Good news: Senate demorats confirmed lots of Trump’s judges so they could go on vacation

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From HuffPo: Senate Democrats just gave a huge gift to President Donald Trump: They agreed to expedite votes on 15 of his nominees to lifetime federal court seats because they wanted to go home.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) had lined up votes for all those district court nominees last week. Normally, Senate rules require up to 30 hours of waiting time for each nominee ― something Democrats typically take advantage of to delay action on confirming Trump judges. But Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) cut a deal with McConnell on Tuesday to bypass the wait times and let them all get through.

Why? So Democrats could get back to campaigning and focusing on winning re-election in November. The Senate is now out of session until next Tuesday.

Of the 15 nominees, six were confirmed by voice votes on Tuesday. Another one was confirmed on a recorded vote. The remaining eight will get quick votes next week.

It’s a major win for Trump and McConnell, whose No. 1 priority is filling up federal courts with conservative judges ― many of whom are incredibly anti-abortion, anti–LGBTQ rights and anti–voting rights. Trump has gotten 26 circuit court judges confirmed, more than any other president at this point in his term. Another way of putting it: 1 in 7 U.S. circuit court seats is now filled by a judge nominated by Trump.

Add that Trump put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and is poised to get another justice through, Brett Kavanaugh, and you’ve got a president drastically reshaping the nation’s courts for generations.

Some progressives are furious that Democrats just handed more judges to Trump, particularly given recent revelations implicating the president in federal crimes. It would have taken only one Democratic senator to say “no” to letting the nominees through this week, but none did.

“Trading this many lifetime positions away for a couple days back home in the dead of August is a metaphor for how myopic the Democrats’ approach has been at this dark moment in history,” said Brian Fallon, who, awkwardly, was previously Schumer’s chief spokesperson. He is now the executive director of Demand Justice, a progressive judicial advocacy group.

“An entire branch of government is being lost for generations, and Senate Democrats are willfully blind to it,” Fallon said. “In the coming months and years, these same Democrats will issue outraged statements about the rulings issued by the very judges that they could not be bothered to try to slow down. It is pathetic.”

Read the whole story here.


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20 responses to “Good news: Senate demorats confirmed lots of Trump’s judges so they could go on vacation

  1. Excellent! This just makes my day!

  2. Great. Now all he has to do is fire the entire FBI, DoJ and Sessions. Then the prosecutions can begin. If that doesn’t happen soon you’ll be looking at “President Pence” and a giant celebratory wallow down at the swamp.

  3. This is wonderful news! Thank you DCG! And thank you DJT!

  4. Betcha McCain is fuming! BTW How much is this pump and circumstance costing the tax papers? Cain’t wait till is all over!

  5. “Senate Democrats are willfully blind…” so what else is new other than they actually handed the conservatives something besides the hot end of the soldering iron.
    And Lophatt. No offense. it is the upper leadership that need to go in these as well as other agencies. The rank and file are for the most part o.k. HOWEVER, anybody with ties to obama, clinton or anybody that has ever worked for them (that ain’t dead yet) needs to removed from their positions, have their security passes – clearances revoked and be forever banned from working for the Federal government or it contractors. Also put them on the no fly list and the no buy list for firearms.

    • Yes, of course. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I retired from federal service many years ago. I knew the difference between my position and politics. So should these guys.

      I won’t bore everyone with a dissertation on how this happens. Suffice it to say that it does. It was the original reason for the Hatch Act. At the upper levels these agencies are acting as public funded instruments of political parties. That is illegal and destructive.

      I think my point is that even I can see it without overworking a brain cell. These Obongo/globalist plants must go. I don’t care where they’re found, they should have been rooted out.

      Trump talks of “the enemy within” (usually referring to the media). There’s truth in that. He shouldn’t ignore this other “Enemy Within” either. The Just-Us department and the “intelligence” apparatus are conspiring to end his term. They are not working for him.

      At the end of the day, if he doesn’t get rid of them they’ll get rid of him.

      • “At the end of the day, if he doesn’t get rid of them they’ll get rid of him.”

        Isn’t that the truth. Trump will only have himself to blame if he gets ousted though. With the hard information that has come out in the last couple months on the blatant conspiracy to get rid of him before he was ever in office, he has had plenty of valid reasons to fire Sessions and others. Just considering the latest fact that the investigator hired by Sessions never bothered to interview Bruce or Nellie Ohr. If he can’t understand that the media are going to cry and scream, and lie no matter what he does then he is not as intelligent as everyone is making him out to be. Fine if he screws the whole thing up and gets impeached, but what about the country? If Trump is out, we are at the end, and Communism and the NWO is in. Look at CA. The bastard Gavin Newsom wants universal healthcare – illegals included if elected here in Ca. You will see the end of private property because no one will be able to afford the property and income taxes, and those that can flee, will.
        I have heard that Assange worked for Mossad – it would make sense given the stuff he divulged before the election. If the right wing Israelis have as much power as they appear to with high tech surveillance and intelligence networks, it should be a piece of cake to bring down a lot of the filth in this country who are working against Trump.

