God Bless the USA!

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As we get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, I want to share this video (one of my favorites by Lee Greenwood) that celebrates our country, the U.S. Military and all who fought for our freedoms!

We here at FOTM love our country and all the men, women, and their families who sacrificed so much for us.  May God bless them all and God bless America!



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15 responses to “God Bless the USA!

  1. FYI – my sis & I were @ the homecoming of the USS Lincoln w/her kids in 05. It was AWESOME!

  2. If this copies correctly it is the video of the USS Bush relieving the USS Enterprise a few weeks ago. They are the oldest and the newest carriers in the US fleet.

  3. God bless you all tomorrow. I’m proud to know you all. Happy birthday America. Where would we be without you? Once again God bless.

  4. This always touches my heart. God bless the USA and all those who fight for her right to remain free.

  5. I can’t imagine a better post for the 4th of July. This gets a “sticky”. Thank you, Debbie!

  6. This is so sweet and it’s hard to believe their are other so called Americans who want this all to go away. Sad. Whatever I won’t be the buzz kill this is a great post!

  7. You know what else makes this country great? Our town is small and there was no budget for fireworks this year but the town pulled together about a month earlier and left donation jars in the bank, stores, everywhere! The fire department held donation breakfast and some locals sold BBQ/chicken dinners and tonight we were treated with…FIREWORKS!!! We had a blast (myself/Mom/sister/2 nieces) by the water front. It was brief but at the end everyone cheered and the best part it was suppose to rain tonight but the weather stayed clear! Only in America!

    • Alexis de Tocqueville, who toured the newly independent US of A and wrote the classic Democracy in America, did highlight early Americans’ Christian faith and vibrant civic society — of citizen involvement at the local level. Will, your small town still has that spirit!

  8. lowtechgrannie

    It’s 10:30 pm and reading these comments has really put me in the 4th of July spirit! Thanks, fellow Americans and citizens of the greatest country on Earth!

  9. Happy 4th of July America!

  10. Hope everyone has a great Fourth! God bless this wonderful country!!


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