Going After Our Children

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Don’t worry, Olivia likes it!

Just what we need, a book that promotes  TSA groping checking passengers. This is from a book called “Olivia Goes To Venice“.  It’s shows Olivia being handled and checked at the airport.  The caption reads:

“As they went through the airport, Olivia was searched for weapons. She was very pleased.

 Never too young to start the indoctrination.
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11 responses to “Going After Our Children

  1. Wow. Can the indoctrination be more blatant? Unbelievable….

  2. Time to have a talk with the children. If this shows up in your child’s school or library, make sure you make enough noise to ban it.

    I am a writer. This is mind control – right out there with everyone to see.

    Better talk to your school board BEFORE THEY EVEN THINK OR KNOW OF IT.

  3. F’ing child molesters.


  4. Sadly, my profession ( I have illustrated over 25 children’s books ) is one of the most blatantly over the top uber PC professions out there.
    Baby giraffes have two Daddys……one can NEVER draw or paint guns or even sticks or fingers pointed like guns…..one MUST be green…minorities become majorities. I was even told to paint an Asian cello playing girl IN A WHEELCHAIR! I argued with the art director and editor for a week explaining that in order to hold the cello between her knees the girl would have to be sitting towards the edge of the chair, and given the narrowness of a wheelchair the entire thing was a physical impossibility and finally they relented and we agreed upon a violin.
    Poor Olivia…..it’s a sad state of affairs.

    • Your art direct, editor and suitably PC coworkers should have to go deal with child soldiers for while… I guarantee political correctess will be much less important to them (or they’ll want to quit the business and drink instead) then.

  5. lowtechgrannie

    Back in the 1990s a horrible book called “The Giver” won The Newberry Award as best children’s book for 7th-8th graders although it was pretty widely read in public schools to kids in the 3rd and 4th grades. It dealt with a planned society, ritually euthanizing the elderly, assigning career paths for children in grade school. The girls with poor academic skills were used as breeding stock to provide all the babies for the community. Couples married by assignment and had no marital relationship. They were required to take pills daily to suppress any “confusing” desires.

    I remember meeting a mother at a parents meeting. She said her 8-year old kept having nightmares and was was acting out in school. It turned out the teacher had been reading this book aloud, a chapter each day. The little girl’s grandmother had recently died and she got it into her head that the “euthansia” described in the book had been done to Grandma!

    • Damn, why do left/libtards find enjoyable everything Orwell criticized in Nineteen Eighty-Four?… oh, that’s right, a yen for the misbegotten; Orwell actually knew what he wrote about and didn’t like it.

  6. every parent reading this it should make your blood boil!!!!!!!!!!! get on it do something about it,damn it-stop it in its tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jump in to your local school boards,city council members-mayors,don’t sit back,thats the problem. California is in huge jeopardy right now,if gov brown doesn’t veto sb48. {geez] jump in!!!

  7. Lowtech, I agree with you about those stories with planned worlds. I too had nightmares after reading The Giver. And I wasn’t any 8 year old anything.

    The TSA, along with all the “education” is raising up deviance as normality. It is disturbing, at best. If you’ve ever experienced sexual abuse or any related crime, these ongoing and increasingly more invasive “searches” are setting up a huge number of people for never ending PTSD, no cure in sight because there is no escape from the repeated victimization.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Anon, I agree with you completely about past trauma sensitizing a victim so that they’re essentially re-victimized be similar events that occur years later.

      I really think the only way to get the message through to the Powers That Be is if the public as a large vocal group boycotts air travel.

      Airports are regulated by the federal government, administered and funded by local governments through fees paid to them by airlines. If passengership declines significantly due to the TSA invasive searches, there’d be a WHOLE LOT OF SCREAMING GOING ON by the airlines and the local governments. And the consumer destinations- Disneyland, Hawaii, etc. that depends on tourists flying in. That’s the power consumers have.

      This year, go on a local camping vacation and and stay home for the holidays. If enough people did that, the TSA would be reformed REAL FAST. At least, that’s my opinion. .


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