Going After Our Children

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WARNING: Graphic language contained in this post.
A group, called “FCKH8” (lovely name, right?) has released a video that describes the “Top 5 Reasons 2 Ban Gay Marriage”. As The Blaze reports:
“An in-your-face video supporting gay marriage in Minnesota and mocking Christians has drawn the ire of some gay-rights activists who say the clip—full of f-bombs, racy visuals, and even same-sex kissing by very young-looking actors—leaves them “creeped out.”
You must watch the video here (it’s been removed from YouTube). Click on “Step 1: Watch” to see the video.
The clip’s final scene features two very young-looking males (they appear to be about 10, 11 or 12? to me) holding hands. The first says, “If I grew up gay…” and the second finishes the phrase saying, “…I want to get married someday”—and then they appear to kiss.
The other actors in the video—with over-the-top make-up and neon-colored clothing (some males only in T-shirts and tiny underwear)—make fun of gay-marriage opponents and Christians by satirically stating phrases on why gay marriage is wrong.
The actors portray Christians in particular as mindless followers of church laws. One girl, twirling her hair, sarcastically says that homosexuality is wrong because “the Bible tells me so.” It also displays a string of actors completing each other’s sentences, saying the Bible “tells me it’s okay to sell my daughter into slavery and to stone people that work on Sunday. So it’s great for making laws.”
Some transcript from this over-the-top video:

  • Reason No. 1: Homosexuality is completely f*cking with the laws of nature. Just like antibiotics.
  • Reason No. 2: My church doesn’t believe in gay marriage.
  • Homos are a f*cking abomination.
  • Reason No. 3: Homo marriages are not real marriages. Hello, because a** f*cking and scissoring (I don’t even want to know what that is)…
  • Just like it’s against the law for those f*cking menapousal chicks…to get legally married.
  • Gayness is super f*cking contagious.
  • Better to be an orphan than have two mommies.
  • You got a problem with gay marriage? F*ck you (complete with finger visuals).
  • Get gay for the cause!

I cannot go on…listening to this video several times and watching those two young boys kiss at the end has made me sick to my stomach.
With their on-line presence and catchy tunes, colors , and gear, this may appeal to many young kids.  I can only hope that parents are monitoring what their children are watching.  God help our children.

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0 responses to “Going After Our Children

  1. K, searched for “scissoring” & knew I’d B sorry…

  2. lowtechgrannie

    It is so sick to expose anyone to this, let alone children. These days truly are like the times of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  3. How about Jackass?

  4. Thomas Morato

    I’m for equal 1st Amendment rights 110%…
    But the message is about as gay as the actors in it.

  5. This video is awful, if it was meant to be funny it failed miserably and should be offensive to people of any orientation. It seems like something produced by an anti-gay marriage group to make the pro- movement look bad.

  6. What the heck, over? Why didn’t they just call themselves STR8H8RS or Heather Has Two Mommies Because Daddy Likes to Watch? Bad taste + gayness = hipster fun?

  7. We had a Prime Minister in Canada who said the government does not belong in the nation’s bedroom. (About the only thing in which I agreed…) So, can these flamboyant idiots do the same? This is so stupid on their part to make such an insulting video.

  8. If you don’t like the idea of homosexuality? Dont watch the (Comment deleted because I have a limited vocabulary and like to drop F-Bombs when I run out of things to say)
    deos that promote it then slam them. God created us equally. You can’t tell me your a believer and sit here all holier than though bashing your equalls. I know you don’t think God creates any one person for the purpose of being hated on. So why are you doing just that?

    • I’ll watch whatever video I want, especially if it’s the wrong message targeted at our children. And if you choose to drop in here again, keep your mouth a little more clean.
      Yes God created us equally. But his intentions were not for people to practice homosexuality.

    • This comment’s been deleted by Administrator because it violates this blog’s stated policy, using obscenities such as the 4-letter word for sexual intercourse. The commenter is also writing challenged, almost illiterate, probably a product of the US public school system. Further, as with other leftwing trolls who harass this site, “ambergore” can’t help but reveal the abyss of his/her soul as his/her e-mail address begins with the words “den of thieves”.
      Ambergore, you are banned from this site. Take your hate, venom, and bile somewhere else. This is not a free forum for your ilk. I suggest HuffPo.

      • Obviously you ignored our rules w/your again foul mouth.
        We do not advocate bullying nor wish depression nor suicide for anyone. We want all to be happy and live their lives according to the Word of God.
        So sorry if that premise OFFENDS you. God gave us morals which is too complex for your foul, vile brain
        to comprehend.
        Be gone algore lib..,

  9. Uh, no. Nobody really cares about sex lives – it’s when it become politicalized where the annoyance sets in. Most same-sex couples despise this flamboyant display, too.
    Don’t preach about the motives of humans – we don’t hate here. If you’re looking for a hate-fest, go visit an Islamist site.


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