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I’m grateful to our beloved fellow May for sending this. I did as Bob Livingston, the author of the article below, instructed.
I went on Spokeo (www.spokeo.com), a business that scours the World Wide Web for information on individuals and make the info available to anyone both for free and for a fee if you want the full report.
I searched for my name, clicked on the state I’m in, and found myself. The free, no-cost information on me include my name, gender, approximate age-range, marital status, what kind of home (single-family or apartment rental), estimated dollar value of home, and hobbies. When I clicked on “property,” I saw a Google map pic of my house from the road, including the cars in my carport. Yikes!
I followed Livingston’s instructions to remove myself (and my husband) from Spokeo:

  • I copied the URL of the page with the information on me.
  • Then I clicked “privacy,” which is found at the bottom right of the page.
  • This brings me to another page with a box to paste in the URL.
  • You’ll be asked for your e-mail address, afterwhich you’ll receive an e-mail from Spokeo with a “click here” to confirm your request to remove yourself from Spokeo.

About a half hour later, I checked back on Spokeo and found that my removal worked.
Your Web Presence
Your Web Presence
By Bob Livingston – Personal Liberty Digest – Jan 7, 2011 
Maintaining your privacy in today’s technological age is, at best, a difficult task. It requires constant effort to remain below the radar. But, if you have a presence somewhere on the Internet — say through a social site like Facebook or LinkedIn — it is impossible.
There are organizations that scour the World Wide Web for information on individuals in order to organize it in one place and make it available to individuals and other organizations — both for free and for a fee. One of these is the site, www.spokeo.com.
It markets itself as “Not your grandmother’s phonebook,” and it may contain your photos, biographical information, email addresses, financial data and other information that is publicly available. Go there and search for your name and you’d be amazed at the information that may appear.
However, spokeo™ will remove your listing from its free portion upon request. After you locate your listing, copy the URL from the top, click on the privacy button at the bottom and paste in your URL. This won’t completely remove your information that’s readily available, but it will remove it from one public source.

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0 responses to “Go Stealth On the Web

  1. Thanks Eowyn when I saw this I immediately checked and was surprised how extremely close to accurate it was (the only thing though that it listed me as “married” and my house valued @ “250,000” horribly off on both. Still it did peg my phone number address and my exact location to the “T”.
    Still it’s just too damn close for my liking.

    • Spokeo got some info on me wrong too: I’m supposed to be single, LOL. But, as you say, what it did have was too close for comfort, esp. the Google pic of my home. That freaked me out.
      P.S. Does this mean you’re no longer “married”???

      • Ha, I was never “Married” Eowyn, I’m still single. I guess I’ve always put too much emphasis on working than relationships. To be honest I’ve been single for so long I don’t think I would know how to act in a relationship with the fairer sex.

        • And they say all the good men are taken. Ha! What do they know?
          Notice to all conservative single ladies:
          Will and Fellowship regulars, Dave and Anon, are also single!!!!!
          Any gals interested, e-mail me at eorivendell@gmail.com, and I’ll forward your e-mail to the guys. 😉

          • And the best part, ladies, my parole officer says as long as I stay in the county I don’t have to be in `til midnight! 😉
            Come on, you know it would not be me if I did not goof off.

  2. Since I travel from location to location as an IT tech for a financial institution I will let everyone know at each location about this, especially the ladies. They get some really creepy dudes showing up at these places, some borderline stalkers and the last thing they need is Mr. Creepy showing up on their front steps because of this site.

  3. May be short-lived…
    “Obama Administration Reportedly Plans to Create Internet ID for All Americans,” Fox News, 8 JAN 11

    • How nice daddy Obama want to keep an eye on us. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside, or is that just heartburn?

  4. I tried this on our family, and the response was that there was no listing. Fine by me.

    • Good to hear DW sadly though most of my family and friends (heck even my boss) made the listing. I’m emailed everyone about this.

  5. My listing was there as well. Hopefully not for much longer!

  6. Regards: Skopeo removal of private info.
    The article did not say anything about having to pay for this free service

  7. Unfortunately, spokeo is only one of many. However, it gave me a heads up. I compared what they had with my info online, and realized it had been gleaned mostly from my email addys. I promptly changed my location and removed my birthday, and if I couldn’t remove it, I changed it. I also checked my privacy settings on my email addys. I’m much more careful about what I enter. It’s scary, now, and yet I remember when no one thought anything about everyone’s name, phone number, and address being published in the local phone book. I didn’t understand the desire to be unlisted back then, but I do now!


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