Google Conspiracy, or Happenstance?

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The dictionary defines “conspiracy” as “an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.”

Glenn Beck has this on his website today (June 21, 2011) on a “(not so) craaaaaazy Google conspiracy”:

Google has that great auto fill system where if you start typing something it starts to make suggestions. It can be a great time saver – seriously. But it seems odd that when you type “how much does” that the first suggestion on the list completes your search with “does an abortion cost”. Are there really so many people googling “How much does an abortion cost” that it sends it to the top – or is there some kind of agenda going on? No one on the radio was entirely sure, but it did seem suspicious. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

I took him up on his injunction and tried it myself.

I typed the words “How much does” in the Google search box. When I typed the last word “does,” instantly this “Suggestions” drop menu appeared below the search box:

  • How much does an abortion cost
  • How much does it cost to build a house
  • How much does a gallon of water weight
  • How much does it cost to mail a letter
  • How much does a passport cost
  • How much does plan b cost
  • How much does it cost to paint a car
  • How much does the president make
  • How much does minecraft cost

As you can see, at the top of Google’s “suggestions” is “How much does an abortion cost.”

Go ahead and try it yourself!

H/t beloved Fellowship co-founder Steve.


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7 responses to “Google Conspiracy, or Happenstance?

  1. “cost to build a house” came up first, abortion second. Interesting…I NEVER use google. Can’t stand em.

  2. Thomas Morato

    Its software… and does exactly what is told to do. The text is “auto filled” based on what is popularly being searched. In this case, unfortunately murdering unborn children. 🙁

    The conspiracy part is that Google is a front for the NSA and CIA for not only gathering intel, but propaganda. The auto fill is based on popular searches…. but what is actually presented by a search is exactly what Google wants you to find (or don’t find) NOT based on popularity.

    Is all this net traffic being monitored by the government? You bet… try conducting a search on how to commit a federal crime. Chances are, your going to get paid a visit.

  3. I don’t know about any one else,but I have had some strange things happen in the last two months with google. Now here the last few days,it has stopped. I think you can bet they are in bed with the commies in the whitehouse. Frankly,I don’t care if they know what I’m doing. That’s an invitation,come on over boys.

  4. I started typing “how much does your mother… ” but it stopped giving me options at that point for some reason.

  5. The contradiction is that Google stops auto fill for most offensive topics. Try Googling the name of any famous porn star and you’ll see what I mean — it stops auto-filling the moment an offensive word is entered. It does the same thing for most racist terms, as well. So clearly, Google has some control and some discretion in its auto fill system, yet Google chooses not to enforce it in this particular and well-known case. Why?

    Is it because Google wants to make abortion seem commonplace and “okay” due to a pro-choice agenda at Google? That would be my guess.

    My belief that Google is strongly pro-abortion is strengthened by the fact that Google has not addressed this issue even though this issue has been present for several months, if not a year or more, even after this issue has gained some fame. Clearly, Google sees abortion as a normal and inoffensive service, no different from dry cleaning or an oil change, and is willing to keep auto-fill as-is even though they are perfectly aware of the issue, and aware that it is offending some people.

    Google has spoken volumes by not doing anything about this issue. It would be so easy for them to simply delete “how much does an abortion cost” from auto fill, but they don’t. This definitely worsens my opinion of Google.


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