Go For It, Joe!!!

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Sheriff Joe predicts Obama investigation to be a ‘shock’

‘There are a couple of things … that could be a little bit exciting’

Posted: October 26, 2011
8:54 pm Eastern
By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2011 WND

The results of a formal law-enforcement investigation into whether Barack Obama is eligible to be president of the United States could come as a “shock,” according to Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Tuesday night, speaking to a tea-party group in Arizona, Arpaio said, “I can’t tell you everything, but there could be a shock there somewhere that my guys came up with. I can’t talk too much about it. It’s in the process.”
WND previously has reported that Arpaio has constituted a special five-member law enforcement posse to investigate allegations brought by members of the Surprise, Ariz., Tea Party that the birth certificate released to the public April 27 might be a forgery.
The posse, assembled under the authority of Arpaio’s office, consists of three former law enforcement officers and two retired attorneys with law enforcement experience. Members have been examining evidence since September concerning Obama’s eligibility to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, which requires a president to be a natural-born citizen.
He referenced disputes over the Social Security number attributed to the president and said, “There are a couple of things you and nobody else here knows anything about yet that could be a little bit exciting.”
Read more: Sheriff Joe predicts Obama investigation to be a ‘shock’ https://www.wnd.com/?pageId=360645#ixzz1bziOwVIi
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Tom in NC
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0 responses to “Go For It, Joe!!!

  1. I wonder if the name HARRISON J BOUNEL crops up in the investigation.

  2. I’ve been wondering what happened to Arpaio’s investigation. Can’t wait!

  3. The truth and nothing but…

  4. This is the best news I’ve had in awhile. I am looking forward to Sheriff Joe evicting BO from the White House.

  5. The only thing that could make it a shock is if they were to conclude the birth certificate was legitimate, now that would indeed be a surprise!

  6. IF this is the “smoking gun” I’m looking for a major apology, not from the left, MSM but from the right (Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Hot Air, News Busters, WSJ) ALL OF THEM!! Those who told us to “get over it” that we had “bigger fish to fry”.

  7. Everybody who is well informed has known from day 1 that Obama’s birth certificate is forged and that he was born in Kenya. He is an illegal alien… But those who put him in power have the resources to insure he remains in power for as long as he continues to serve their agenda.

  8. He says in his book his dad from kenya, under british rule at that time, making his son a dual citizen.GOD BLESS AMERICA

  9. Even before day one, I couldn’t even bear to look at him without feeling something was dreadfully amiss. As far as hearing him speak, maybe 10 minutes total since he’s been in office; he’s got the chronic liar, narcissistic personality disorder. At least I can hold my head high, I didn’t vote in ’08 for either of the “lesser of the two evil” scum, wouldn’t want to have been a part of “that” miserably pathetic collective.

  10. If only Joe would investigate Larry Silverstein and WTC Building 7. Now that would be news!

  11. The birth certificate is irrelevant except for his criminal prosecution. The elegibility questioned has been answered by BO himself when he admitted his father was not a US Citizen. Natural Born = BOTH parents US Citizens!

  12. Everything is false about Obama including the teeth. He is a Nazi Germany spy from Thailand who ordered an atomic bomb placed in the Gulf BP oil well. See wwwhoaxofthecentury.com

  13. well, his teeth are false too? Didn’t know that. However, whatever he may be, he is not German, and his country of adoption was Indonesia, not Thailand. He also wouldn’t know how to put a bomb anywhere. He doesn’t know much of anything.

  14. This is still a very important issue and I applaud the Sheriff for his boldness and his patriotism. Stay safe and never give up!!!

  15. Be surprised. I wonder if they found out he’s really black.

  16. Let Joe do it because I am tired of reading articles about finding a smoking gun on Obama’s citizenship and then nothing happens.

  17. Yet another reason why crime in Sheriff Joe’s county is on the rise–once again he’s too busy grandstanding to actually do his job.

  18. Its painfully obvious that Obama has lied from day one. I am a graphic designer and can claim from first hand observation his BC is fake. Just like any other document issued by the state its supposed to be flawless, and to be blunt the document is not even a good fake. I will be willing to give expert testimony as to the actual problems with the document from a perspective of the language that was used in the document not being accurate for the era, as well as the pixel distortion and issues with the signatures and the backing. Further information given in the book “where the birth certificate” proves without a doubt that Obama is a fraud and the sheeple have been duped once again. I give Sheriff Joe credit this mack daddy is ruthless and will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden. There are at least 10 anomalies surrounding the facts of Obamas birth, including family members and the President of Kenya stating that Obama was born there. Then take all the lies surrounding the phony death of OBL and you can see Sheriff Joe is right on the mark getting this illegal out of office. I support him 100% and know for a fact Obama has never been a citizen of this country, his documentation would prove it but of course he sealed ALL his records, all of this coming from a man who says “he is for the people”. Yeak OK thats we he is breaking us in half with his lies and his constant flow of money from our pockets to wall street bankers.

  19. The you will have joe biden as a president…… Morons. And this is good use of police department money. Don’t you have an FBI and what not to follow up on this crap. Also isn’t his term almost done anyways…. The USA has turned into a complete joke. The 3 months before he took office is when this should have been investigated not 3 years into his term as president. You guys really need to start focusing on how to fix your country, if it’s not already too late, I think you have much bigger problems than a president who is trying to do the right thing but is being blocked regardless of what he does just so the other party can make him look bad and get their power back. Neither parties care about the american people they just want the power, and they will say and do anything to get it. What a waste of time your government has become.

