Good/bad Snowe news

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The good news is that RINO Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), blaming the “increasing polarization in Washington,” surprised every one when she announced today she will not seek reëlection.
The bad news is that, as The Washington Post puts it, “Snowe’s retirement represents a major setback for the GOP’s efforts to regain a majority in the Senate. As a moderate Republican, she may be the party’s only hope to hold a seat in the strongly blue state.”
However, maybe Maine isn’t that blue after all since a Republican, Paul LePage, was elected governor in 2010.

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0 responses to “Good/bad Snowe news

  1. I stopped voting years ago. I don’t want to choose the better of two evils because if I did that I would still choose evil.
    We need another system, where truly talented people are nicely persuaded to serve the government or whatever it manifests itself to be.
    Let them serve as long as they are doing a good job. As it stands now with this so-called “democracy” it insures that the most vile and evil person will get in office and then proceed to screw things up worse than the previous one did. Voting insures that almost every jerk available will become elected. We can’t keep repeating the same mistakes over, and over, and over again….getting the same results. I’m not giving you a hard time, but I’ll ask you: When was anything fixed by voting?

    • And how are you fixing anything by not voting?

      • Because by voting one gives credibility or the color of authority to the criminals in office. Now, let me ask you this, when was there any example of something getting fixed by voting? Or, how can one get any good out of evil?

      • Obama is attacking our freedom of religion, which has not been attacked in this way ever before. And you truly believe that a Conservative President would continue on that same path?
        IMO, Social Issues are by far the most important factor. Why? B/c my freedom to worship my LORD and SAVIOR plus my freedom to follow His Laws, which He has called me to obey above any other law, have both been jeopardized. These are two of our freedoms that are NON-NEGOTIABLE!
        No one can predict what the LORD will do in our nation’s future!
        In the Book of Esther the Jews were to be annihilated by order of the King, but God changed the King’s heart and the Jews were saved. However, God STILL expected Esther and Mordecai to continue working towards His Will.
        In the Book of Exodus, God hardened Paraoh’s heart, He told Moses that He would, yet He still told Moses to go and demand that Pharaoh let His people go. After this everyone would know that He alone was the one true God….the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.
        God, in all of His Glory, is and always has been in total control of everything and everyone, but that fact does not release me from doing His work, from prayer, or from striving towards His Will. We have to press forward! We cannot quit!
        All I know is this….I am called to do everything I am possibly capable of doing and then I will have faith that My Heavenly Father will step in and do the impossible…..whatever that may be!

        • If you believe in keeping God’s commandments, then keep them. And you can encourage others to do the same thing. Let the discussion be about the commandments and not all of the stuff that is evil. That will actually do some good. Evil is evil and you just can’t work with it and have a good outcome. Something rotten always comes from it, so why vote?
          In the case of this election, you have the choice between Frick and Frack; or between a communist and a socialist. Romney is certainly not a conservative, although he may not take us to hell as fast as Obama, but he’ll be going to the same place. Why vote for that? Why feed the problem? We are all being played like a banjo in a whorehouse.

      • Impossible to reconcile isn’t it?

    • I’m going to make an analogy, say there was a choice between an innocent person losing their life and them having their arm sawed-off. One of the two HAD to happen. Then imagine you had a vote which could influence which would happen, obviously both would be terrible but what if you didn’t vote and the person lost their life, would you think you would have done “good”?

  2. You know Julia –
    you are great advertisement for the “Home Schooling” education! That was an Awesome analogy!
    My little brother is 19 yrs old, graduated from a public school that is in the top 100 in the Nation, (Thanks to No Child Left Behind), is in college, and I’ll bet ya a dollar 2 a dounut he still couldn’t tell you what the heck an analogy was, let alone give an example of one! Granted, he has never been the brightest crayon in the box…..But he always passed his TASK or TAAS Tests w/flying colors! 😉

    • Neither one HAD to happen, especially in government.

      • The constitution has been inoperative since its existence. None of the politicians have ever followed it to the letter. It is not a dependable body of law. All one has to do is to get in some legal trouble and he’ll get laughed at in the courtroom in trying to use the Bill of Rights. The evidence of its being inoperative is partially contained in your post.
        So the people are left with the options: Do you want your right leg cut off or do you want your left leg cut off. Sorry, neither one is a good option.
        I’m sick of seeing nothing but bad options being put up and then people vote for no reason other than to think they are doing something good.
        If enough people stopped voting, the media outlets would lose a ton of money. But as long as people listen to their nonsense they’ll make a ton of money out of our misery.

