God’s Restraint

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“Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?
Matthew 26:53-54 New International Version (NIV)

The Crucifixion of Jesus was not a tragedy, it was an achievement.

Can you imagine the determination of Jesus in his march into Jerusalem knowing that torture and death awaited Him? And think of the Father’s pain at seeing His Son insulted, beaten, mocked and killed.

But they knew it was the only way they could fulfill the legal demands of the law, and break Satan’s death grip on humanity. If God had not withheld His hand at that moment, we would have been doomed to an eternity in darkness.

Love the Lord, you His saints!

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8 responses to “God’s Restraint

  1. I may sound pessimist, but the human race has not learnt from the sins of the past. Human beings have advance in the forms of cruelty and specially with the children, Mathew 19:14 Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Not until all these evil doers are destroyed from the face of the Earth we are condemned to suffer until we destroy ourselves.

  2. “Behold, I am meek and humble of heart.” What is meekness? Our Lord said, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Some borscht belt comedian (it may have been Jackie Leonard) said, “The meek shall inherit the earth because they will be to timid to refuse it.”

    What is meekness?

    Meekness is “power under control.” Just because someone has the power to knock my block off does not mean he is entitled to, and it does not mean he is under any obligation to do so. When Adam & Eve fell, God Almighty would have been within His Rights to end the human race right then and there. But He did not. (And let us assume, for the sake of the argument, that they did not fall: Our Lord would have intervened in human history in another manner, or under different circumstances. But intervene He Did.)

    Herod basically said to Jesus, “Oh, Come On now, Yeshua bar Joseph! Just perform one of your magic tricks and I will believe.” No, it doesn’t work like that. God does not feel any impulse or compulsion to show off, to perform any sort of magic or to prove Himself to anybody: He possesses Life Eternal and all the Power He has ever had; His Power cannot increase, because He is already perfect, and it cannot decrease, because all Power already belongs to Him.

    Therefor, His Power is under His DIRECT AND VOLITIONAL CONTROL. He is not neurotic like we are. He is not trigger-happy. He has no self-doubts at all. He is MEEK: All of His Power is under His direct and volitional control. Therefor, let those who have eyes to see look; Let those who have ears to hear listen. God is the Supreme Being who is self-sufficient and knows all things. He invites us to come to know Him: “Search my ways,” He Says.

    There are but two choices regarding Jesus Christ: Either He is Who He says He is, or He was the WORST CRIMINALLY INSANE PSYCHOPATH WHO EVER LIVED. Either He performed miracles to prove His Divinity or He was a magician. But miracles consist in obtaining a desired result without the intermediate secondary causes. In Declaring “Let there be Light!” the result obtained IMMEDIATELY: “Behold: There was Light.” A magician, on the other hand, works his deception by getting the audience to look in the exact wrong place at the exact right moment. Not so Jesus Christ: He challenged others to search His ways, and not only that: He warned us we would have to suppress our natural urges, impulses, passions and appetites. He Commanded us to “pick up your cross and come and follow Me.” He warned His followers that “The world will hate you.”

    Either He is WHO He Says He is, or He was a liar. If He was a liar, He would not be God.

    Dr. Ted Broer has remarked over the past couple of years that, thanks to quantum mechanics, we know things about the known Universe that simply were not known a mere quarter century ago. We know there are multiple dimensions. Others have remarked on the particle accelerator CERN, built intentionally to reach a spiritual realm.
    Christianity has been the Faith of billions, and millions have willingly endured actual physical death rather than betray Our Lord. They died for the truth and not a lie, as far as they—and God—were concerned.

    The choice about Jesus Christ is simple: Either He is “The Way, the Truth and the Life,” or He was the biggest liar who ever lived. There is no other alternative available. The belief “Oh He was a great moral teacher (implying nothing more)” is B.S., because Christ did not Come merely to teach: He Came to Pay the Price the Father Demanded for Our Salvation. Yet His Passion and Death was no “altruistic suicide,” to quote Emil Durkheim; He was betrayed and put to death by a bloodthirsty mob who suborned legal authorities to work the dirty deed. In no way did Our Lord interfere with anyone’s free will. And His Passion and Death portray two mysteries—the Mystery of Good and the Mystery of Evil. This happened almost two thousand years ago, and humanity is not done talking about it yet.

    Our Lord is meek and humble of heart. His Power and Authority are under His Control, and the closer one gets to God, the result is directly opposite of what the world expects: The closer one gets to God, the more SINFUL, and NOT the more “warm and fuzzy” he feels. A part of the reward of the Elect is that those in Heaven will share, in some way, a part of His Power and Authority: We, too, shall become “meek and humble of heart.”
    The world, being sinful, cannot understand this.

  3. After the Great Flood, although God put a rainbow in the sky as a message that he would never again punish humanity and all living creatures with such a flood, that doesn’t mean He wouldn’t use other methods of punishment. Human depravity has now plummeted to such depths, I sometimes think even God has abandoned us.

    • That is the appearance, and it is tempting to think so. But I look at it this way: God is kind of acting like the Asst. Principal whom, in observing the teacher, steps out of the room for a few minutes, to see if the teacher can carry the lesson and control the class.
      Just as in His Passion and Death, we are witnessing the unleashing of demons. God WILL ALLOW them to have their way—up to a certain point—and then it ends.
      But I do get something of what you mean: It certainly feels MIND-BENDING.

  4. Ambassador of CHRIST

    We all have our purpose in GOD’S will. (Job 42:2) We practice to embrace our life in thankfulness and know HE is LORD. Just like JESUS did. I can’t control all of my circumstances, (1 Thessalonians 5:18) but, I can control how I respond to all of them. (Proverbs 20:5) With thankful thoughts of HIS purpose for all to know HIS unconditional love. I am the manifest presence (Psalm 139:7–10) to all I encounter during my time on earth.

  5. The love of our Father, the blood of Jesus Christ. Halleluja!

  6. “My people shall be destroyed through lack of knowledge”

    • That’s a most important verse, Hawkmoon, which our people do not give sufficient heed and thought. Our White people’s knowledge about ourselves as Americans, and about our historic connections as God’s people has been greatly diminished. That has not been by accident. It is by the stealthy design of certain evils within our midst.

      This quote appears about half-way down at the linked page:

      “Separation of church and state” is a non‑constitutional battle‑cry in the war against Christianity. It is used to frighten Godly Americans out of the polls, out of government, and back to the pews. The cry of “Separation of church and state” is a blatant distortion of the intent of the framers of the First Amendment.

      Are the wicked afraid Christianity and government are somehow going to unite in the future? No! They are fearful that the American People will become aware, Christianity and government are already united here in America. And it is that connection between Christianity and government that must be destroyed if the enemies of Christ, Christianity and America are to take absolute control over America and its Israel People [And I don’t mean the Jews: whom Christ called His enemies]! To sever the connection between Christianity and government, they have to separate us from the knowledge of our Christian history and heritage. They must keep us ignorant of the truth that the American Government was Christian from its very beginning. Most patriots realize the Communist left‑wing and the Jewish anti‑Christs wish to destroy Christianity. Marx, Lenin, Stalin and all the other Communist leaders have made that very plain in a thousand different ways. Well, if it is Christianity they are against, then why don’t they just try to change our religion? The answer is obvious; they do, but they also realize the Christian religion could not be destroy[ed] until the American Government [could] be stopped from upholding and protecting it.”



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