God-Hater Arlene Ocasio is Still Houston VA Cemetery Director

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Houston National Cemetery

A month ago, I wrote a post on a VA cemetery in Texas, the Houston National Cemetery, banning the words “God,” “Jesus,” and “God bless” from all funerals because the cemetery’s director, Arleen Ocasio, deems those words to be “offensive.”
Houston’s KTRK ABC13 reports that a local pastor got a restraining order against the cemetery after being told to edit “Jesus” from his prayer during the Memorial Day weekend. Other veteran groups complained after they too were told to refrain from using “God” or “Jesus” during funerals. They also allege Ocasio closed the chapel and turned it into a conference room. Ocasio claims she was only trying to make prayers “more inclusive of other religions.”
I firmly believe that we telegraph to others who and what we are via our physical appearance. Just think of how many little decisions we make about our visage, hair, and clothing. This is what Ms. Ocasio looks like, with a butch haircut:

Arlene Ocasio

Michelle Lancaster of BigGovernment, has a follow-up, July 23, 2011.
Nothing’s changed. Not only is Ocasio still the VA cemetery’s director, the Department of Veterans Affairs defended Ocasio, stating the accusations in the current lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs and Ocasio are categorically false.

Rep. John Culberson

But Republican Congressman John Culberson, who was elected in 2000 to represent Texas District 7, took it upon himself to go undercover at a recent military hero’s funeral. Culberson personally witnessed censorship of freedom of speech and freedom of religion at the funerals of our veterans.
Culberson is so upset with the Director’s actions that he’s threatening to “zero out” her salary unless she quits or moves elsewhere. Culberson is Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee for the Veterans Administration. Here’s Culberson telling KTRH’s Matt Patrick that he will “ride her out” of not just Houston, but all of Texas:

Tell Mr. Culberson that you support him! Go here to send him an e-mail.
Here’s contact info for the Houston National Cemetery:

10410 Veterans Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX 77038
Phone: 281-447-8686
Fax: 281-447-0580

White Pages says there are only 4 people named “Arlene Ocasio” living in the U.S. But I can’t find the “Arlene Ocasio” who lives in Houston in either the White Pages or Zaba. However, Spokeo has an Arlene Ocasio, single, living on Furlong Ln in Houston, TX.
Let’s get the witch out of the Houston National Cemetery!!!

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0 responses to “God-Hater Arlene Ocasio is Still Houston VA Cemetery Director

  1. Again, one individual makes decisions that affect and damage many and gets by with it. How long are we, as Americans, going to stand for this! This stinks so bad of Liberal/Progressive corruption that sinks to the lowest level by attacking those who have given their lives for our nation. I wonder if Arlene Ocasio is willing to give her life for our nation? Better yet, cut off her pay, which is not a bad idea for a number of Liberal/Progressives who are attacking our nation.
    Clifton Lee West

  2. thankyou Eo,my e-mail has been sent. She needs to be removed ASAP. Isn’t this where Sheila Jackson Lee is from also? Come on there has to be good people there,Stand Up! right these wrongs.

  3. And you know the rumors about butch Janet Napolitano! LOL 😀

  4. Ridiculous! She wants to make the cemetery services “more inclusive of other religions” and yet doesn’t want the word “God” used. Most religions have a concept of a higher power that’s generally referred to as “God”. Most religions also acknowledge Jesus as being at least being a great teacher, etc. By attempting to make things inclusive she’s making it more exclusive!

    • I’m sure she allow “Allah” and “death to the Great Satan” to be inclusive, even encouraging that, though.

  5. God will have the last laugh!

  6. Ain’t no amount of lipstick going to help this woman…
    Forget her and her ban. I’d be saying God whenever I want. What are they going to do, throw someone in jail?

