Good-hearted comedian acts as Santa for animal shelter

Tom Mabe is a Kentucky-based stand-up comedian and prankster best known for his prank responses to telemarketing calls. He has released three comedy albums of his calls through Virgin Records Nashville, and operates a YouTube channel entitled “MabeInAmerica” onto which he uploads his pranks. In 2008, Mabe was the Executive Producer, writer, and talent for the CMT (Country Music Television) comedy series, Mabe In America.
Mabe also has a heart of gold.
A week ago, he surprised the Kentucky Humane Society with a truckload of goodies for both the animals and the human staff: a mountain of pet food; 2,000 tennis balls as toys for the dogs; massage and snacks for the staff; and a retinue of assistants who gave the rescue dogs a complete makeover (clip & bath) so as to enhance their adoption appeal.
Below are before and after pics of a dear little dog named Jasmine:
At the end of the day, Mabe adopted Poppy, a schnauzer-mix about to be put down because nobody wanted him.

Mabe exemplifies what should be our spirit this Thanksgiving-Christmas season — to give instead of receive by helping “the least” among us.
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I LOVE animals and this story is truly heartwarming!! What a wonderful person Tom Mabe is!!! May God bless him for his generosity.


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