Going after your wallet in the name of climate change: Bloomberg awards grant to Seattle to study traffic congestion pricing

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The city of Seattle – like many west coast, progressive run cities – has many, many problems (homelessness, needles left on the streets, open drug use, feces and urination on the streets, increased crime due to lack of enforcement, etc.).

Having not solved those issues with massive amounts of taxpayer dollars, Mayor Jenny Durkan is moving  on to solving climate change seeking another way to steal more taxpayer dollars.

MyNorthwest reports that the Michael Bloomberg’s American Cities Climate Challenge has awarded the city a $2.5 million grant to study ways to address climate change. One item the mayor wants to study is traffic congestion pricing.

The mayor said, “We’ve got a lot of work to do to see exactly how we would implement it, how we would put up the cameras to catch people, how you would charge, how much you charge, and what we do for equity,” Durkan said Friday. “Because there’s a number of people right now who have to travel into Seattle … because they can’t afford to live here anymore. It’s tied to affordability.”

Of course the mayor has no idea when the traffic congestion pricing program would be implemented. Guess she’s got plenty of time to burn through a $2.5 million grant.

The end goal, of course, is twofold: Get more of your money and force you to change your behaviors. From the report: “The pricing would establish tolls to drive on select Seattle streets, perhaps with differing charges depending on the time. The aim is to discourage people from driving cars around town as the population grows.

The mayor also said, “If you look across the globe, those cities that have implemented congestion pricing have had the greatest success on getting people out of vehicles and reducing vehicles in the city,” she said. “It’s had another huge, very important benefit. That’s a health benefit. The number of asthma cases in children have dropped precipitously in those areas where they’ve actually had congestion pricing.”

Read the whole MyNorthwest story here.

Seattle hasn’t had a republican mayor since 1952. And they knew EXACTLY what they were getting when they elected demorat Jenny Durkan in 2017.

Sorry Seattleites…I’m fresh out of empathy for y’all.

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18 responses to “Going after your wallet in the name of climate change: Bloomberg awards grant to Seattle to study traffic congestion pricing

  1. Traffic congestion is directly related to immigration, as is loss of wildlife habitat, environmental degradation, increased pollution, and most importantly, increased Globull Warming causing Green House Gases. Which lunatic liberal Warmists have passed state, regional, federal laws to reduce, yet compliance is next to impossible to meet by allowing in millions & millions of wildlife habitat destroying, green house gas spewing polluting immigrant invaders in to destroy our environment!
    The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

    • You are correct. 20 years ago it was a breeze to get into San Francisco outside of commute hours. Now it is like commute traffic all day long, and it is making life a hell. On top of that the arseholes like Jerry Brown are about to permanently implement water rationing all while giving illegals and the rest of the third world welfare benefits to suck up more of the resources. A pox on them!

      • But you should be proud. Soon you’ll have your very own “climate satellite”. Forget congestion and poop in the street. Soon you’ll be able to visit Jerry’s homeland on Uranus.


        • Yes I hear about that. What a maroon! There are already studies that show at least half of California’s pollution is coming from China! But then again I guess placing your very own” climate satellite” is needed when you are a grandstanding liberal globalist ass. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out living in what is fast turning into America’s first communist state. It is like living in a sea of madness. Our neighbors actually made a pilgrimage to Cuba a while ago. I was wondering what they were hoping to see besides 1950’s American cars, and dilapidated buildings- Oh yeah I remember now- I think they were hoping to get a glimpse of Justin Trudeau’s Daddy.


          • There’s another angle since you mentioned “China”. The Democrat Clinton/Gore’s “WTO” creation, besides destroying our economy, allowed US corporation to evade all the nice stringent & expensive Environmental (and Labor, Quality control) laws liberal/communists installed in the US, and allowed them to relocate to China, and pollute with impunity there! Not very Environmental of the Democrats & Clinton Green Fraud Gore. That was another point I would/do point out to those lunatic Warmists/fake environmentalists etc Green is Red!

            • Of course. That’s how it works. They do the same thing with surveillance. They pass a law here that says it can’t be used against U.S. citizens. Then the UK passes another law that says it can’t be used against British subjects. Then they swap information. Net effect: The get the goods on everybody.

            • Yes of course you are correct about Clinton Gore handing everything to the Chinese with no environmental restrictions. But when was the last time you talked to a liberal that actually wanted to learn anything? You could talk until blue in the face and nothing would make it past the iron gates of their minds. I gave up trying to educate anyone about anything a while ago. Those that want to know, search or ask. Those that don’t want to know will choose to ignore hard facts staring them in the face.

