Going Supernova

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A reminder to us of the awesome Universe and its Creator….

Going Supernova

While searching the skies for black holes using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers discovered a giant supernova that was smothered in its own dust. In this artist’s rendering, an outer shell of gas and dust — which erupted from the star hundreds of years ago — obscures the supernova within. This event in a distant galaxy hints at one possible future for the brightest star system in our own Milky Way.
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  1. Candance Moore

    There’s so much out there in the universe the MSM doesn’t tell us about.

  2. Following on Steve’s comment: And all this happened by chance…. I really, REALLY need a sarcasm font. Wow! Amazing! A reminder that as much as we know, there is so much more we don’t know.


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