Good Riddance: Lena Dunham's HBO show "Girls" is finally ending

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Now Dunham will have more free time to rally support for Planned Parenthood.
Sources confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the Lena Dunham-Judd Apatow comedy will end its run after season six.
Created by and starring Dunham, Girls remains a cornerstone of the premium cable network’s original scripted programming and a staple of the cultural dialogue. The series was renewed for season five last January at its season four premiere party in New York; the comedy returns Sunday, Feb. 21.

Some of the "cultural dialogue" displayed on the show Girls

Some of the “cultural dialogue” displayed on the show Girls

Lena often show cased her naked body on the show. If you will miss seeing that, you can follow her Instagram account.

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0 responses to “Good Riddance: Lena Dunham's HBO show "Girls" is finally ending

  1. So help me God, I had no idea that this disgusting show and this ugly idea of a female was still being created and broadcasted on any channel. Good riddance is an understatement!

  2. What a waste of good d.n.a………Daddy should have flushed it down the toilet . I don’t have h.b o , never saw 1 show . From the looks of her and it , Would not want to spend the dough .

    • japoa . . . I am with you, when I did have cable I never had HBO since I felt that my money would be promoting this kind of filth. That last picture is just about the limit; I wonder how the parents of these lowlifes feel if they have viewed this disgusting display. This is beyond the limits of civility–and what happens if children get exposed to this trash? I guess they figure this is how everyone is cavorting around. This is just sick, but I am very glad this slob is being put out to pasture.

  3. That broad represents a facet of everything that is wrong in culture, morals and mentality with the left. Glad she’s gone and I hope the door hits her in the butt as she’s leaving.

  4. Which is it—is Lena Dunham merely a lesbian exhibitionist? Or is she trying to attract men? She portrays her turmoil as “fun.” The poor girl is schizoid, and she shouldn’t be famous.

  5. Yay!

  6. Don’t have HBO, so I shan’t miss it.

  7. The fact that this pig’s show lasted 6 seasons is a sad and distressing commentary on Americans.
    And let us not forget Obama, “Big Mike” Michelle, and their adopted daughters are fans. The older daughter even summer-interned for Dunham’s show.
    Lena Dunham & boyfriend with Obamas


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