    • You’re so right, Debbie. If I were the widow of a veteran, I’d be screaming “God” and “Jesus”, and they’ll have to drag me away. I’ll also sue the VA Administration and Arlene Ocasio. As for lipstick, something tells me neither she nor Napolitano wants lipstick! LOL

  7. lowtechgrannie

    Editor’s Note: Here is a brief bio of Arleen Ocasio from an archived Houston Chronicle.
    She is an Obama appointee and guess what? She is from Chicago. For the poster that wrote that she is Janet Napolitano’s sister, I don’t think that is the case but she does look like her a lot. Still checking into that rumor.
    What qualified her to have this position, who knows. Bachelor of Arts degree? Don’t think so.
    The court case will continue next month. But she has already lost a case concerning “religious discrimination” this year.
    Hat tip to Congressman Ted Poe who is investigating Ms. Ocasio. He is outraged and it is thanks to all the good people that took the time to call their congressmen. Now, no word at all from Sheila Jackson Lee.
    Will update as it unfolds.
    All I know for sure is that , Ms. Ocasio is on vacay and that her phone has a constant busy signal. Good work, America. Way to step up!
    Back To You, Ed!

    • Good work, Grannie! 🙂
      From the link you gave us:
      Prior to her appointment, Ocasio was the first director of the new Jacksonville VA National Cemetery in Jacksonville, Fla. She was responsible for the initial development of the cemetery through its design phase, the cemetery dedication, consecration, and the beginning of burial operations in January 2009.
      Ocasio was the director of the Puerto Rico VA National Cemetery from November 2006 and assistant director at Puerto Rico from July 2005 until her appointment as director. She has also held the position of cemetery director at Salisbury VA National Cemetery Complex in North Carolina, including oversight of Salisbury VA National Cemetery and its four satellite cemeteries in North Carolina and Virginia; at Natchez VA National Cemetery in Mississippi; and Fayetteville VA National Cemetery in Arkansas. She joined the National Cemetery Administration as a cemetery representative leader at the Puerto Rico VA National Cemetery.
      For approximately 10 years before joining the National Cemetery Administration, Ocasio held various positions in the VA West Side Medical Center in Chicago, Ill., where she worked with minor contracts, maintenance contracts, and budget and was the Hispanic Employment Program assistant manager. She was also assigned to the San Juan VA Medical Center where she worked with administrative processes, purchases, and budget in the Nuclear Medicine Service.
      Beginning her federal career with the Federal Aviation Administration in the Air Traffic Division in 1984, Ocasio is a native of Chicago. She graduated from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2000.

      • Wonder if Interamerican U. is unaccredited or a diploma mill… and it still took her 16 years at FAA (not as a controller, they need to have degrees) and other low-end GS jobs (GS-7 or less) to get one. Then, she’s Superadministrator being promoted, moved up and starting new cemetaries before learning her jobs and performing well at them. File it under “yeah, right.”

        • Mill my gues…knew a guy that went there & he was an idiot. Stabbed himself in the leg to get out of taking an exam!

    • LTG-the word “Chicago” hit me right in the face. Stick a fork in her she’s done.

  8. Shes such a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the heck are we goign to get rid of this bitch?

  9. She is a satan lover. What man would want her as she is ugly inside as well as out-then again what woman would want her unless she is uglier than her. Defying is contempt of court, then as with other appointed positions like Spiro Agnew, Cyrus Vance, were given the option to resign rather than being charged. Put her in jail in the lesbian unit.

  10. I agree she needs to be gone , but lets stop the hate speech . It only lowers us to her level. And i don’t think that just because your a dem, your are automatically lumped as a God hating lberal progressive . I’m a dem and happen to love God and Jesus……This woman however should be lumped more with The nazi imperialists……

  11. This story sounds like it came out of a third world, commie, banana republic, not Texas.I’m a member of the DAV, son of a WWII veteran, a New Englander, and my heart goes out to the families of the Texas veterans.
    Our religion, our values, our basic American traditions are under attack. This is what Americans have fought and died for since the Revolution. Congressman Culberson keep up the pressure and please do me a favor. When you boot her out of Texas please tell her for me to stay out of New England.

  12. The article is NOT correct and is gross distortion of the true situation. Look who is suing, a no families just groups that want to intrude on funeral and throw in their Christan comments where not wanted. Families of the departed can still have full Christian burials with all the praying you want. Volunteer groups like the Memorial Ladies and the Veteran’s clubs can not just show up and add prayer, hand out religious tracts and other intrusive actions. The ban is NOT about religious services, the FAMILY of the veteran being buried can have them whatever manner they want, these volunteer groups are just banned from throwing in Christian invasions where not requested. Some lady coming to an Atheist or Wiccan funeral and handing out God Bless You cards is very offensive behavior and the administration is right to protect all cemetery users.

    • Really? And your source is ?

