Good grief: San Francisco rebrands convicted felons as “justice-involved persons” and ex-cons as “returning residents”

You can’t make this stuff up. While San Francisco literally turns into a sh*thole, the bureaucrats focus on nonsense that does nothing to address increased crime, homelessness, and rats, drugs and feces littered throughout the streets of San Francisco.

Elections have consequences.

From Daily Mail: San Francisco has passed legislation demanding that convicted felons be referred to as ‘justice-involved persons’ in an attempt to sanitize the language used to describe criminals.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors quietly passed the resolution last month with a unanimous vote, directing all city agencies and departments to adopt its sterilized list of terms.

‘Dehumanizing language like “prisoner,” “convict,” “inmate,” or “felon” only serve [sic] to obstruct and separate people from society and make the institutionalization of racism and supremacy appear normal,’ the legislation reads.

San Francisco, struggling with an epidemic of drug addiction and homelessness, has the highest property crime rate of any big city in the U.S. according to FBI data.

Among other changes, the legislation insists that juvenile delinquents to be described as ‘young persons impacted by the justice system.’

Instead of inmates, the Board of Supervisors recommends ‘currently incarcerated persons’.

Ex-cons should be referred to as ‘returning residents,’ according to the legislation. Rather than drug addicts, cops and prosecutors should speak of ‘persons with a history of substance use,’ the resolution decrees.

And instead of ‘citizen’ or ‘illegal alien,’ the Board of Supervisors urges the use of the words ‘person’ or ‘individual.’

The resolution, which was proposed by Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, passed the 11-member board with a 10-0 vote, with Gordon Mar absent.The non-binding resolution was returned unsigned by Mayor London Breed.

Breed ‘doesn’t implement policies based on nonbinding resolutions, but she is always happy to work with the board on issues around equity and criminal justice reform,’ her spokesman Jeff Cretan, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

However, the San Francisco police and district attorney are already rushing to adopt the changes. Police spokesman David Stevenson told the Chronicle that the department has ‘made our members aware of the resolution and are researching possible impacts on operations and communications.’

The language resolution makes no mention of new terms for victims of crime.

Read the whole story here.

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Dr. Eowyn

Orwellian “Newspeak”. So in addition to Fake News, the Left are also concocting Fake Words.


Many years ago I worked with an older Irishman who was a boilermaker by trade. We worked in a State Prison in the Powerhouse so had to attend mandated sensitivity classes to learn how to supposedly deal with inmates. When they asked “How do you view inmates”? The Irisman said “Whaddaya mean how does I views them?”…. Sooo… They ask “How do you look at them?”…. He says…. “I look at ’em with SCORN!! They’re FOOKIN’ CONVICTS ain’t they”??…. Of course that was not the answer they were looking for but the look on the instructors face was priceless!


As tragic as it sounds the only thing that can save San Francisco is an earthquake. Let the fault swallow all that is plagued and rotten, in the end it would be a miracle worker.


I agree 100%. Unfortunately my daughter lives there.


They are emptying out the jails to put the christians in…


The way things are going, Mayor Breed and the Squad will be denouncing the use of toilet paper as a form of white oppression.

Steven Broiles

Looks like the Board of Supervisors have become “reality-challenged!”


A turd by any other name is still a turd. And somehow these boobs want you to believe it can be picked up by the clean end.