God Sent a Fly-Over

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This is quite amazing.
On August 28, 2010, an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 of American patriots participated in the Restore Honor Rally in the Lincoln Memorial Mall in Washington, D.C.
The rally’s organizer, Glenn Beck, had been trying for weeks to get a military fly-over with fighter jets to start the event, but the White House blocked it saying it was “restricted airspace.”
The rally was to begin at 10:00 am. At precisely 9:59 am, God sent a special V-formation fly-over to His people:

I actually prefer this feathered fly-over to one with jets.  🙂
H/t my dear friend Bill!

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0 responses to “God Sent a Fly-Over

  1. That was awesome!

  2. Dave from Atlanta

    Beautiful! V for Victory!

  3. And at the 0:24 mark God also smiled on the crowd.

  4. Joseph E Fasciani

    Confirmed by the Creation!
    What more do ye need?

  5. I had heard about this happening but never saw it until now. Truly amazing!

  6. God always provides! I love a jet fly over, but this is unequaled!

  7. Wow!

  8. That says it all!

  9. Most awesome!

  10. Amazing! 🙂

  11. God sometimes uses the simple things to confound the wisdom of men.
    This was a wonderful case in point, and I LOVE it!!


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