God loves muslims – part 03

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A 21-year-old woman who was British medical student before fleeing to Syria has posted an image on Twitter of herself holding up a severed head.

 15 Sep 2014
In the picture, which has since been taken down from the site, she can be seen in her white medical coat and full burka clearly holding up the head as children look on in the background. She wrote alongside the image, “Dream job, terrorist doc,” followed by love hearts and smilie faces.
Read the whole article here: https://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/09/15/British-Female-Jihadist-Medic-Pictured-Holding-Severed-Head

It’s true. God loves muslims, but hates islam. And we are seeing many stories of brave people who trusted Jesus, and escaped the satanic false religion of islam. But today, confronted by the disgusting picture (above), my thoughts drift toward the wry humor of Lyle Lovett, in his song, “God will.”

“God does… But I don’t.
God will… But I won’t
And that’s the difference
Between God and me.”

– H/t Lyle Lovet


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0 responses to “God loves muslims – part 03

  1. And this is why for me, the hardest part about being a Christian is His injunction to “love your neighbor.” This is also why the word “love” requires a reasonable sane definition, instead of an icky-sweet uncritical definition.

    • I’m so glad you get my point, Dr. Eowyn. Thank you for backing me up. I pray and seek for the well being of muslims, and above all that they would turn to Jesus, and be rescued from the wages of sin. But that doesn’t mean I am in any way a pacifist.

  2. Did anyone get the chance to get the EXIF data out of that? It might have some clues as to whether the image is genuine or not, assuming it wasn’t scrubbed. (Personally I would tend to think it not legitimate, too suitable for the current agenda etc. Trust none of what you see and only half of what you read, and all that.)
    Once again, I have to say I fail to see why anyone would be attracted to islam, it has nothing to offer, and detracts from one’s life by crazy micromanagement (like spyentology) not to mention being started by an illiterate pedophile/polygynist (like mormonism, only smith was literate). What can the people possibly get from that that is good for them, spiritually or otherwise? This, among other reasons, is why I suspect this is all a farce by the (satan worshiping) establishment for a goal of conquest and resource grabbing, regardless of how many people they have to kill to get at said resources. Perhaps folks can ask their respective congregations/churches to say a prayer that those behind these evils be exposed, and that their evil actions be stopped as well? A little prayer never hurts.

    • Seumas, it seems most muslims in America are afraid of their own radical “brothers.” They remain silent because of their religion’s mandate to convert by the sword. It’s like a street gang living in your neighborhood, enforcing a code of silence, and leaving the bodies of those who break the code, in plain sight as a warning to others. It’s all about intimidation. For that reason, it doesn’t need “banksters” or “illuminati” to run its evil course. Islam’s followers would do this with or without the help of any wealthy secret societies.
      I don’t mean to let the Bilderbergers and Bohemian Grovers off the hook. I just want to avoid thinking of muslims as simple (if-left to-their-own-devices) patsies. Muslim radicals (anyone who really believes the words of their prophet) are anything but innocent. They have the blood on their hands of countless innocents, endless waves of genocide, since 600 BC.
      That said, I agree with you, and do not trust any in our government, or any with deeply embedded wealth and power. Are they guilty of conspiracy? Some are not, but likely some are. So you and I are in agreement. After all, we still don’t have anyone “doing time” for killing JFK.

      • Indeed Traildust, most religions have some very barbarous stuff in them, it seems like part of the problem is adherents not actually reading the texts of the belief they claim. For instance look how many people think being buddhist is cool, yet they fail to understand buddhism considers Love a “desire” which “causes suffering” (which is to say, it is considered evil), to say nothing of the fact that buddhism does in fact have a hell, quite a number of hells (called naraku) actually… and not only that but in the east it was responsible for wiping out indigenous religions, with gusto (not very nicely or peacefully if you get my drift), all the way from Tibet to Japan, and as for it’s founder, sidhartha saw fit to abandon his wife and children completely, to come to the conclusion that the highest “enlightenment” one can get is nihilism (or as they call it, nirvana, wherein one ceases to exist, save perhaps as a recycled “raw material” energy with no identity) realized, and that is only a few of the shortfalls of that “pop religion”.
        I would tend to think people, especially in the west, would flee from islam on mention of the fact he consumated a “marriage” with a 9 year old girl, and nobody can play that off as figurative as there is mention of other unpleasantness with regard to that same girl that leaves no room for doubt… this is why the “people joining it so often” stuff puzzles me, as the only adherents of islam I’ve talked to in recent years have been generational, born into the sect and not given much information regarding other beliefs (except the usual defamatory presumptions, of course.) I’m not sure I’ve ever spoken to a “convert”. Which is why I’m unsure that these people are actually converts and not just invented numbers for psychological operations purposes, you know, like how mormonism is claiming to have such high numbers of members, when those who have left it claim the truth is the exact opposite.
        Of the beliefs out there, only Christianity stands distinct and without evil, or so I’ve discovered through various studies, not that I’m a scholar or anything.

  3. Then we need to be arranging as many meetings as we can.


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