Good riddance: Rahm Emanuel won’t seek third-term as mayor

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The people of Chiraq might have a chance to turn their city around…

USA Today reports that Emanuel won’t seek a third-term as mayor of Chicago, which was a surprise announcement.

Emanuel said, “As much as I love this job and will always love this city and its residents, I have decided not to seek re-election,” Emanuel said. “This has been the job of a lifetime, but it is not a job for a lifetime. You hire us to get things done – and pass the torch when we’ve done our best to do what you hired us to do.”

More from USA Today:

With Chicago enduring daunting levels of gun violence, a $36 billion public worker pension crisis and discontent in some corners of the city’s African-American population with his leadership, polls showed Emanuel faced a difficult, but not insurmountable, path to re-election.

A poll commissioned by one of Emanuel’s campaign backers and published last month showed that the mayor had backing of about 32 percent of voters in the crowded field – and a 19-point lead over his closest competitor, former police superintendent Garry McCarthy, but not enough to face avoid a runoff. The poll was conducted by New York-based Global Strategy Group. Emanuel also raised more than $10 million for the re-election effort.”

The announcement came on the eve of a police shooting trail (of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald) that has plagued his second term. Emanuel fought to keep the video of the police incident from the public yet a judge ordered it made public in November 2015.

From Chicago Tribune:

“Jury selection is scheduled to start Wednesday in the murder trial of Officer Jason Van Dyke, who shot the knife-wielding teen 16 times in October 2014. Lawyers at the trial, which is poised to draw non-stop local media coverage and national attention, could spend weeks poring over the white officer’s decision to empty his magazine into the African-American 17-year-old, shooting him several times as he laid on the street.

Van Dyke’s lawyers are expected to argue self-defense.

Despite Emanuel’s exit, the McDonald shooting could still loom over the 2019 election, as the scandal shaped the careers of several contenders in the populous field. Candidates include Garry McCarthy, the former police superintendent Emanuel fired as the controversy deepened, and Lori Lightfoot, the former Chicago Police Board president who has played a central role in the administration’s police reform efforts.

In his remarks Tuesday morning, Emanuel largely focused on personal reasons for leaving office and did not directly address the McDonald scandal. His spokesman, Adam Collins, said the upcoming trial was not a factor in the decision.”

I’m guessing Emanuel saw the writing on the wall that Chicagoans want a new leader. Here’s hoping they elect one who can address the many, many problems which plague that progressive-run city.


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13 responses to “Good riddance: Rahm Emanuel won’t seek third-term as mayor

  1. I’m reminded of a meme of Obama standing amidst a ruined landscape, with the caption “My work is done”.

  2. The 9-digit midget is a dirtball.

  3. Why seek a third term when he already knows he’s not going to make it? He will leave with bloody hands and pockets full of money, burn in hell bastard!

  4. Chigaoians want a new leader? I don’t see em hiring any conservativer.

  5. Now if NY could get Andrew Cuomo to not run or get hauled off in shackles to Federal Penetentiary… Rahm Emanuel should be tarred and feathered then put on the Suuth Side to see if they take him away…

  6. What will he do. They’ve closed the bathhouse.

  7. The kenyan is heaping praise on tiny dancer:

    $5 says Rahm is angling for new worlds to destroy. Senator? Governor? Working on whoever’s campaign for the (D) President is strongest?

  8. Rahm leaving won’t make a difference in the violence & bloodshed. There are a boatload of DemocRATS running, and not one Republican – so nothing will change, except whether the mayor will be black or latino.

    Louise Gutierrez, my bleeding heart embarrassment of a Communist congress”man”, is now reconsidering his plans to move to Puerto Rico and run for mayor.

  9. We’re going to get the fat guy with gold toilets for gov. Yay.

  10. It will be the exact same screw, only with a different dick.

  11. I figured he would slink out of town to avoid embarrassment. He was a massive failure and did nothing to help that city. It was all self serving. I don’t see Chicago healing until they get Conservative leadership and no one wants that dead horse.

  12. He entered a shit hole, and now he is leaving it a bigger shit hole – crazy eh…
    Yeah, his work is done….

  13. Emmanuel is to be detested not only for his policies, but for his attitude of a fundamental disrespect for the electorate. I’m saying it: Rahm Emmanuel is nothing but a THUG, a PUNK.

    This being said, I did read, some years back, that this Chicago Mayor has dual citizenship with Israel (as do a number of U.S. Senators and Congressmen), but he is also a Mossad agent.

    So the moral is clear: If Chicago wants a dysfunctional thug/punk for a Mayor, I guess that’s Chicago’s business. But if any town or city wants a Mossad agent for its leader, that must be a different story: Legislation must be enacted on the Federal level to prohibit this, and it must carry the weight of a felony: Yes, there must be jail time for ANY foreign agent to seek ANY office of public trust in the United States: This is OUR country.

    There’s a lot of leftist bleating about “hatred” lately. Well, I will say it plainly and clearly: I HATE Rahm Emmanuel. I DETEST the man for his fundamental disrespect for his City, for the Rule of Law, and for America.

    Bill Deblasio, AKA Warren Wilhelm, you are next.


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