        • I agree. It’s always hard to tell what’s real from what’s scripted. As far as any outfit concerning themselves with “countries” these days, I can’t think of any outside Hungary and maybe Poland.

          As to Sessions, take a few minutes to look at this:

          Any of these creatures that were there through or during Obongo are Odorists. Say “Clinton” to Sessions and crew an they start chasing hemp.

          We actually need to grow more hemp. We’re gonna need lots of rope.

          • Holy moly, it just never ends does it? I knew about the Comey connection to the Clinton Foundation his brother and his Lockheed associations but the kicker was Rosenstein’s wife. One giant cesspool all surrounding the Trump investigation – all covering for Hitlery and themselves. Hope, truly hope they all rot in hell.

  6. Well, there’s definitely one case that the Demoncrats don’t want to ever see in court, and that would be a trial for whomever killed Seth Rich.

    I just listened to an episode of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, where their guests are Matt Couch and a retired NYPD homicide detective named Frank Whalen. They talk about their ongoing investigation of Seth’s death, along with many of the oddities that surround this case. I had read about a lot of them, but there are new ones I haven’t heard about. They talked about Seth’s family and their bizarre behavior in trying to keep anyone from investigating Seth’s death. The family tried to sue these men to shut them up, if I understand correctly. Why does his family not want this solved?

    They also discussed some recent information that I read about a week or two ago, that both Donna Brazille and the mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, were both at the hospital at the time Seth died. Why? How did they know already?

    They talked about the death of Sean Lucas too, who died about a month after Seth. His body was found face down in his bathroom, with a head wound and a missing tooth, but zero blood was found. Also, the day after both Seth’s and Sean’s deaths, there were large amounts of money paid to Crowdstrike from the DNC.

    At the very end of the program, they also discuss the recent death of Jenny Moore, the lady who was giving out information about a young man accusing Bill Clinton of sexual abuse.

    • Yeah, there’s a lot of information out there about Seth Rich:

      Also the others you mentioned. There is also some talk about the Clinton investigator, Jenny Moore, being a rouse. I don’t know about that one yet. I’ll wait and see.

      It seems that Rich was expected to make it out of surgery just fine. The “Medstar” hospital where he was taken is a major partner to an organ business. The resident who originally treated Rich said he expected him to be fine and, when he returned to work he was forbidden from seeing him. He said it was the first and only time that had ever happened to him.

      All of this stuff seems to point back to the DNC. It is claimed that Donna Brazille was in contact with the family immediately demanding that they not allow a private investigator. The family’s reactions are indeed inconsistent with what one would expect.

      Julian Assange’s mother is intimating that Julian received the information from Rich. Of course, all of this isn’t conclusive. There are still other questions that haven’t been addressed to my satisfaction.

      It all makes better sense if we realize that we have had a shadow government for a long time. There is a “play” that everyone concentrates on while the real controllers go about their business. Whenever a major derailment is on the horizon bad things start to happen.

      • Lophat – regarding Jenny Moore – Michael Moore (at True Pundit) outed himself as the source for the site (see Jason Goodman’s great 90 min. interview with him at Crowd Source) and discusses a bit her ‘witness’ whose case she was investigating – the one BIG question I didn’t hear answered is WHO is Jenny and what is Task Force – I would like to see Robyn Gritz who was also closer to Jenny interviewed (1 has been done already by OAN). – BTW Jason’s now convinced she’s truely deceased and the police maintains that no foul play is suspected (official response to Jason).

        Unfortunate that ‘Thomas Paine’s’ true name is shared by a guy on the polar opposite of the investigate-the-truth spectrum.

  7. Here is the link to the video if anyone is interested in listening:

    • That’s excellent. I like what they say at the end about his murder being the only unsolved caucasian one since 2016 in D.C. and not having a site to report findings.

      It’s more than “suspicious”. How much evidence of this do we need? We see it daily with the FBI and DoJ, etc.. They act illegally all the time. They have no fear because they are in control.

    • I can almost visualize this. In order to NOT have a page for an unsolved murder in D.C. someone would have to intervene to prevent it. Which character at the FBI would that be?

      This is like the other hoaxes. They send in the FBI clowns to put the lid on. Some of us remember when the FBI was deeply resented by local law enforcement. Now they are apparently the “Secret Police”.

      So some ask “how do they get away with that?”. It’s easy when you control everything. Look at Hillary. I’m not sure there’s ever been a criminal with that much evidence against her. What difference does any of it make if they refuse to prosecute?

      Look at Sessions. Do we really have to ask what he’s doing there? It’s really hilarious to watch Trump call them crooks (they are). If the President of the United States can’t get a prosecution who’s in charge? Don’t tell me it’s the Russians.

  8. Sounds like the Hand of God.

  9. At this point, I’ll take any good news I can get. And if these swamp-critters need a vacation, I would be very pleased if they never came back!

    That being said, I do not agree with everything Mr. Trump does (or fails to do), but, by and large, I believe we can trust him because he has been exhibiting good instincts, for the most part.

    Now if he can rid us of that MENTAL HOSPITAL known as the 9th Circuit, THAT’D BE GREAT.

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