Go vote for America!

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From Wayne Allyn Root’s “Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts GOP Upset,” Townhall, Nov. 5, 2018:

This is my final column before the midterm election. So, this former Vegas oddsmaker turned national political commentator has a few predictions and common sense observations to make.

Back in 2016 I predicted a Trump victory when no one else did. Every poll showed Trump would lose by a wide margin. Nate Silver of the NY Times predicted Hillary’s chances of winning at 92%. These pollsters make their living by polling actual human beings. I don’t. So how did I know?

Simple. First, size matters. You could see it in the rallies. Trump would attract eight hour lines and 10,000 or more attendees at wild, intense rallies all over America. I should know. I was opening speaker for six Trump campaign events here in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile Hillary was attracting 100 to 200 attendees at a rally here in Vegas. I could fit Hillary’s rallies in my living room.  The same story held true across America. That was my first reason for realizing Trump was going to pull a huge upset that few saw coming.

Part Duex was also simple. Trump was “the whisper candidate.” Everywhere I went, people whispered in my ear, “I’m with you. I’m for Trump.” They wouldn’t tell pollsters. They wouldn’t put up yard signs. No bumper stickers on their car. No mention of their support of Trump around the office watercooler. But they whispered to me. The pollsters never had a chance.

Don’t look now, but it’s all happening again. Nate Silver says Democrats have a 80%+ chance of winning the House. Cook Report says Democrats will win the House by 40 seats. All the experts say it’s over- Democrats will win. I’ll go out on a limb and disagree again.

I see Florida Democrat Governor candidate Andrew Gillum holding a rally with Bernie Sanders and the whole place is empty.

Barack Obama could not fill a high school gym in Milwaukee.

I witnessed firsthand Joe Biden and Obama at separate events here in Las Vegas playing to small crowds.

Meanwhile I was opening speaker for President Trump’s event in Las Vegas last month- with 10,000 waiting in line for hours in a place where no one cares much about politics. This is a phenomenon.

Does that sound like the GOP is losing 40 seats? Dream on delusional Democrats.

Then there’s “the whispers.” Nothing has changed. Trump has fulfilled almost all of his campaign promises. He is the only politician in history who did exactly what he promised. And those same voters are whispering to me again- they love Trump now, more than ever.

Then there’s common sense. The Trump economy is BOOMING.

The latest results are out- 250,000 more jobs last month, far above what was expected. The lowest unemployment in half a century. The number of Americans employed is the highest EVER. Almost 500,000 new manufacturing jobs under Trump. The kind Obama claimed would never happen again. 1000 new manufacturing jobs a day last month- the best results since the 1990’s.

And most importantly, wages grew by a remarkable 3.1%- the most in a decade. Who in their right mind would vote against THAT?

That could be why Trump’s approval rating among blacks is now 40%. If only white liberals weren’t blind, deaf and really dumb.

Most importantly, Trump has brilliantly kept the emotional issue of illegal immigration front and center. He wants to block the caravan, end birthright citizenship and make it much harder for illegal aliens to claim asylum. The polls are out- 65% of likely voters in swing districts across the USA agree with Trump. The middle class will come out in record numbers for Trump. Bet on it.

In the 2014 midterm election in Texas 1.7 million voted early. This year early voting in Texas numbered over 4.3 million. With a booming economy and an illegal alien invasion in the headlines, you think they’re coming out for Democrats?

No way Jose.

I’ll go out on a limb again. I’ll put my gut instincts up against every poll and pollster and political “expert.” All of them…all of them…say the House is lost. But they don’t have a clue what’s happening. I predict they’re all wrong again. The Silent Majority is whispering again- and they love Trump. They support Trump. They will reward Trump.

I’ll go out on a limb again to predict another upset for the GOP on Tuesday. We will expand our Senate majority by 3 to 6 seats. It will be very close but, the GOP will hold the House. America stays bright red- again

Democrats will be in shock and mourning. The pollsters got it all wrong again.

And Wednesday morning will be the busiest day for psychiatrists and psychologists in the history of America.

Remember this?

Satanists at Trump inauguration protest, Washingon, DC

And this?

Satanists at Trump inauguration protest, DC

And this?

Pro-gun control “March for Our Lives” demonstration in Washington, DC, March 24, 2018

Be confident, patriots.

Go forth and vote to take our beloved country back from the hate-America, no-border fake-news media jackals, Hollyweirdos, globalists, and satanists.

Pray for America.


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15 responses to “Go vote for America!

  1. I agree, but I believe the Republican majority in the Senate will increase 5-9, plus losing 2 Globalist Democrat Neocons, Flake & Corker, and the House will remain Republican, only losing a few seats. Than I believe the mentally ill Liberals will be goaded and guided by their Bolshevik puppetmasters to perform more and more violent acts against American citizens who oppose anti-American Globalism/Bolshevism. Perhaps the start of “Civil” War II as Thomas Chittum long predicted

    CIVIL WAR II with Author Thomas Chittum

  2. I will go to the polls later on and see who is available. The Republican ticket here in NYC is notorious for never advertising or campaigning very strongly, and, frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually in cahoots with the Dems, back in the smoke-filled room.
    So, given the fact that the Democratic Party has had NYC in a STRANGLEHOLD ever since the days of Jimmy Walker (or even Boss Tweed!) I can only vote “against” and never “for”: I vote for the Republican, knowing they will lose, but at least the Dems don’t have my support.

