Godzilla thunderstorm over Wyoming

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Supercell thunderstormA group of stormchasers captured some beautiful and terrifying footage of a supercell thunderstorm developing over northwest Wyoming last weekend.

As far as thunderstorms go, supercells are the least common, but they’re responsible for most of the violent tornadoes in the U.S. In addition to extreme winds, they also dump torrential rain and hailstones that are bigger than golf balls — causing flash floods and a whole lot of damage.

The Basehunters out of Norman, Oklahoma, made this time-lapse video of the monster thunderstorm:

[Source: IFLScience]

H/t Clash Daily


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0 responses to “Godzilla thunderstorm over Wyoming

  1. traildustfotm

    Beautiful storm!

  2. I keep thinking…. finger of God …or perhaps thumb!

  3. Powerful! Makes you feel so teeny-tiny on the face of the Earth….and here we are walking around most of the time feeling very accomplished, able, a force upon our world….Pfffft! It can all disappear with one “slap” from a super cell like this….in minutes…..if it touches down…..It is no respecter of wealth, color, social status, purity or sin..or so on…it just IS. Very humbling.

  4. I think storms are awesome.



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