          • There IS a strong resemblance. Somehow I don’t think he’s smart enough.

            There’s a theory making the rounds (actually expressed by a couple of California lege’s), that California may be intentionally trying to annoy the rest of the country so that they will be booted from the union.

            That’s pretty unlikely, and not necessary. My “theory” is that, given all the programs and mismanagement, left alone the state will be totally bankrupt in no time. If we just cut off the federal aid the problem will sort itself out.

            I guess every “movement” has its HQ, and apparently it’s been designated by TPTB to be a federal Sandy Hook. The aimless and lazy have to have somewhere to go:


  2. It’s happening everywhere here is California- Agenda 21 mandates. There are toll roads now on highways. Cameras have been EVERYWHERE for at least 20 years, and more recently they are putting in ” green” bike lanes which few use but take room away from car traffic lanes therefore making congestion worse. The toll lanes on the freeways do the same- make congestion worse. They are also putting up the stack em and packem housing units next to the BART tracks and in downtown areas of most cities- even small cities where there are tons of small apartments stacked over retail space. They idea is no one is going to leave their small little square mile of living space. They are hell best to make life unlivable and reduce everyone to a ward of the state that is survived 24/7, and nothign seems to stand in their way with dumb and greedy politicians clapping like trained seals to implement the next stage of the Matrix. A pox on them all!

  3. Michael R. Bloomberg is a dangerous individual for a number of reasons. As a member of The Committee of 300, he is a rich and powerful Anglophile who believes he knows better—and wants to shove his vision down everyone’s throat but his.
    As Mayor of the City of New York, I do not know if Bloomberg broke any laws or committed any violations of ethics per se, but he used the Office to personally enrich himself, at least indirectly: When inaugurated, he was worth $3 billion; Upon leaving office, he was worth at least $25 billion. I would like to see an investigation for conflicts of interest, at the least. Last I heard earlier this year, his net worth is now approximately $45 billion, and he is buying up every parking garage in New York City he can get his hands on.

    Which leads us to the subject at hand, congestion pricing. This is an idea that originated in the City of London, and, from what I have heard, it has yielded the desired results: Traffic congestion in that City is down considerably. But the cost to vehicles using the streets there has increased dramatically. Originally set at about $8 per day (the USD equivalent), it is now based on what class of vehicle one drives: SUV’s can be charged as much as $49 a day.
    Bloomberg needed State permission to pass the congestion pricing here, because New York State owns or repairs certain highways and streets. He lost this battle with the legislature three consecutive years in a row, and he made no secret he contributed to certain legislators’ reelection campaigns. The last time, when he was still Mayor, he tried to talk to certain legislators behind the speaker’s or leader’s back, to which the gentlemen from Rensaleer said that he would not be pressured by such tactics.
    So now we see that Mr. Bloomberg is at it again, this time with another city. Let it be known that Bloomberg, loaded with capital as he is, can still wield influence behind the scenes. I am not against his First Amendment rights: He is free to shoot his mouth off and voice his opinions any time and anywhere he wants. But spending his money on this influence does not necessarily constitute free speech: He openly said he would contribute to legislators’ reelection campaigns in order to pass gay marriage in New York State. (It’s called bribery!)

    The real important lesson to be learned here, I think, is that socialism and its sundry schemes benefits rich people: After all, they are the only ones who fund it, while they get street rabble to riot for it. All in the name of carbon taxes, which congestion pricing is designed to point taxpayer dollars toward. Yes, it is these rich oligarchs who get the blue collar working stiff to pay the bills, while they can avoid these levies and taxes themselves.

    Michael R. Bloomberg = ANOTHER MEDDLER!

  4. “…..he is a rich and powerful Anglophile”

    Websters dictionary definition: An Anglophile is a person who admires England, its people, and its culture.

    Hardly. Did you mean to use another term here Steven? As a pusher of mass immigration legal and illegal he is no lover of any gentile person let alone an Englishman. He is a Jew who supports the Jewish World Order. The City of London is no more English that China is.
    To my knowledge the committee of 300’s members are not publicly known. Where did you get that info?

    • How about Zionist?

    • Bloomberg is a member of The Committee of 300, a semi-secret society that one must profess allegiance to British ideals of eugenics and governance. Yes, Mr. Bloomberg may favor the New World Order (he does!), but he has shown, from time to time, a peculiar fealty for ideals British, to wit, whatever England does must be replicated over here. In that respect, I think it’s fair to call him an Anglophile—which I do not mean as a compliment!

  5. Commie-libs won’t rest until they have taxed everything that moves.

    -Or doesn’t move.


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