Good Samaritans on Steroids in Logan, Utah

…..   21-year-old Brandon Wright, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition and treated for broken bones and other injuries. He faces a long recovery, and his family released a statement thanking the strangers who saved him. “Brandon and our entire family would like to express our deep gratitude to all of the people who stopped at the crash scene on Monday to help rescue Brandon,” the statement said. “The fact that so many people would risk their own lives to save Brandon is a testament to the spirit of the community, and we will forever be thankful for these angels saving our son.”  Full Story

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I believe this was pure adrenaline.
That and not wanting to stand by and watch an injured person get burned to death while still alive.
BRAVO to those in Logan Utah.
A shining example of how all people should be, Fearless.

Clifton Lee West

I hope our politicians take note. This is how true humans react to an emergency, they attack it, instantly. If Congress had happened on the scene, committee after committee would have to be formed, lengthy discussions would have to come about while they haul a lifeless body away because of no medical attention was given at the time. In fact, the car would have never been lifted off of Brandon Wright if the judicial branch of our government said “no.” Undoubtedly, the ACLU will become involved, they usually are. Personally, I prefer it when we take care of ourselves and… Read more »