Good Samaritan homeless dog untethers pup tied up outside store

In the town of Novorossiysk, Russia, the owner of a pit bull puppy tethered the pup to a fence in front of the store so he could do some quick shopping inside.

But a homeless dog, who is well-known in the area to be very smart, always using the crosswalk to cross streets, was convinced the pup had been abandoned.

So he worked to set the pup free by using his teeth to untether the pup from the fence.

After untethering the pup, the homeless dog tried to lead the pup away by its leash.

Fortunately, Dmitriy Timchenko witnessed this and went inside the store to alert the pup’s owner.

Timchenko took this video:

The “Good Samaritan” stray dog seems to be in good health and able to take care of himself. But hopefully someone would adopt this smart, kind-hearted and well-meaning “creature without sin”.

H/t PawMyGosh


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Good doggie!


God bless his doggie soul. He is so cute. Hope he finds a home and someone helps him get rid of those fleas.