    Another thing you should know about New York City politics: Many candidates for elected judge positions actually run on BOTH parties. Unless I know that person personally (I used to know one), I NEVER vote for any such person. I don’t know if that exists in your area, but if it does, EXERCISE CAUTION.

    As a conservative-libertarian, I feel like an old Hebrew wanderer being stuck in the desert for 40 years. (Actually, I wish it were 40—it’s actually been longer!)

  3. You’d think a Dem victory would be anathema to every person with a job, but it’s not to those in protected classes, such as nearly all gov employees.

    Government workers are paid a wage above private workers with identical wage determinants that’s enough to make Fed workers’ wages effectively tax free. That’s right. Federal and many state and local gov employees in effect pay no taxes, and then some. And they’re rewarded for a lifetime of parasitism by retiring to gated golf course and waterfront communities on six figures in millions of cases. No wonder the Deep State and 99% of federal and state government employees have almost nothing in common with the dying middle class who used to pay their wages. And as we can see, taxes don’t pay the parasites’ wages today—there’s no more pretense and it’s straightforward counterfeiting as Wall Street’s Treasury/Fed circus simply digitizes the purchasing power out of thin air.

    The good news is good news—we owe it entirely to President Trump—but we shouldn’t forget what the Dems did and will do again in power. There are still foreign students, for example, sucking up 500,000 STEM jobs from Americans. Shadowstats still reports true unemployment (simply using the gov’s own former and more honest methods) at over 21 percent. That’s the real number, not something like 3.2% or whatever the lie is for last quarter.

    Under Obama two-thirds of all new jobs were below-subsistence level and went to women and minorities in a quiet genocide against working class white men.

    Higher wages is good news; reality, however, is that the real purchasing power today of America’s average wage of about $22/hr is the same as it was in 1964 when it stood at $2.50/hr. It seems incredible, but America’s middle class would rather go extinct than evaluate the simple math proving their trillions in patrimony have been stolen by Wall Street or handed out to buy votes. (The idea that the Wall Street and Hollywood cabal that owns the left cares about Americans’ welfare is sick.)

  4. Good morning guys, and thank you all for your sweet prayers. I am feeling better but still have a little ways to go.

    I just wanted to share this with y’all. Yesterday morning, I sent a video to my sister entitled, “A Message From the Warring Angels” by Bill Still. It’s about a vision he had a few days ago at a polling station he went to. Here’s the response from my sister – what Mr. Still saw in his vision is exactly what she has been praying for for months now! Here’s what she said: ===== Thank you so much for this. This really hit home with me. Early on, when I began praying for this upcoming election, the Lord had me pray that those patriots who had gone on before, some fought and some died for our country, that their blood would cry out to God to save our country. I also prayed, as I know you have, that God would release His warring angels to push back the darkness over our country. My most recent prayers have been that God would protect our voting booths and not allow them to be corrupted and to hover over them to protect them. God truly is at work. I am praying for the Great Awakening!!!=====

    Here is the video by Bill Still:


  5. God Bless America, yes, and I can’t help but a tear and goose bumps and a prayer to Keep America Free, the blood of our brothers and sisters that gave it all has not been in vain, each drop of blood on far away places means we fought to rid them of oppression and make them free. Before, today and after GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • I see “pretty boy” Obongo and I feel repulse, get out of the way boy, you are a bad omen! I see President Trump and I am feeling AMERICA and WE THE PEOPLE rise again and the mighty bold eagle soaring high!

      • We still have far too many who prefer to lay in the mud. After all, hogs never think of themselves as dirty.

  6. I’m conducting a poll. Would you prefer to be shot or stabbed since you must die anyway. (If the results are stabbed then I can claim the majority of Americans wish to be stabbed)!

  7. Voted this morning. Californian for Trump!!

  8. As for that girl (?) at March for Our Lives…who in their right mind goes out in public with a t-shirt that says that and a dildo strapped to them? Freak!

  9. Inspiring, thank you!

  10. You all are so mean. We should be celebrating the fact that in a short time, the youth of our times have gone from eating Tide Pods, to having the Democrats make them part of their machine.
    Seriously, every time I see another leftist cheer about a Hogg or some other kid who thinks that our nation should be run by the young people who cannot even write in cursive style, I only want to find that person and try and slap them silly. Then I realize that they are way past silly, and full blown idiots.
    I ran across a video of a Trump rally, that of course is never going to hit the MSM. A woman fainted and our president, not only the most powerful man in the world, but probably the busiest, stopped his rally, and waited for 8 minutes, while the doctor in the house and others attended to the woman. At the 6:45 mark, the crowd, who had already been praying for the woman, spontaneously broke out singing Amazing Grace! I have always been proud of our nation, but after seeing that, I am strengthened for the battle ahead. I do believe that we have the man in the oval office needed at this time. His character at times, is disappointing, but no doubt the exact same thing can be said about me, as well. I will post the link to that video that I saw, if you want to take a look. You should always at least check on the truthfulness of everyone, because you don’t know me from anyone, and I could be misstating things. So cautiously make sure that a link from someone is real, but don’t get a virus, either. And one last thing, let us keep praying for our nation and leaders. May you all be blessed, and I wish you peaceful days ahead.


  11. If you haven’t voted yet, try.


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