    • Hey Max,
      Didn’t you see or understand the part in the article where it quoted the VA saying the family had to submit any prayer it wanted spoken during a funeral to the Cemetery administrator for approval? Jeeeeez…you Obama minions are something else.

    • YOU IDIOT !! Groups who want to intrude on a funeral? YOU MEAN LIKE THE FAMILIES PASTOR? You are insane. She has told invited pastors that they cannot use the words God or Jesus during funerals, this is not a distortion AT ALL.
      She also DID close the chapel and turn it into a storage area and conference room.
      Let me tell you something. If those JERKS and animals who protest at the funerals of soldiers holding up signs that say God Hates Soldiers, God Kills Soldiers, and Thank God Your Son is Dead – as well as yelling shit like that at the parents of the deceased soldiers, have been are LEGALLY ALLOWED as upheld by THE SUPREME COURT due to freedom of speech, to harass the families of dead soldiers, then people who are PRAYING in HONOR of the soldiers should not be having any problems at ALL !! What is your problem? You don’t even know what is going on. There was a time people were touched by the fact that groups like ‘the memorial ladies and the VETERANS clubs would take the time out of their lives to show the families that their loss is not forgotten, nor overlooked, and that there are still some people left who appreciate their sacrifice. Would you be just as mad if some hindu group showed up and said a hindu prayer in honor of the fallen soldier? Or are you just one of those Christian haters. Because I am Christian, but if any religious group also wanted to appear to memorialize or pray on the behalf of my son’s soul, then I would welcome it !!

  13. Sorry, Max, you got it wrong. Watch Lisa Ward, bereaved widow of a veteran, and plaintiff, explain how Arlene Ocasio disrupted her husband’s funeral in order to ensure that proper reverence was given to the politically correct orthodoxy she so obviously worships. https://www.donttearusdown.com/ Then take some time to think about which is more offensive: hearing the word “God” or hearing a bureaucrat arguing with veterans over what can and can’t be included in your loved one’s funeral, AT YOUR LOVED ONE’S FUNERAL.

  14. You people are a bunch of hateful A-holes. Who the hell are you to attack this poor woman for simply doing her job?! Not everyone wants this country to de-volve into a theocracy, and not everyone who disagrees with your small-minded religious beliefs is a “witch”.. Deal with it!

  15. As a veteran and a member of the VFW in District 4, which is involved in this lawsuit let me also state that Arleen Ocasio has also kept people from going to funerals of homeless veterans being buried here in Houston. They no longer play taps (The final honor anyone who served this country is supposed to receive) at the grave site, and now instead they play taps once a day between 8 and 8:30 AM in the Administration Building. Burials don’t start till after 9 AM. That has nothing to do with religion and is an insult to all veterans period.
    She not only disregards the religious freedoms of people, and those of the veterans she also runs a burial mill where she throws departed homeless veterans into a hole without even the final honor of taps being played.
    She wants to keep all funeral services below a 20 minute time limit and bury them as fast as she can without due respect they deserve for serving this country.
    She has ripped apart a a nearly century old tradition of military honors as well. One of the things that is part of the ceremony is that the shell casings of the blanks used are handed to the widow, or representing family member, by the Sergeant At Arms of the Honor Guard. She has stated that no contact between the Sergeant At Arms and a family is allowed.
    This woman has absolutely zero regard for the sacrifices of our veterans and their families. She has zero respect for our veterans and sees us as a number only. Prisoners get better treatment if they die in prison or are buried after being dealt the death penalty than our veterans being buried at the Houston National Cemetery are getting. Sorry that’s just plain BS and I can’t wait for her to be axed (and she will be)

  16. I don’t get it? why? is she still there. She should be cleaning outhouses,in a far away Country.

    SPRING TX 77388-3573

  18. Aubrey
    I served this country and proud to do so, but did not serve to have the use of our Lord and Savior be eliminated from my funeral service. I now will encourage all those that participate at my gravesite to to sing “Near My God to Thee” and “Amazing Grace” I also plan to have the Patriot Guard to attend and sing as well and let’s see what happens. Let Ms. Arlene do something about that. I am sure the Patriot Guard would love to contact the press on this and let the press question her intentions and reasons for not wanting our Lord’s name be used. The cross and other religious notations on the crosses are self evident of our belief in God.


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