  3. voting is a lot better than civil war, just saying.

    • .Voting doesn’t seem to get the desired results. I can’t think of anytime where it has done any good. Since the voting is essentially rigged to favor the “new world order” crowd, nothing changes and in fact, it gets worse. The only things that I have found that really work are God’s commandments. No other system is better than that, and if they were in place in the world, most government and religions would be gone as we know them today. Those commandments which can be reasoned with natural law are the ones I think are the ones that are valid. You don’t kill people because that is completely evil. This is why abortion is so offensive.
      Most people think it is wrong, so why are a bunch of freaks allowed to continue to do it.

    • dont be in a big hurry to use the bullet box, as long as voting is an option then use it, the quote came from experience son,given a choice i’ll pull a voting lever before a trigger

    • Who says secession doesn’t work…..
      it’s looking like it’s time to have the second half of that debate!
      I am not a slave of the Fed’s or their government.

    • War never solves anything including a “civil” war. There is not one political or religious organization on earth that is worth one drop of any man’s blood; period. This is another reason I don’t vote, because my vote could turn into another war; look what happened when Bush II was in office. We’ve become more slaves than we were before.

  4. Ok, but won’t one candidate do far less harm than the other?
    What would you recommend then……Just to sit back and let Obama win again? If every Conservative felt the way you 2 feel then the worst of the two evils would win every election, and the nation would meet devastation far quicker than it would as of right now.
    And please understand, I am not being hateful. I am asking so that I can understand where u both are coming from. The whole point of this blog is discussion. We are all on the same side. 🙂

    • The problem is that in most elections, they have people running with not very much talent for governing. Most of them are extremely immoral and so it really doesn’t make any difference whether it is Obama or Romney.
      This is McCain all over again. Romney is the same type of politician is McCain, which is horrible. There 70% of the conservative Republicans who are now faced with having the choice of one communist over another communist. The substance (communism) is the same, but the style is different. These people are forced upon the American public. Either choice will be evil, and all I’m saying is: What’s the point? So I’ll ask you the question: Is Barack Obama or Mitt Romney worth the over 50% you pay in combined taxes?
      If I came up to you in person and you had a choice and I said: Give me half of all your income to pay for Barack and Mitt. Would you do it?
      I thought so.

  5. Don’t vote for the establishment media’s choice….
    remember that it’s Obama that they want to remain in power
    and the others only are a means towards that end.
    When ALL ELSE FAILS, vote for the man who BELIEVES in
    and FOLLOWS the Constitution….that the media FEARS
    (FYI : Ron Paul wants to abolish the IRS and income taxes
    and revert to Constitutional tariffs and excise taxes )

    • Let’s get back on the topic of Olympia Snowe retiring: Don’t let that seat go to a bunch of donkeys! The jackasses have kicked over a can of political kerosene, and it’s been burning us badly! Just like Mrs. O’Leary’s cow: the fire is burning! We need to pull out the trunks and spray the fire, if you get my drift! We can’t be snowed under; it’s time to fight the fire the dumbocrats have lit. By not voting, you will allow Democrats to win.

      • I’ll tell you why I stopped voting. Remember when the Republicans won the congress around 1994 and crazy Clinton was el Presidente? And Neutered Newt Gingrich helped to promote NAFTA which was responsible for losing over 42,000 factories which practically destroyed our economy.
        Most Republicans voted for NAFTA despite the warnings that came…that great sucking sound was people’s jobs. Republicans are just a communistic as Democrats. If voting produced something constructive you would have a point, but it will never work. A stupid vote cancels out an intelligent vote. The dumbest people get the most vile and evil people as their leaders. That is the flaw of voting. Most of these jerks don’t even read the legislation that’s put in front of them, so the voting doesn’t matter. Voting is the mask that covers your status as a slave.

  6. This is an opportunity to elect someone who will have Conservative values, and not be one of Harry Reid’s lap mutt…and other things not worth describing here!

  7. Ding Dong the Bitch is Gone…
    Sorry, I just couldn’t hep meseff.


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