Go North to Canada – It's Where the Jobs Are!

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Caught this on Fox News this morning. Be sure to check out the video on the Fox News link!   ~LTG


…..Canada is looking to hire tens of thousands of skilled workers for its booming energy industry. With the third-largest oil and gas reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, Canada wants to double its oil production in the next 10 years. While it has plenty of oil to tap, there aren’t enough skilled workers to help secure it…..

“The opportunities are just basically endless up here right now,” said Riordan. “There’s obviously a shortage of workers. You could go anywhere and make some pretty good money.”
Ken Hughes, Alberta’s minister of energy, said his province will need more than 100,000 workers in the next decade. Hughes added that moving to Canada can be an easy transition for Americans.
Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/27/canada-energy-boom-draws-skilled-americans-looking-for-work/#ixzz2GJ1dLB7i
I encourage qualified people out of work due to the Obama admistration’s job-killing position on energy jobs to go to Fox News.  It provides links for more information on the Canadian Jobs.
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  1. Don’t believe this crock of lies, stay where ya are, it’s colder than death here in July, ya won’t get paid but maybe half of what you earn, all slaves and death on every corner, get to the other side of the planet if you like oil, and die in some desert where they’ll appreciate your skills. Nothing here but us ignorant savages, half drunk half the time and all drunk the rest of the time, fighting off mosquitoes as big as yer dawg, and flies that never stop till they get to yer bones, then they spit ya out fer lunch!! Save yerself and flee, anywhere but here!!! Hell, my son-in-law makes $50 an hour and STILL can’t keep his family together!!! Ya want a GREAT job in the oil patch, in a warm climate? VENEZUELA!!! That’s where there’s action fer ya!! Go fer it, ASAP!!!!!!!

  2. I have been Out of touch for a while.I moved to South Dakota for a job.Plenty of jobs out there..If you don’t mind work.or the extreme cold weather..Cost of living is low and the hatred for Obama and our criminal federal Government is high. My kind of people..I fit right in..Today I’m back in Carolina To Bury my mom , who passed on Christmas Eve..So today we say Good bye to a Great mother..who was also a veteran of the Korean war.as Air traffic Controller in the Air Force..So Godspeed Mom…I salute you for a job well done..

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    Go North to Canada – It’s Where the Jobs Are!


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