  20. So many asshats in one place. How do you do it?

  21. are bob and doug mc kenzie still the presidents of canada? strangebrew
    was on late night tv last weekend and it brought back memories of 1982
    pass me another beer i’ve got a hockey game to get ready for…

  22. We have to pray for Joe, considering the riff raff he is dealing with! I say this very seriously.

  23. Look at the mess that Republicans have made of Arizona, and before that of America under Bush. Obama is trying to dig us out of this mess inspite of congressional resistence. And you want to remove him on some laughable conspiracy? Wait until 2012 and try to do it the correct way. With that cast of characters you have to choose from, good luck!

  24. The most disheartening thing is that the White House produced such an inferior piece of junk to “prove” that the president was and really is. If it’s a forgery it should have been the best damn forgery. Where is the pride in workmanship?

  25. The Israeli controlled US media knows that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. They like to keep their puppets on a short leash.

  26. WOO HOO! This ought to be good… lemme see… lemme see! 😀 LOL!

  27. How is it possible that this man has NOT been bought off by cabal?
    1.) He is working them
    2.) He is a genuine righteous man who believes in truth and justice for all
    3.) He will die a mysterious death just before he is scheduled to tell all on Barbara Walters or some other media whore program.
    I’m hoping for number 2, but I ain’t holding my breath. Ron Paul 2012. He has a birth certificate!

  28. I think you Amerikans are fools. I tell you why. Before Obama became President ,for sure he had been investigated by the CI.A.and the F.B.I. All his past personal life and his birth certificate must have made him worthy to be the President. Why he signed an order the day after he became President that nothing may be disclosed about his past life and his wife (They are lawyers) is a mystery to me! What you guys are implying is that the congress and senate and the media are all involved in a so called cover up!! I never heard one politician mention anything about that or having questions about his birth certificate. You may not like him as a President, but to me he looks and sounds as a good man.

    • His past personal life and BC made him “worthy”? Hahaha…unfortunately the joke is on us and the sheeple that fell for this “American” Idol. Tell me “open minded”, what exactly qualities him? His private sector experience? His knowledge of law? Where are his records to back that up? His Christian background? His respect for the Second Amendment? His respect for human life or “mistakes”? Lay off the kool aid…
      A “good man” would care more about the status of our nation than his own political agenda.

    • Dear open minded: (words below in bold are yours)
      Before Obama became President ,for sure he had been investigated by the CI.A.and the F.B.I.
      How do you know that? Source please.
      All his past personal life and his birth certificate must have made him worthy to be the President.”
      Really? Source please, and define “worthy.” Have you or anyone you know/heard of seen his original birth certificate?
      he signed an order the day after he became President that nothing may be disclosed about his past life and his wife
      Why’s that? — if, as you claimed without a shred of evidence, Obama had been investigated by the CIA, FBI; vetted by Congress; and “worthy” of being president?
      Lastly, don’t Canadians — including Canadians in British Columbia where you are — have enough problems of your own? I don’t go on a Canadian blog and start telling Canadians they’re “fools”. Why don’t you try minding your own business?

    • Yeah, if this nation of “fools” goes down, you who reside in the nation of boring white people to our north are going to be in seriously deep dog-squeeze given that we idiots are both paying, and providing for, the defense of your country.

  29. Dr Eowyn: It is our business to be informed as to what is happening in the U.S of A. 90% of our export is to your country. THAT’S why. Your American culture is dying for sure. Keeping your southern border wide open since 1984 resulting of millions and millions illegals entering your precious land. Occupying your hospitals – schools and housing. THAT IS INSANE!! You guys never did anything against it, all you did was infighting about who is in charge federal or individual states. FOR 27 years??For the last 40 years you guys are fighting with schools- teachers- unions. NO end in sight. Get your education organized. Get all your sex obsessions out of your schools!!Look at Germany 14 year olds know what they want in life.By the time they are 20 they are professionals in there fields In Canada and the States 34 year olds still are wondering what to do in life. Your nation is falling apart and the world knows it. What to do about it? Let me tell you Dr Eowyn Send all illegals back from were they came, ancore babies included. You will never do it as you have no spine!! So you will keep on whining !!!. Illegals are estimated to be 15.000.000. In the next 27 years it will be 30 to 35 millions. WOW. You killed 54 000.000 babies since Roe v/s Wade. in 27 more years it will be another 35.000.000. You lost 89.000.000 human beings You add 35.000.000. Now you understand why your culture is dying. Like Steve Job WOW WOW. You are the only Nation in the world having about 700 millitaire bases all over the planet Recall them all. You can not be a police man on the planet. Respectfully yours: OPEN MINDED. POST SCRIPTUM: “your” or “yours” is not to be personal.

    • Well, OM,
      I agree with you on everything you wrote, as they are all the positions taken by Fellowship of the Mind, if you had actually bothered to read our posts beyond “Go For It, Joe.” I’m just baffled why you’re wasting your time telling us off because we’ve been screaming about all these issues till we’re blue in our faces for the nearly 2 years of FOTM’s existence. Why don’t you go onto a left wing blog and tell them off, like HuffPo? No? Why’s that?

  30. Dear Dr Eowyn: I just found your site,so I did not read your posts. I promise I WILL. I am glad there are 2 brains one mind. Thank you very much!! Lovable open minded

    • Dear Lovable Open Minded:
      I welcome you to check out our many posts. You might start with our various Pages on top of your screen. They are in categories, e.g., Obama, [Illegal] Immigration, The Left, etc. Each page contains the posts we’ve published on that topic. 😀


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