on top.

    But of course, that would mean judging one result to be superior to the rest, or perhaps the most truthful/factual, which is anathema to the Left’s ideology that “nobody and nothing is better than any other”. No exceptionalism for you! BTW, DuckDuckGo gives pretty much the same results without keeping track of what we search for, then selling it to third parties to spam us. So they say.

    When I was doing web design long ago, I was getting ads for places that, for the right fee, would insure my website came up high in a Google search, to drive business to my site. That’s extremely dishonest to be promoting the person who pays the most to show up as the top-rated result…

    Today it still happens, only now they put a tiny “Ad” icon next to the most blatant abusers at the top of such results lists. And if I click on one, my browser (FireFox) add-on (Ghostery) blocks it from loading until I click a couple of links denoting that I understand it’s an ADVERTISEMENT.

    (NB: I highly recommend both Ghostery and AdBlockPlus browser Add-ons to protect folks while browsing the web. I’m currently also trying out a newer browser called _Brave_, which has such protections built-in, AND allows for simple, fast, private browsing via TOR anytime I choose, so nobody can track me by my ISP/IP address — except of course the law with a warrant, TPTB, etc.)


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